Moscow Metro is 81 soon!

Very soon, on May 15, the Moscow Metro turns 81 years old. Despite not a round date for you in the subway prepared several events.
Today at 11 o'clock in the framework of the celebration of 81 years from the day of the start of the capital's metro, the opening of the exhibition “The gold of our victories” took place at the exhibition space of the Vorobevy Gory station. This exhibition was prepared by the Moscow Metro, the State Museum of Sports with the participation of the Luzhniki sports complex and the support of the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. The exhibition is dedicated to the achievements of Soviet and Russian athletes at the Olympic Games from 1952 to the present.
On the night of May 13-14, a unique concert will be held at the Kropotkinskaya station. Fans of classical music and connoisseurs of underground architecture will hear the Italian composer Pietro Mascagni's opera “Rural Honor”. Live broadcast of the concert can be viewed on the official website of Moscow at:
On the morning of May 15, the Parade of trains will be launched at the Komsomolskaya station on the Koltsevaya Line.Throughout the day, it will be possible not only to see the various types of rolling stock plying along the lines of the Moscow metro, but also to take a ride in them.

A year ago, on the anniversary of the Moscow metro, an exhibition of retro trains was held, which turned out to be very popular. In this regard, it was decided once again to hold this event at the Partizanskaya station, as well as to supplement the exhibition. The exhibition of rolling stock will open on May 15 and will last until May 22.
The exhibition “Moscow Metro - Underground Monument of Architecture” continues its work at the Museum of Architecture. In May 1, in the framework of popularization of this exhibition, the photo project “Retroscope” opened, which everyone can see.
On the day of the 81st anniversary of the metro at the Vystavochnaya station, it will begin its work by the Tour Bureau. Now anyone can order a tour of the Moscow metro from real professionals. Recall that in 2015, the Moscow Metro Career Center, as well as the Technical Library, was opened at Vystavochnaya station, as well as the Technical Library, where everyone can get acquainted with the profile technical literature and better understandhow the metro works
As part of the celebration, some of our registered trains will be updated - “Poetry in the Metro” and “Aquarelle”.
1. Today, in the rest house of the Moscow metro, located in the Forest Town, a press conference was held at the head of the metro station Dmitry Pegov, where he spoke about the events in honor of the 81 anniversary of the metro.

2. He also thanked the journalists for their work.

Gratitude to me was announced with the wording “For friendship and loyalty.” Mimimimim! Thank!
3. Dmitry Pegov also presented the Rolling Stock collection of tickets. Tickets from this set are sold at the box office from today.

4. To illustrate the Rusich car, my photo was taken, taken 10 years ago before the launch of the Mezhdunarodnaya station

5. The presentation of the new rolling stock for the Moscow Metro also took place :)


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