Miratorg Company: Employee Feedback on Work

Miratorg is a leading producer and supplier of meat in the Russian market. The name of the hearing, but what is the company? We learn more about this from reviews of Miratorg employees, as well as information from other open sources.

Miratorg employee reviews Moscow

Information about the company

She declares herself as a successful company in the field of meat supply in the Russian market. This organization is more than twice ahead of its closest competitor in the production of pork, which equals four hundred thousand tons per year. In addition, she came in first place in the production of beef in the country, whose figure is forty thousand tons per year. Feedback from employees in Moscow about Miratorg confirms that these brilliant achievements are based on advanced technologies along with highly qualified employees and the right alignment of business processes. This company really has a high production performance and annually increases its output.

Miratorg cares about the compliance with world economic standards and the environment, respecting biological safety and adhering to the principles of ethical business conduct. Environmentally friendly along with the naturalness of products remain the main competitive advantages. According to reviews of employees in Moscow about Miratorg, it is clear that animals are raised for them without the use of antibiotics, as well as growth hormones. In addition, the company gives guarantees that its products do not contain genetically modified organisms.

As part of its activities, the company relies on modern technologies, as well as an innovative approach, actively developing in this area. Thus, the company uses technology in the form of automatic microclimate maintenance, light levels, automated feed and water supply. In addition, robots and automated lines are used to ensure consistently high results and product quality. Employee feedback on the Miratorg company confirms the veracity of the above data.

Sources of raw materials of the company

The company independently conducts the entire production cycle - from animal feed to retail sales in retail outlets. This amount of work makes it possible to control the quality of manufactured products at all stages, and, in addition, to ensure the optimal cost of production and its affordable price on store shelves. Thanks to its activities, the company offers Russians a large selection of safe and affordable meat using a modern quality management system.

Work in Miratorg Employee Reviews

According to the organization itself, it owns:

  • 2 grain companies;
  • 4 feed mills;
  • elevators;
  • 19 poultry farms and broiler poultry farms;
  • 27 pig farms;
  • 33 cattle farms;
  • an enterprise for slaughter and primary processing of poultry in the Bryansk region, its capacity is 100 thousand tons of products per year;
  • an enterprise for slaughter and primary processing of pork in the Belgorod region, its capacity is 300 thousand tons of products per year;
  • an enterprise for slaughter and primary processing of cattle in the Bryansk region, its capacity is 130 thousand tons of products per year;
  • a plant for the production of semi-finished meat in the Kaliningrad region;
  • 6 low-temperature automated warehouses in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kaliningrad, Yekaterinburg, Samara, Voronezh;
  • transport company;
  • distribution company;
  • retail network "Miratorg".

The concentration of the main agricultural business is in the Belgorod and Bryansk regions.

Education future staff and employees

This company has developed a program called "Miratorg Generation", which is aimed at attracting young professionals to the agro-industrial sector with the aim of their training and professional development. Is this really so? Thanks to the feedback from employees about TC Miratorg, there is no doubt about the veracity of this data.

The program has already managed to show its effectiveness, and the number of its participants is regularly growing. Among the partners of the enterprise are specialized, both higher and secondary educational institutions from all over the country. Since the main office of the organization is located in the capital, a lot of information can be obtained from the feedback from employees about the Miratorg company in Moscow.

Miratorg employee reviews

Frames decide everything!

More than four hundred students from various universities participate in the implementation of the above project. The organization cooperates with educational institutions of a technical, as well as agrarian profile.In the framework of the program, students are first given the opportunity to undergo free practice at the company's enterprises. Perfectly established the format of units, in which students acquire an additional incentive in the form of monetary compensation. Further invited the best participants. At the same time, students are fully immersed in the resolution of production problems, gaining real experience in one or another agricultural and industrial sector. In total, such an internship takes three months, and according to the results of young professionals are invited to a permanent job. Employee feedback on Miratorg Voronezh confirm this.

Adaptation system for incoming employees

The mentoring system enables future employees to adapt to their work as quickly as possible. At the same time, experienced specialists carry out purposeful work on preparing young people for further activities in this company. It is important to note that young professionals gain real experience in high-tech and modern manufacturing. In addition, they have the opportunity to determine the future direction of theirprofessional development, whether it be animal husbandry, crop production or the production of animal feed, along with meat processing. Also, working at Miratorga provides opportunities for future professionals to familiarize themselves with the world's best practices through internships at enterprises of global leaders in the food industry and agriculture, such as McDonald’s and John Deere. According to reviews of Miratorg employees, the burger industry is significantly developed.

Thus, the company has actually created in our country a new center of competence in the field of meat production, as well as a system for vocational training, which prepares future specialized specialists. To date, the number of operators working with livestock on the farms of the company exceeds a thousand people, who, thanks to the guidance of experienced trainers, regularly improve their skills.

Personnel and staff growth in the company

According to feedback from employees, Miratorg in Moscow regularly creates new jobs, providing its employees with a stable and decent income, as well as all social guarantees, along with opportunities for professional development and growth.Today Miratorg is one of the largest employers in the agrarian sector of the Russian economy. More than twenty six thousand people work at the enterprises of this company. In addition, the company cooperates with thirty major agricultural and technical higher education institutions. For prospective students, the organization introduced its own scholarship program and opened up wide opportunities for internships. Among the feedbacks from employees of Miratorg LLC, you can also find this information.

At the end of last years, the state grew by 14%, despite the conditions of an unstable economic situation. Leaders in job creation today are vertically integrated divisions, such as "bird" and "beef."

Miratorg burger employee reviews

The average salary of an employee of Miratorg last year increased by 6% to thirty-four thousand rubles. In the Bryansk region, this figure is twenty-nine thousand. In the Belgorod region, the monthly wage is thirty, and in the Kaliningrad region - thirty two thousand rubles.

Working conditions

Miratorg actually creates a high-tech agrarian industry from scratch that is not inferior to world leaders in terms of technology and efficiency. The management of the company is confident that the creation of comfortable as well as safe working conditions is a crucial factor for increasing the efficiency and quality of production.

Thus, Miratorg is trying to create better working conditions for its employees. Employees are provided with comfortable buses that deliver them to their workplaces, as well as modern offices and factories designed to meet the best international standards in the field of industrial safety.

Now we’ll find out what Miratorg’s employees think about their employer.

Employee feedback on work

People write a variety of things, both positive and negative, about their work at this enterprise. For example, in the feedback from Miratorg employees, you can find information that, despite the stability of salary payments, a lot depends on plans, which for most of the employees can sometimes be far from easy.And this in turn means that it becomes impossible to receive bonuses, and as a result, many have to be content with their tiny salary.

Also, people write about the terrible attitude of the authorities to their subordinates. People admit that in the course of their work, management has repeatedly allowed itself literally to send it directly to a subordinate employee, humiliating him in front of the whole company.

Miratorg store staff reviews

But for all the work in this company develops differently. So, many reviews of Miratorg employees confirm that they like their work at the enterprise, they find it interesting and original. There are such positive aspects as timely payment of labor, the presence of a social package, and, in addition, suitable working conditions. Employees also like the fact that they have career opportunities.

People say that employees are strictly required to fulfill all their duties and do not tolerate parasitism, as well as disputes with superiors. For those who do not like the work at the company or in the shop "Miratorg", according to feedback from employees, it is easy to part. In this case, the desire to work and earn money is always welcome.Younger workers write that they consider their management competent and try to gain experience. The company ensures the delivery of its employees from work to home and vice versa.

Reviews of Miratorg employees confirm that the recruitment of personnel for kinship ties is too developed, which, of course, most workers do not like. Also, some people write that even despite the fact that a corporate bus delivers workers to the place of work and back, many are not satisfied that it takes about an hour to go to the suburbs every morning. In addition, service buses are constantly crowded. Feedback from the Miratorg driver staff is also available.

They also say that it is difficult to take time off on vacation, which, if released, is only for one week. Hospital workers are also afraid to leave once again, as this is not welcome. In addition, employees are subjected to regular polygraph checks for the reason that frequent shortages occur.

Employee feedback on work at Miratorg confirms that the company has made real professionals and professionals in their field.Employees do not hide that in order to achieve this, they had to work hard for twelve hours a day, but they received a huge store of knowledge and skills. In a number of many comments, they also praise the authorities and say that it is understanding and meeting. Very many are satisfied with their wages in this company and write that they like to work in it, despite the difficulties. Responses of Miratorg employees (Moscow) are mostly positive.

The advantages of working in a company

Based on the comments that employees of this company leave on the Internet about their employer, the following advantages can be distinguished:

Miratorg Voronezh employee reviews

  1. Relatively high white wages, which are always paid on time.
  2. Official employment.
  3. Delivery of employees on official vehicles from home to work and back.
  4. Opportunity for professional development and career growth.
  5. Power Compensation.
  6. Comfortable working conditions, which are expressed in the maximum provision of workers with all the necessary resources and tools.
  7. Issuance of workwear.
  8. The presence of gyms with cardio.
  9. Mentoring system.

Disadvantages of the company, according to its employees

On the work in Miratorg, from the feedback from the employees, it becomes clear that the company has the following disadvantages:

  1. Large amounts of work.
  2. Fines system.
  3. Orientation to family ties in the recruitment of employees.
  4. Frequent employee checks due to shortages.
  5. Difficult to take time off on vacation.
  6. Congestion of corporate transport, along with excessively long delivery of employees to the company and back.
  7. Lack of benefits for employees to purchase products of the company.
  8. Many employees are not satisfied with the attitude of the authorities towards them.

Miratorg drivers reviews

Thus, today Miratorg is the leading producer and supplier of meat on the Russian market, and, moreover, is an employer for thousands of citizens, providing them with a decent and stable income. Employees of this company leave a lot of different comments about their employer, but they all share the opinion that working at this enterprise can grow a real professional in any specialist.

We reviewed feedback from Miratorg employees.

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