Therapeutic Massage: Types and Applications

Any massage you have ever heard of refers to either classical European or one of the following types: reflex, honey, point, old Russian, Swedish, visceral, Thai and, of course, classical healing, combined with cosmetic and medical wraps. .massotherapyVirtually any type of procedure is aimed at treating the musculoskeletal system, in particular, diseases of the spine. But if you are worried about diseases of the stomach, heart, kidneys, or a headache, most likely, doctors, in addition to other means, will prescribe a therapeutic massage. Another type is a point - it is done with the fingers or their pads, acting on the active points. This massage quickly eliminates pain in any part of the body, especially it is effective for migraines.

Advantages of such a procedure

Massage of the cardiovascular system will help to normalize it, improve blood circulation, improve the tone of the heart muscle. This procedure is used in almost all heart diseases.Medical massage of the neck will save you from salt deposits, make the joints, muscles and ligaments function better.
Among other things, very good rubbing helps to effectively combat various injuries, fractures, diseases of the joints and the spine. Medical massage will also help to adjust the normal functioning of the nervous system. This refers to diseases such as cerebral palsy, atherosclerosis, stroke. And, of course, this procedure is used for diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
For such ailments as gastritis, ulcers, colitis, gynecological diseases and lung diseases, you will additionally be prescribed a therapeutic massage, which, in addition to all this, will have a good effect on the skin, cleanse it from dead epidermal cells and sebaceous glands. Do not forget about facial and eye massage, which effectively improves blood circulation and perfectly enhances the work of the organs of vision.
therapeutic massage at home
Massage at home

Doctors do not recommend doing a therapeutic massage at home, because only the professional knows all the details of this business. But we give here some basic techniques. These include stroking, kneading, tapping and rubbing movements. Each of them in a certain way affects the body.For example, kneading done with finger pads or with a palm has a beneficial effect on the muscles. Shallow and deep friction are also divided. Deep massage is called with the help of the thumb and the base or edge of the palm. Surface rubbing is done with finger pads, and the direction of movement must change. You need to pokolachivat not much, relaxed palms or fists.
therapeutic neck massage

Massage sessions

After the sessions, the pains are eliminated or alleviated, the pressure normalizes, and the general well-being improves. To enhance the effect is to relax completely. Before the session, you need to take a shower and make sure that there are no scratches or cuts on the skin. Also, it is not recommended to shave hair, as there may be a risk of infection.

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