Metropolitan Filaret (Vakhromeev Kirill Varfolomeevich): biography

Metropolitan Filaret - Honorary Patriarchal ExarchAll Belarus, Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. From 1965 to 1966, Bishop Tikhvinsky and Vicar (the Leningrad Diocese). From 1966 to 1973, Archbishop Dmitrovsky and Vicar (Moscow Diocese). From 1973 to 1978 he was Metropolitan of Berlin and Central Europe. From 1981 to 1989 he was the 4th Chairman of the Department of External Relations of the Moscow Patriarchate. From 1990 to 2013 he was a member of the Primate of the Belarusian Orthodox Church. In the world of this man are Vakhromeev Kirill Varfolomeevich.

filaret of the Vakhromeys

Origin of the genus Vakhromeev

Before the revolution, the family bore the name Vakhromeev - thiswas the old merchant family of Yaroslavl. In 1913, to the 300th anniversary of the royal house of the Romanovs, representatives of the noble family were granted the nobility. After that they moved to Moscow.

Father of the future clergyman - VakhromeevVarfolomey Alexandrovich (1904-1984 gg.) - gave private lessons and worked as a teacher of "Gnesinka". Mother - Alexandra Feodorovna (1903-1981 gg.) - also was a music teacher.

Kirill Vakhromeev: Biography

Vakhromeev Kirill was born in the capital on March 21, 1935of the year. In 1953 he graduated from secondary school and simultaneously studied at the music school. Then he became a pupil of the Moscow Theological Seminary (1953-1957 gg.), And then went to the spiritual academy.

At the second year of the Academy, in 1959, he wastonsured monks by Archimandrite Pimen - governor of Holy Trinity Sergius Lavra - with the name in honor of the righteous Philaret the Most Gracious. In the same year, Patriarch Alexy I blessed him with hierodeacons.

In 1961, at the Theological Academy, he defended his Ph.D. and was left as a teacher, and then as an inspector of the Moscow Theological Academy.

In 1963, Filaret (Vakhromeev) was ordained Archimandrite and began to serve as Secretary of the Commission of the Holy Synod. In 1964 he was awarded the scientific qualification of an associate professor.

In 2009, the Council of Bishops of the ROC, he was elected candidate for the patriarchal throne. But, taking his self-challenge, Metropolitan Filaret called for votes for Metropolitan Kirill of Smolensk and Kaliningrad.

This person has a huge number of awardsand honorary titles. His biography is really very rich, therefore, in addition to presenting the dry facts, one can dwell on the most significant and important moments in the life of the priest, about whom Filaret himself (Vakhromeev) likes to tell.

Metropolitan Filaret

From memories

When the war began, Cyril was six years old. They went with their father to the store on Dobryninskaya Square to buy a ball - there they heard Molotov's statement that German troops violated the border of the USSR and bombed settlements. In Moscow, the first air alarm was announced on June 24, but so far it has been educational. The Germans came closer and closer to Moscow, but then they were pushed back by the Soviet troops. Life in the capital came to a severe, but gradually entered the usual course, and the father again began to teach.

All waited for the spring of 1945 and the fall of Berlin. May 3 was a harbinger of the long-awaited victory. People literally did not depart from radios and loudspeakers, the situation was heated to the limit. Finally, the instrument of surrender of Germany was signed on May 9. At 22.00 there was a stunning salute of Victory - from 30 guns, 30 volleys were released. People were infinitely happy and thought that now everything will be fine.

The future lord began to prepare for the institute, butjaundice did not allow him to do so. His godmother, Aunt Manya, played an important role in his life: it was she who gave him the Psalter and told him to learn how to read in Church Slavonic, so that she could soon take examinations in the theological seminary. With his aunt he often visited the St. Nicholas Church (Novokuznetskaya Street) and the Skorybishchensky Church (B. Ordynka Street).

Vakhromeev Cyril Varfolomeevich

Years student - the best

Positive opinions of all relatives aboutthe arrival of Cyril coincided, and the priest - Father Vasily (the husband of the mother's sister) - became the main mentor. Of course, they all remembered and feared the repressions of 1937-39. By the time of the vigil was already the so-called Khrushchev thaw, but nothing good was expected. Soon Cyril was already at school in the seminary and academy.

Student years left the brightest and kindestmemories in the soul of the lord. And, interestingly, the meetings of graduates they have been celebrating regularly for several years. With classmates met Philaret (Vakhromeev) only in the declining years. Unfortunately, earlier the way of knowing the holy truths to which he arose made man somewhat outcast of society, so their ways diverged. Now everything is over, and Vladyka found out all those who needed him.

Vahromeev biography

Lord Pitirim

During his studies at the seminary, the future metropolitanFilaret was a subdeacon of Patriarch Alexy I. Vladyka Pitirim was his main inspiration in his student years. As a teacher of theological schools, he once came to the visionary elder to talk about Filaret, and he gave a sign that the priest was already ready for monasticism. Soon he was tonsured, but parents, especially my mother, did not hide tears, because they wanted to babysit grandchildren. But then the family resigned themselves to such a difficult choice.

On the table in the cell of his father Filaret, photos of his beloved parents are still standing: with them he says goodbye, going to bed and greeting him in the morning, asking for blessings on the coming day.

Metropolitan Filaret was at the source of the revivalOrthodoxy in Byelorussia. In 1999, 10 years have passed since the second revival of the spiritual school of the Zhirovichka monastery. Her graduates then became pupils of the higher schools of the Russian Orthodox Church of Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg.

Filaret (Vakhromeev) became the 37th Metropolitan of Minsk and Slutsk. On March 1, 2006 he was awarded the honorary title of Hero of Belarus. He is already 81 years old - this is the age of rest, wisdom and rethinking of life.

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