Mordyukova Nonna Viktorovna: filmography. Biography and personal life of Nonna Mordyukova

Soviet cinema gave the world a lot of talented legendary actresses. But a large number of people who still remember the time, it is associated with Nonna Mordyukova. This amazing woman English encyclopedia "Who is who" included in the twenty of the most prominent actresses of the twentieth century. But this is not all that Mordyukova Nonna Viktorovna became famous for.


In a difficult time, the future actress was born. She was born in 1925, November 27, in the Donetsk region. Nonna Mordyukova was not alone in the family. Her parents raised three more sisters and two brothers. Mother worked on the collective farm, and the girl's father was a military man. Biography of Nonna Mordyukova reports that she was the oldest in a large family. Therefore, in childhood she had a hard time. She had to do all the housework for her: to carry heavy buckets of water, look after the cattle, nurse with the sisters and brothers who were born one after another.In and in such an atmosphere, the girl cherished the dream: she dreamed of cinema from the age of 12.Mordyukova nonna viktorovna

Nonna Mordyukova made the final decision about what she would try her strength in this field in the future when she watched the film “Bogdan Khmelnitsky”. The girl was so shocked by the actor Nikolai Mordvinov, who played the main role, that she decided to write him a letter. Surprisingly, her news reached Moscow. And Nikolai Dmitrievich answered the girl from the province. He advised her to enroll in VGIK after leaving school.

The Great Patriotic War left its mark on millions of destinies. And the family of Nonna Mordyukova also survived the occupation. And in 1945, the girl graduated from the 10th grade in the city of Yeisk and made a firm decision to go to conquer Moscow.

Mondyukova Nonna Viktorovna, the future actress of all-union significance, left the family, having only 16 rubles and some simple belongings in a modest wooden suitcase. And she traveled to the capital for 4 days in a freight car.

The girl came to the entrance exams in old overshoes, worn on thick knitted socks. Among the motley public, consisting of urban applicants, it looked, to put it mildly, not very.And she absolutely did not prepare for exams, did not learn a fable, poems. Nonna Mordyukova just went out in front of the selection committee and spoke about her rural life, about playing the accordion, about how they sow bread. And from that moment on, another life began for her. She became a student at a prestigious university in the capital at the first attempt, without protection and help. She studied very well, lived with other nonresident students in the dormitory. Before the first movie role was quite a bit.

The legendary "Young Guard"

Who owes the first success to Mordyukova Nonna Viktorovna? Her filmography began with the picture "Young Guard". Sergey Gerasimov, who shot her, as a performer of the role of Ulyana Gromovoy, chose the sophomore from the provinces from the variety of options. Along with her, the project involved young actors who later also became famous throughout the country: Vyacheslav Tikhonov, Sergey Bondarchuk and others.

nonna mordyukovaNonne was especially successful at that time when the tragic scenes of the film, despite some stiffness. And the fate of the Young Guard Ulyana found a response in the hearts of millions of viewers. And some lack of professionalism more than paid off with sincerity andthe immediacy of the young actress.

The result of this fruitful film work was the receipt of the Stalin Prize of 1 degree. “Young Guard” presented Nonne Mordyukova another gift. She married actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov, and very soon they were already nursing their first child.

Biography of Nonna Mordyukova tells how hard it was for her and her husband to have after the end of VGIK. Newlyweds did not have apartments, so they had to wander through friends and acquaintances. In the end, the actress got a small room in a communal apartment. She was on maternity leave, while her husband worked and starred in movies. But Mordyukova after the birth of her son had to forget about a career for about 5 years.

And again in the ranks

In 1950, Nonna began working in the Studio Theater actor. But she almost became a hostage to one role. The directors did not see anyone in it except Ulyana from the Young Guard. The films were not made very actively then, so I had to wait for roles. And again, actress Nonna Mordyukova got a chance to prove herself. She starred in a cameo role. But the film “The Return of Vasily Bortnikov” became the starting point for her in a happy cinematic future.The director was so impressed with her talent that he wanted to give her the main role. And though such a replacement did not take place, the ice was broken.

Directors again noticed Mordyukov. Her next work was a great success. In the film “Alien Relatives,” the actress did not even have to exert much effort, because the image of Stesha Ryashkina was her image. Country habits, folk intonations - all this Mordyukova managed with a bang. The tragic fate of the protagonist of the actress lived and showed talented and majestic.

Bright 60s: films with Nonna Mordyukova

In her works, the actress appears before the viewer almost always in the role of a strong and simple woman, unfortunately, with a difficult fate. This is reflected not only in its main roles, but also in episodic. With his talent, Mordyukov inspired B. Metalnikov to write “A Simple Story” especially for the actress. And participation in the project was another of her achievements. Sasha Potapova, played by Nonna Viktorovna, was an example of a simple collective farmer who, overcoming obstacles, became the chairman of a collective farm. This role was a success to the actress, largely due to childhood memories. After all, her mother also worked on the collective farm.

biography of nonna mordyukovaAt that moment, it was already quite obvious that Mordyukova Nonna Viktorovna was a truly national actress. The attitude, the spirit, the life experience of this woman was amazing. Such a woman should be from the people - the chest voice of incredible strength, expressive features of the face.

Remembering the films of Nonna Mordyukova, it is impossible not to mention the work “Chairman”. Director Saltykov prepared for the actress the image of a negative character. Donya Trubnikova, who was played by Nonna, was the plot of the wife of the one-man, a nasty, rude, vociferous woman who speculated on everything. But behind this mask, thanks to the game of a talented actress, the bitterness of Donina’s fate, her drama and tragedy were traced.

Such a different Mordyukova

The actress generally knew how to understand the dramatic nature of their heroines. Her roles have always accurately depicted a specific social type of personality, but the depth of displaying their inherent traits amazes viewers to this day.

But not only dramatic images could embody on the screen Mordyukova Nonna Viktorovna. In the comedies, she also shone bright and fresh. Remember the merchant Beloteva from the movie “The Marriage of Balzaminov”.And what only is a corrosive, tenacious official Pristyazhnyuk, which the audience saw in the film “Thirty-three”! But the most famous comic role of the actress is an activist from the housing department by the name of Ivy. It was she who in the beloved comedy “The Diamond Hand” loudly reports from the screens so far that “our people will not take a taxi to the bakery” for anything. No less interesting is the work of Nonna Viktorovna in the film “Commissioner”.

To be continued

70-80 years in the life of a great actress were very fruitful. They gave the world and her a lot of vivid memorable events. During this period, she starred in the film "Russian Field". It is noteworthy that the son of Nonna Mordyukova also worked in the project with his mother. This film has become a true model of folk cinema. The same is true of another picture - “There is no return”. These films enshrined the actress the right to speak from the screens on behalf of all Russian women, to talk about their difficult fate, but enormous strength of spirit and inflexible will.

son of nonna mordyukovaRemembering the films with Nonna Mordyukova, it is impossible not to mention her small role in the legendary epic “They Fought for the Motherland”.

Around the end of the 70s, the creative life of the actress made a sharp turn - she changed her role in the movie “The Bog”. The audience was literally shocked by the play of the actress, who portrayed, or rather, literally was the mother, who, because of her blind foolish love for her son, pushed him first to desertion, and then to certain death.

Everybody knows the scandalous Maria Konovalova - the heroine of Nikita Mikhalkov's film “Relatives”, sensational in those years. Nonna Viktorovna was as always inimitable. She played on the verge of the grotesque, literally glaring into the consciousness of the audience with loud laughter, shocking neurasthenic temperament.

And after “Rodney” everything went into decline. The directors called the actress only for playing in bit parts. They asked her to bring “something of their own” into one or another picture, although in fact there was no suitable script material for her.

And in the post-Soviet time in modern cinema there was no place for it anymore. She was too dissonant with him. And the picture “Mama”, specially created for her, only once again emphasized this obvious fact.

The creative way of the actress ended with the departure from the theater. After that, she almost never acted.The films of Nonna Mordyukova left a big mark on the hearts of people. That is why the actress was pleased to meet with the audience, was the chairman at many festivals, and even wrote a book called "Do not Cry, Cossack."

Personal life of Nonna Mordyukova

The actress in an interview has always named among the important traits of her character trustfulness and naivety. It was they who, in her opinion, made her once go to conquer Moscow. Fortunately, everything succeeded, but was it all so successful in Nonna Viktorovna’s personal life?

actress nonna mordyukova

Vyacheslav Tikhonov and Nonna Mordyukova are a couple that are by no means an example to follow. Their marriage is hardly happy. Hasty marriage did not bring the desired happiness. Nonna has been married to Vyacheslav for 13 years. And all this thanks to the efforts of her mother. It was she who advocated the preservation of marriage, when the actress wanted to break it. What were the main complaints of Nonna Viktorovna to her spouse? In fact, there were many. She called him dull, cold, and also an egoist who thinks only of herself.

Like any other marriage, it was good. But the moment is that the actress left Vyacheslav on the day after the death of her mother, who so stood up for the integrity of the family.

Other men

To the famous actress, and it is not surprising, constantly "stuck" men. But most of them were much to earn at her expense. For example, Boril Andronikashvili - a boyfriend who, meeting with Nonna, did not work, but he was happy to spend her money on stormy parties. Then there was Vladimir Soshalsky. With this man, Mordyukova lived only half a year in a civil marriage.

Fate once smiled at the actress. And she gave her acquaintance with Vasily Shukshin. It happened on the set of the picture “A Simple Story”. Shukshin was ready to throw the bride for the sake of Nonna. He confessed her love and said that she was his man. But the actress at that time was still married. And when the spouse and son came to the shooting, the question with a new love was decided in favor of keeping the family. After that, Vasily got married, and after the divorce he became friends with Lydia Fedoseyeva-Shukshina. For many years, Nonna Mordyukova recalled the failed romance with bright sadness and annoyance because of her own indecision.

Vladimir Tikhonov

The only son of the actress was her pain. He didn’t keep up, didn’t save ... He died in 1990 due to heart failure caused by taking drugs.personal life nonna mordyukova

At the same time, Nonna Viktorovna was not a careless and inattentive mother. When Volodya was small, she vigilantly followed his behavior, worried that he should not fall under the influence of a bad company. But the terrible thing happened. Her son ended up “on a needle.” The actress for a long time could not understand what was happening to him. And when she realized the horror of the situation, it was already too late.

In their declining years

Mordyukova Nonna Viktorovna (photo confirms this) was a beautiful, strong, stately woman. But old age, as you know, does not spare anyone. In the last years of her life, the actress suffered from various diseases, and one of them was diabetes. Her sister in an interview said that Nonna Viktorovna suffered greatly, but to the last tried to not lose heart. She dreamed of playing a movie, making up roles for herself. Cinema is truly the life of a legendary woman.

In 2000 and 2005 she received the Order for Services to the Fatherland 2 and 3 degrees, and in 1995 she received 4 degrees. In addition, in her piggy bank of personal awards and regalia there are also the titles of People’s Artist of the USSR, the RSFSR, the Order of Friendship of Peoples and the Order of the Badge of Honor. Do not forget about the Stalin Prize, the award "Nika", "Idol", "Golden Aries", "Kinotavr".

Having lived for 83 years, the actress died in 2008, on July 6, while in the capital's hospital.Her burial took place at Kuntsevo cemetery. And not only the devoted admirers of her talent, but also well-known figures of art and culture came to say goodbye to her.

films with nonna mordyukovaNonna Mordyukova has traveled a bright path, albeit full of difficulties and tragic episodes. But she always remained in the hearts of loyal viewers and connoisseurs of her talent. The whole world recognized her as an amazing actress. And even in space there is a piece of Nonna Mordyukova. In her honor, a small planet is named, the diameter of which is 39 km.

About 50 films - this is her legacy for descendants, genuinely passionate about cinema. Recalling her talent with a touch of sadness, let's use it as an example to follow. The love story of this beautiful woman can also give answers to many questions. Sometimes you need to be more decisive and be able to break with the past. Sometimes, if you don’t listen to your own heart, you can regret it all your life. Love your children, put bright, right thoughts in their heads. Only love and your all-encompassing attention will save them from wrong choices in life. And also - dream like Nonna Mordyukova dreamed. Do not be afraid to take the plunge, throw everything and go to the edge of the world if you are driven by the desire to find yourself. If you really want this, not only the capital, metropolis, but the whole world can submit.The main thing is not to be afraid. And even in the modern world, a fragile outwardly, but inflexible inside girl from a province is able to pave a path for herself, just like the unsurpassed actress had.

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