Melancholic: Characteristics, Pros and Cons of Character

Temperament runs through the whole existence of a person: his character, mental reactions, demeanor, way of expressing feelings. That temperament is the primary principle in mental activity and general performance. This innate feature begins to manifest itself in its infancy. Some children are calm, cheerful. Other tears, nervous.

How do choleric and sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic manifest themselves? Characteristictemperament is necessary for the realization of the strengths and weaknesses of human nature. It will help to better know and understand people, their ulterior motives, fears, feelings.

Types of temperament

Temperament is a congenital component of all mental and physiological reactions of a person. Thanks to him, character, individual features are formed. Depending on the country of residence, the temperament can be more or less pronounced.For example, people of northern countries are not so actively expressing their feelings and emotions, while the peoples of the southern regions are very temperamental and hot.

melancholic characteristic

According to the classification of Claudius Galen, there are 4 types of temperament. This choleric, sanguine, phlegmatic and melancholic. Characteristictemperaments, their names correspond to fluids in the human body.

The first to notice this system was Hippocrates. He suggested that the prevalence of black bile in the body leads to melancholy. From the word "sangwa" (blood) the term "sanguine" appeared, from "chole" (yellow, bile) - "choleric". The term "phlegmatic" originated from the word "phlegm" (mucus), from "melanin" (black bile) - "melancholic".

Who is melancholic

The part of the personality that was laid by nature from birth is what temperament is. Type melancholic subject to deep pessimism. Vulnerability, exaggeration of their grievances and problems leads to the avoidance of human society. Melancholic is closed from all, trying to quickly remain alone and surrender to their dreams and experiences.

You should know that in nature there are almost no pure types of temperament. All of them are to some extent present in the psychophysical reactions of man. But one type always prevails over the others. He is considered the leading temperament of man.It can be determined if you go through a special psychologicaltest. Melancholiccharacterized by emotional instability and propensity for introversion.

melancholic test

Thanks to the knowledge of your psycho-type, you can choose a comfortable lifestyle and profession. Melancholic - deep, meaningful person. He is capable of monotonous work, avoids large crowds of people. Prefers to communicate with a limited circle of relatives, relatives and friends.

Melancholic character

The temperament of a person gives speed, balance of mental reactions, states. But the intellect, interests, abilities and inclinations, business qualities are developed by the person himself. Therefore, it is possible to form a character, and it is almost impossible to correct temperament. Mental reactions of the melancholic turn on quickly and slowly slow down.

Character traits are formed gradually, on the basis of temperament. Lifestyle, the presence of communicative qualities develop with the formation of personality. Melancholic characteristicwhich speaks of emotional vulnerability, impressionability, likes to engage in introspection. For a long time he experiences his failures, the negative moments of life.

Melancholic child

Little melancholic - quiet and kind.With distrustful attitude to everything new, therefore, in the circle of relatives - this is a gullible child. He feels comfortable among those who love him and care about him. With unfamiliar people may scare, cry. May become taciturn, stop playing.

Melancholic children obey the opinion of a stronger peer or older person. Do not enter into disputes, conflicts. They like to be alone, they quickly get tired of noisy friends.

melancholic type

Be sure to talk to such children that they are loved. It is worth less to scold them. It is better to calmly, clearly explain the correct point of view. It is necessary to develop self-confidence in melancholic, the ability to assert one’s rights, more creative work: drawing, modeling, music, reading books.

Woman melancholic

Women of this type of temperament are prone to contemplation and meditation. Do not tolerate conflicts, quarrels. They prefer quiet communication. A woman who is melancholic can be unsure of herself, notoriously complexed. Descriptionthis type of temperament is such that it is characterized by persistent doubts about its attractiveness, self-analysis of feelings.

temperament melancholic

Such women can be at times cheerful, active. But a surge of emotions will entail solitude, a desire to immerse yourself. Melancholic women spend most of their time in dreams. Romantic ideas about a man and a clash with reality make them long and scrupulously looking for a life partner.

They are good housewives, faithful wives. Seriously approach marriage and parenting. Melancholic women do not like to take responsibility, so the head of the family will definitely be a man. In the career they are good performers, but no more. Leadership positions usually do not occupy. Prefer creative work.

Melancholic man

Men melancholic serious and punctual. They have good manners, ready to defend their partner, to give her gifts. Such men like to make plans and stick to them. Therefore, the creation of a family occurs at a specific time for this. They are easy to ruffle.

melancholic character

Trouble is experiencing hard a melancholic man. Characteristicthis type of temperament is reduced to anxiety, pessimism. Deep inner work, subtle mental organization make such men sensitive to the experiences of other people.Low self-esteem, rich imagination can lead to loneliness, a ruined relationship.

Men melancholic - creative nature. Their rich inner world, complex experiences will help to be realized in artistic activities. Such men are subtle psychologists, poets, musicians, analysts.

Pros and cons of character


  1. Creative skills.
  2. Attention to the neighbor.
  3. Goodwill
  4. The ability to sympathize.
  5. Loyalty in friendship and marriage.
  6. Inflated demands on themselves.


  1. Lack of stress resistance.
  2. Frequent depression.
  3. Tendency to pessimism.
  4. Uncommunicative.
  5. Excessive requirements for others.

Compatibility with other types of temperaments

The most difficult thing in a relationship is to be able to adapt to each other, make compromises, forget about quarrels, forgive. People with different types of temperaments can be colleagues and friends, spouses and relatives. Melancholic characterwill avoid conflicts, which makes him a pleasant conversationalist. But incomprehensible grievances, experiences, a tendency to criticize repel people from him.

Melancholic - choleric

Melancholic in choleric attracts his ardor, passion, pressure. Unstoppable energy admires timid partner. But gradually, the first impressions will be forgotten under a pile of constant melancholic offenses. Choleric does not care much about feelings, feelings of a partner. He does not understand excessive vulnerability and emotionality. Choleric loves the company, he likes to be a leader. A melancholic prefers home comfort and silence. If they learn to make compromises, not to say unnecessary words, then over time they can become a wonderful complement to each other.

melancholic description

Melancholic - sanguine

Bright sanguine likes to be in charge. A person who has such a temperament is active and active. Melancholicallow sanguine command. But the latter must understand that excessive pressure will destroy the friendship or marriage. If both make mutual concessions, the union is quite possible. Melancholic should take bright emotional flashes partner, learn to forgive him. And the sanguine person needs to protect the vulnerability and spiritual fragility of his tender friend.

Melancholic - phlegmatic

A calm, cold phlegmatic person does not understand the internal storms of the melancholic.Both seemingly cool and polite. Here are just a melancholic inside full-time work. Experiences, emotions, tears - such phlegmatic is unknown. Nervousness partner annoys him. If melancholic and phlegmatic get rid of petty quarrels and quibbles, then their coexistence is quite possible. Both are calm and inert, like silence and slow walks. With the stability, confident force the phlegmatic of the fragile companion can support.

baby melancholic

Melancholic - melancholic

If two insecure, vulnerable melancholic come together, no one can support them. Long-term experiences and a good memory for resentment can turn their lives into a nightmare. Constant criticism of each other, the desire for an ideal relationship can bring them to chronic depression. Vulnerable, restless, they will seek support and sympathy on the side. If each of the melancholic people turns their spiritual impulses into creativity, and not into mutual cavils, then peaceful relations between two too emotional natures are possible.

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