Modern bike engine

bike engineThe idea to put a motor on a bicycle appeared a long time ago: it was implemented in a moped. However, a moped is still a separate type of transport, which differs from a bicycle in greater complexity, weight and price. Nowadays, when cycling is more popular than ever, and modern technologies have reached a high level, cyclists and engineers have returned to the old idea: to create an engine for a bicycle. Demand immediately responded to the demand. And now the market is filled with various bicycle engines: removable and stationary, gasoline, gas and electric. Briefly review each of them.

Gasoline engine for bicycle

The market now offers a wide variety of such engines. As a rule, these are single-cylinder two-stroke engines with air cooling and power from one to four horsepower. The main difference between them is the method of installation on the bike. We give examples of the most popular units.

1.Motor for bicycle mounted on the frame, having a working volume of up to 50 cubic centimeters and a drive to the front star. Its power is about one and a half horsepower, and the possible maximum speed does not exceed 30 km / h. The advantages of such a solution are low price, low fuel consumption (1 liter per 100 km), the ability to use a bicycle speed selector and pedals. The disadvantages are the strong noise and low power when moving uphill.gasoline engine for a bicycle

2. Engine (for a bicycle) "Comet". This is a ready-to-install kit for placement above the wheel on which the drive will be made. Usually it is put on the rear trunk, and accordingly, the rear wheel remains the leading, but the option is possible and the installation in front. Such engines can be from one to two horsepower and can accelerate a bicycle up to 50 km / h. The undoubted advantages of "Comet" are compact and the ability to quickly dismantle. But it is twice as expensive as the frame engine and does not look very “presentable”.

3. Yamaha engine. This is the best gasoline engine for a bike. Power units of the Japanese manufacturer can reach four horsepower, which is more than enough for a bike.Also, the specifications and the exterior design of the Yamaha engines are the best compared to the samples described above.

4. Engines of Chinese manufacturers. In China, produced a lot of different units, which are not fundamentally different from the above. The only Chinese "know-how" is the use of gas as a fuel.

Should I put an electric motor on a bicycle?

electric motor on a bicycleThe electric motor has many significant advantages. It makes no noise, has excellent “pick-up”, does not need gasoline, and therefore is environmentally friendly. The only, but big drawback of any electric motor is the small capacity of the batteries and the need to charge them for hours. However, for a trip of 50 km they will be enough. For more distant bike rides, high capacity batteries are used, as well as pedal-powered dynamos or one of the bicycle wheels. Of course, the electric motor for a bicycle is our future, but it will become real only when batteries with a sufficiently large capacity or the ability to quickly charge will be invented.

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