Monica. Is she really 54 ...

I could never understandwhy, being young beautiful girls, they are ready for anything for the role of a paid escort of some secured nonentity. Infinitely burn your young life at parties? After all, beauty can and should help us find harmony, love and meaning in this crazy world ...

A few years ago, an Italian model and film actress once again demonstrated her eternal beauty. Monica Bellucci starred for the March 2013 issue of Harpers Bazaar. The star didn't change the design duo Dolce & Gabbana. Their collaboration has lasted 28 years. Monica Bellucci is the immutable muse of the legendary brand.

Beauty for a woman becomes a problemonly in two cases: when she is gone and when there is nothing but her ...

I would never want toso I was twenty again. Now I am much happier than then, because at that age we still only recognize ourselves, try to understand what we want to be, suffer from self-doubt. Now I know exactly what I need, and without what I can live.

Beauty is really strengthbut only if you know how to use it. It’s like having a Ferrari: if you don’t really know how to drive, you don’t need it.

Love lives only thenwhen there is respect for each other and freedom. The desire to possess another as a thing is absurd.

Need to be indulgent.After all, who we are: madmen trying to keep their balance on the ball, which itself, spinning at terrible speed, travels around the Universe. Who in such conditions can be perfect?

I feel comfortable and alone with myself.but not because I am beautiful. I know many very beautiful people whose life is terrible. And they are very bad alone with him. To feel inner comfort is not how you look externally, but how you feel inside. I am a happy person, because I have experienced a lot of love towards myself - I have a very big family.

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