Merkushkin yet!

The former governor of the Samara region, Merkushkin, today became the special representative of the president for interaction with the World Congress of Finno-Ugric Peoples. This is not an anecdote, it is an objective reality. However, I have my own unpleasant history of interaction with Merkushkin ...
Several years ago I traveled with colleagues to the expedition "Russia is a country of opportunities". In the course of following the route went to the regions, in order to show them in the best light. And it was not necessary to pay money for PR, because there were partners who paid for everything. Naturally, all the regions went to the meeting, except for the administration of Merkushkin. Since then, there has been an unpleasant aftertaste that the governor’s team absolutely doesn’t care about his area, and for Merkushkin she’s not native - before that he had headed Mordovia for almost 17 years.
The funny thing is that the former head of the region did not understand the whole funny situation and said goodbye.
- Maybe my care -rubbedI'm for the Samara region. But I don’t leave any critical, unsolved problems behind me.
What a loss? Samara region by hook or by crook has long wanted a new head of the region, and now we can congratulate all the inhabitants of the region,that now the acting governor of the governor has become the former mayor of Samara, senator Dmitry Azarov. I think the resignation of Merkushkin and the appointment of Azarov will allow Vladimir Putin to get more votes in the presidential elections in the Samara region.
In general, Merkushkin failed to cope with Samara.

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