Metro station "Technopark"

Metro "Technopark" was opened not so long ago - in 2015year. This station is located between Avtozavodskaya and Kolomenskaya. The article tells about the architectural features of the Metro Technopark, as well as about the infrastructure facilities located in its vicinity.

Metro Technopark


At the beginning of the 2000s,the need for the construction of a new station near the park "Nagatinskaya Pryma". On the territory of the former ZiL plant, the Nagatino i-Land technopark was built, which includes a residential complex, a business center, a hotel, and several shopping and entertainment organizations.

Information about the construction of a new stationZamoskvoretskaya line appeared for the first time in the press in 2006. But the opening date was unknown for a long time. Moreover, for a number of reasons and the beginning of the construction of the metro "Technopark" was postponed several times at a later date.

Exploration work was carried out in 2012. The opening of the metro station "Technopark" was originally planned for 2018, but it took place earlier - at the end of December 2015.

Architectural features

"Technopark" is an open metro station.The transition from one platform to another is carried out through the upper floor of the lobby. The station is equipped with an elevator. The walls are decorated with polymer coatings and siding. Unlike most of Moscow's new metro stations, Technopark has a pavilion in a rather restrained style. Especially in comparison with the interior "Salarievo" or "Rumyantsevo".

Technopark Metro station

Nagatinsky metro bridge

A picturesque view of the Moscow River openspassengers when they pass this subway station. The distance from Kolomenskaya to Technopark runs along the Nagatinskaya metro bridge. It was built in the late sixties according to the project of KN Yakovlev and AB Druganova. Then the erection of the new bridge solved many problems. Local residents used to use the Danilov Bridge earlier, which was rather inconvenient.

Nagatino I-Land

This major town-planning project wasimplemented with government support. The territory on which the complex "Nagatino-ZIL" was built, for a long time was an industrial zone. Before the construction began, a study of the soils was carried out, followed by the removal of soil, which was saturated with harmful substances. In 2015, many shops and offices were opened on the territory of Nagatino I-Land, and therefore the launch of the Technopark metro station, which in 2012 was planned to be implemented in 2018, was postponed to an earlier date.

The total area of ​​the business park is 32 hectares.From here you can walk to the metro station "Kolomenskaya" in just a few minutes. It is also worth mentioning that Nagatino-ZIL is located just eight kilometers from the Kremlin. Below you can find more detailed information about the objects located on the territory of Nagatino I-Land.


On the territory of "Nagatino-ZIL" there are threeoffice centers, named in honor of the great scientists: "Lomonosov", "Descartes", "Newton", "Lobachevsky". They have a different structure. For example, "Newton" is a three-storey building with an area of ​​less than three hundred square meters. The largest is the office center "Lobachevsky".

In the territory of the business park there are only a fewpublic catering establishments. Among them: "Orange", "Lanchell". But the center is developing rapidly. In the future, according to the opinion of the creators of the project, the office complex will provide jobs for about four hundred people. And this, in turn, will lead to the need for more cafes and restaurants.

Near the metro station "Technopark" several shops were opened: "Tarket", "White Guard", "Cinco". There is a branch of Sberbank and several real estate agencies.

metro moscow technopark

Residential complex

Housing near the metro station "Technopark" refers tocategory of elite. Fifteen buildings are designed by employees of the architectural company Speech. But the main advantage of the residential complex is, perhaps, an excellent location. After all, the windows of each building look out on the park "Nagatinskaya Plain" and the Moscow River.

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