Melissa Joan Hart: Filmography and Private Life

Eachwho grew up in the 90s.last century, certainly remembers the popular TV series"Sabrina is a little witch". All the girls in those years dreamed of being like the main character played by the AmericanactressMelissa Joan Hart. How did her career and personal life after the series? Consider the biography of the actress in this article.

Childhood and youth

FutureactressMelissa Joan Hartwas bornin April 1976 in a suburban area of ​​New York. Her parents were typical representatives of the middle class, who had nothing to do with the film industry. She was the eldest child in the family. Melissa has five younger sisters and one brother.

When the girl was only 4 years old, she was noticed by an agent who offered to take Melissa in a commercial dedicated to inflatable accessories for baby bathing. From this time begins the acting career of a girl. During her childhood and youth, she appeared in 25 commercials.In her teens, Melissa led her own column in a youth magazine

Melissa Joan Hart

After graduationshe entered New York University, where she received a classical education, studying art and American literature. After studyMelissa Joan Hartwhose filmsalready then had a great success, fully focused on the acting career.

The first creative successes

Many celebrities who had to start a career with minor roles, may well envy the actress. After allMelissa Joan Hartgot her first starring role when she was just 15 years old. In 1991, she played a young girl, Clarissa, in a popular teenTV series "Clarissa knowsall ". The project had good ratings and lasted on the screens of 5 seasons. And her film debut took place much earlier.

In 1985 he released the mini-series "Cain and Abel," in which a little girl played a small role. Melissa Joan Hart, whose films were mostly televised, continued to be actively filmed. She appeared in the television projects The Boy Knows the World (1993), Angel Touch (1994), Meeting of the Family (1995) and Mad Television (1995).

melissa joan hart movies

In the same year, ABC Channel offers a young actressthe main role in the series"Sabrina is a little witch", and Melissa agrees. The comedy series, telling about the life of a young sorceress, was released in 1996 and almost immediately won the people's love. Melissa Joan Hartbecoming popular not only in the USA, but also in European countries. In Russia, the series was broadcast in the 2000s and was also in great demand. A total of 7 seasons were released, the last of which ended in 2004. Melissa played Sabrina not only in each of them, but also in two full-length films: "Sabrina in Rome" (1998) and "Sabrina under water" (1999).

Life after "Sabrina"

It’s impossible to say that after the end of "Sabrina the Little Witch" the career of an actress went uphill. On the contrary, she starred only in secondary roles or acted as a guest artist in popular TV shows. In 2009, the comedy Fake Wedding, produced by the ABC channel, appeared in screens.Melissa Joan Hart. Films, a list of which you can see below, did not bring the actress large box office. But she had enough time to create her own family.

melissa joan hart movies list

Since 2004, Melissa has played in the following projects:

  • the series "Robotsyp" (2005);
  • The melodrama "Jesus, Mary and Jo" (2006);
  • family comedy "Handcuffed Leave" (2007);
  • drama "Whispering Islands" (2008);
  • drama "Nine on the List of the Dead" (2010);
  • musical comedy "Satin" (2011);
  • TV series "Secrets of Laura" (2014-2016);
  • drama "God is not dead" (2016).

Separately, it is worth highlighting the comedy series "Melissa and Joey", which tells about a successful woman politician who is forced to take care of her nephews because her sister unexpectedly went to prison. Hart played a leading role in it. The premiere of the sitcom took place in August 2010. A total of 4 seasons came out on the screens. The series ended in 2015.

During her career, the actress also took part in a variety of theatrical productions, and also played in musicals. In 2009, she appeared in the popular TV show "Dancing with the Stars", but soon dropped out of the project.

Family and Children

The actress can be called exemplary wife and mother. Melissa Joan HartMy husband and I have a weddingin 2003. Her chosen one wassinger Mark Wilkerson, with whom she had been in a relationship for almost a year. The couple are still happily married and have three sons: Mason (born 2006), Breydon (2008) and Tucker (2012).

Melissa Joan Hart with husband

In his free time, the actress loves to read the novels of Jane Austen, is engaged in skiing, and also likes to watch basketball games on television with his sons.

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