Marina Mogilevskaya: biography, family and filmography of the actress

Mogilev marina

The family of the famous actress Marina Mogilevskaya tothe cinema had nothing to do with it. After all, her father is a physicist by profession, his mother is a historian. When the girl was still very young, her parents divorced. Marina Mogilevskaya, whose biography is full of ups and downs, never dreamed of an actress's career. After graduating from school, she tried to enter the Moscow Institute of International Relations, but the attempt was not crowned with success. And the girl made an unexpected decision to go to Kiev to her father, where the entrance exams to universities had to be given a little later than in Moscow. Mogilev Marina chose the Kiev University of Economics, because the father, a physicist by profession, had the opportunity for several days to prepare her both in physics and in mathematics. Marina entered the university.

Marina left Moscow not only for the reasonadmission to the university, but also because of love. Young 17-year-old Marina had feelings for the operator of feature films, after which she went to Kiev. Soon they got married. And it is thanks to her first husband, Marina changed her profession.

Student years

The first course of the University of Mogilev Marinadiligently studied economist, and then her life changed dramatically. Apparently, it was not by chance that the university's windows went to the film studio. Dovzhenko. And one day she was invited to sample a film called "Stone Soul". It was with this movie and the birth of actress Marina Mogilevskaya, whose filmography includes more than a dozen films.

Working in a movie

The film by film director Stanislav Klimenkothe name "Stone Soul" at that time dealt with almost the whole of Ukraine. The shooting involved many Ukrainian stars: Bogdan Stupka, Alexei Gorbunov, Peter Benyuk, Anatoly Khostikoyev and many others. Marina Mogilevskaya, whose filmography includes several movie hits, played the main role of a proud and beautiful gutsulka named Marusya. According to the scenario, this is the 19th century, love, people's avengers, chases, interesting adventures, such a film could not remain without the attention of the viewer. To date, he is rightly considered a classic of Ukrainian cinema.

Following the first film, the second followed,followed by the third one. Being very responsible and serious, Mogilev Marina did not abandon her studies at the university and in 1991 graduated from the university. But the acting has already besmirched her soul, and Mogilevskaya decided to enter the Kiev Institute of Theatrical Art named after I. Karpenko-Kary. After graduating from the institute, Marina was accepted into the troupe of the Kiev National Drama Theater. L. Ukrainka.

marina Mogilev's filmography

Shooting in Ukrainian cinema

For all these years Mogilev Marinaactively starred in Ukrainian films. She played a maid named Liz in the famous detective film directed by B. Nebieridze "Murder in Sunshine Menor". She also won the role of Juni Gusakovskaya in the historical film directed by S. Klimenko "Taras Shevchenko. Will". She played Eva in D. Zaitsev's film "Gladiator for hire", Marina's girlfriend in A. Ivanov's detective film "The game is serious."

Marina Mogilevskaya, whose filmography is notlimited only to melodramas, also played the role of an American journalist named Marily Folli in the film "Reporting" by V. Balkashinov, for which she received the Prize of the Kiev Film Festival Stozhary. According to Marina herself, her most successful role at that time was played in the American-Ukrainian film directed by Jeno Hodi "Black Sea raid". Mogilevskaya noted that this film was very exciting and enjoyable.

Work on TV

In addition, Marina Mogilevskaya, whose biography is not limited to filming only, also worked as a TV presenter on the "1 + 1" channel in the "Empire of Cinema" program.

In 1996, there was another turn in lifeactress. And again, love interfered in Marina's life. She broke up with her husband, got a job as the host of the program "Good Morning, Russia" on RTR and got married a second time for the famous producer Alexander Akopov.

Work in the series "March of Turkish"

Marina Mogilev biographyIn 1999, Marina Mogilevskaya was asked to playthe role of Irina, the wife of the protagonist of the film "March of Turkish". It was the role in this film that completely changed the life of the actress and brought her popular popularity.

TV viewers, as it happens, suffered the lovethe relationship between the heroes of the film actress and Alexander Domogarov on the actors themselves. But, as Marina Mogilevskaya admitted, the husband from Alexander would not have turned out for her, because they were just good friends and had long ago agreed among themselves: if they read in the press about how they broke their happy families, how they split up or met, will share what they read and they will laugh together. In the newspapers, let them write what they want.

Thanks to the success of the series "March of Turkish" actressbecame a well-known and very popular actress in Russian cinema. From 2001 to 2002 Marina Mogilevskaya, whose films are loved by many, was involved in a number of TV series and films: "Hunting season-2" (the role of Nadezhda Varguzova), "Family secrets" (Olga's role), "Fifth corner" (Nina's role) , "Moscow Windows" (the role of Galina Usoltseva), "Russian Amazons" (the role of Anna Sintsova), "Life is full of fun" (Tamara's role). At that time, Marina first decided to try her hand at the role of screenwriter.

Cooperation with Todorovsky

As Mogilevskaya said, one day she asked herselfthe question of which film she would like to star in. The answer was unambiguous - it should be a lyrical comedy, a fairy tale for adults. After all, it's already tired of acting in action movies. Marina came up with her story, gave it to Todorovsky, and he liked it.

marina mogilev husband

The film "Everything You Love" (another name"When you do not expect it at all"), released on the screen in 2002, is a joint product of Todorovsky and Mogilev. The film tells of an artist who was looking for happiness in a secure life, but found it in a completely different form. The main role was played by Marina herself. The film also starred Maria Aronova, Valentin Smirnitsky, Mikhail Bagdasarov, with whom Mogilevskaya starred in the television series "Moscow Windows."

As the actress admitted, the scriptwriter's professionI liked more than actor's. Marina liked that the script writer is easier to work: there is a desire - you write, no - you do not write. Or you can write everything that comes to mind. And as for the cinema, as Marina thinks, the actors are more dependent figures. To film in her film, Mogilevskaya had to forget that she was shooting her ideas, otherwise nothing would have happened. Marina told that sometimes she got so far away from the thought that this was her script, that she forgot the replicas she wrote, which made the crew very happy.

Mogilev Marina: the personal life of the actress

Personal life of the actress did not work out. In reality, everything turned out to be quite different from what she had imagined. After several years of living together, the actress and telemagnet divorced. Marina admits that for her the dissolution of marriage was a terrible tragedy. But the actress managed to overcome all difficulties, and at the moment, the former spouses have friendly relations. In 2011, Mogilevskaya Marina gave birth to a daughter, while the name of the child's father in the press has not been disclosed so far. It is known only that she met the child's father in a car plug. Thus, Marina Mogilevskaya and her daughter are among the most interesting and mysterious persons of the current television.

Work in the theater

If Marina did not have problems with filming in the movies,then the theater was different. After all, it's almost impossible to get a job in the capital in the repertory theater. But the actress found a way out in entreprises. Although Mogilevskaya herself does not consider entreprises as an inconsistent hack. According to Marina, if an actor takes his profession seriously, it does not matter whether he is acting in a movie or acting on the stage of a theater or in an enterprise. Each actor should be laid out to the maximum. In addition, the time of cheap entreprise has long since passed. And for today it's just not enough to be a star to make a performance for you - it's a very big competition. After all, viewers first of all evaluate not the name, but quality. And so Marina believes that the enterprise is an excellent opportunity to test yourself on a new site, in a new team, in a new role.

One of the best entreprise works of Mogilev -role of Lady Hamilton in the famous play "Lady and Admiral", laureate of the State Prize named after. Stanislavsky Leonid Kulagin. In one of the interviews, Marina confessed that every actress dreams of such a role. After all, the love theme of Lady Hamilton and Nelson is a legendary story. Now there are not so many plays about real feelings and great passions. Mogilevskaya noted that she did not have to meet such human and profound stories over many years of work.

No less interesting work of Marina Mogilevskaya - Abby in Valery Barinov's play "Love under the Elms", it was this role that very accurately approached the actress.

Actress today

Marina Mogilev's moviesTo date, Mogilev is a very popular and popular actress. She is invited to appear in various Russian series and films, in the films of Belarusian and Ukrainian filmmakers.

On the television screen actress Mogilevskaya Marina is playingstrong, beautiful women. And in life she is the same. But this does not prevent the actress from entering different images perfectly. The audience appreciated her role as Eva Nielsen in the television series Pan or The Lost and the role of Scout Margaret in the series Red Kapella. She perfectly played blue-eyed beauty Cyrus in the film "Love is blind." Moreover, in this film, Marina managed to perform well the songs written by the singer and composer Semenova Catherine specially for the series. Marina Mogilevskaya also played the role of Nadezhda Matvienko in the series "Five Minutes to the Metro" (released in 2006). The actress managed to enter into the role of a fully held woman who once understands that there is no loved one in her life, there is no reliable man whom she could rely on in difficult moments of her life.

It is impossible not to note the actress in the role of AlexandraKollontai in the historical picture of Eugene Sokolov's "Star of the Empire," which tells the story of the tragic story of the famous ballerina Matilda Kshesinskaya, whose role was played by Victoria Sadovskaya-Chilap.

Very pronounced work of Marina - the mainrole in the film directed by V. Sokolovsky "Bitch" (released in 2007, the second title - "A man must pay"). In this film Mogilevskaya played the role of the wife of the head of a large firm, who learned about her husband's betrayals. The actress told that, taking pictures in this picture, she tried to figure out why women turn into a bitch. What are they pushing at this? What should a man do to make a woman a bitch? And as it seemed to Marina, she managed to find the answers to all the questions.

actress Mogilev Marina

Today Marina Mogilevskaya is in demandactress. Permanent flights, shooting in films, new roles and images. This is the result of constant work. At the same time, she looks amazing for her age - many are wondering how many years Marina Mogilevskaya, while almost everyone is surprised when she finds out that she was born in 1970.It can not be said that she was just lucky. The actress often says that life is a very wise thing and gives people trials so that they can overcome them and fully appreciate the depth of true happiness. And the view that Marina got everything just wrong, is mistaken. But, despite all the difficulties in life, the actress is grateful to fate, because that's why she appreciates everything she has and what she has achieved.

"Disintegration" (1990), drama

1986, on April, 25th. Alexander Zhuravlev, a journalist by profession, returns to his native city of Kiev, where he is accustomed to the usual family problems and professional troubles. He does not yet know that tomorrow his life and the lives of his associates will change.

The scale of the Chernobyl nuclear accidentpower station is carefully hidden, but gradually people, immersed in the holiday, covers a gloomy cloud of fear and panic. A terrible thing happened, and Alexander tries to uncover the secret, but now he, like all other people, is just a helpless witness to the disaster, a victim of lies and silence.

how old is the marina of Mogilev

"Pan or disappeared" (2003), a comedy series

The action of comedy takes place in Denmark duringthe celebration of Christmas. In the country cottage, located near Copenhagen, on a visit to the compatriot her relatives and friends who live in Poland come.

And then the first evening there is a murder. One of the guests is killed with a shaman harpoon. All police are involved, but the criminal remains at large and continues to encroach on the lives of the guests.

"The Red Chapel" (2004), series, drama

The Red Chapel is a multi-part historicalThe film is an objective look at the work of scouts during the Second World War. In the film, the leaders of the "Red Chapel" will appear before TV viewers not only as professional scouts, but also in the role of bright personalities.

"Kitchen" (2012), a comedy series

Coming to a restaurant, people often do not think aboutthe one who is engaged in the preparation of such compelling dishes, a young guy who enjoys success with the female half of society, or a real genius of cooking - a loner in life, or a French chef of non-traditional orientation. Open the door to their inner world by watching the comedy series "Kitchen".

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