Moscow, Vorobyevy Gory: observation deck

Favorite place for walking of citizens and guests of Moscow are Sparrow Hills. The observation deck located in this place offers an incredible and breathtaking view.

General information

Sparrow Hills - this is the South-West region of Moscow. They are located on the high bank of the river, densely covered with trees. The highest point above the water surface is 80 meters.

Sparrow Hills Observation DeckToday, this place is in the seven hills of Moscow and is considered one of the most attractive.

If you look at the slope of the mountain, you will notice that once there were small rivers flowing through it, which fell into the mainstream. Over time, they disappeared, leaving huge ravines in their place. Here you can see the springs, making their way through the thickness of the earth. Because of its structure, the area is subject to landslides.

A general view of the mountains consists of a park, with picturesque ponds and a forest.

Not only today, but before it was one of the most attractive places in the city.Due to the elevation, special geological structure and beautiful nature, this place won the love of many people.

In the capital of Russia, Sparrow Hills (observation deck) became one of the main attractions for tourists. How to get here, we will learn in detail below.

First settlements

Archaeological research shows that people settled here in the first century BC. They had their own dwellings with adjoining arable fields, blacksmiths worked, and even there was production of precious products.

People were open and courageous, regularly conducting trade deals with neighboring settlements, exchanging beads and jewelry.

At the end of the sixth century BC, during the great migration of Slavs from the west, Finns and Slavs began to dominate here.

Small settlements continue to grow and develop at the expense of new tenants. Over time, they develop into large villages, and estates of wealthy nobles appear.

Sparrow Hills Observation Deck

In honor of the estate, founded here by the boyars, who served for many years with the princes of Moscow, called the Sparrow Hills. The observation deck appeared here much later.

This place is repeatedly mentioned in the annals and was popular with noble grandees.

In the middle of the nineteenth century, construction of the Moscow State University began in the village. It lasted four years, and after three more the settlement was demolished. The only thing left from the luxurious choir is the church.

Country Holiday

At the end of the nineteenth century, the area near the Sparrow Hills became especially popular with noble Muscovites. Here they spend their country vacation. One of the famous places is Mamonov Dacha. During its existence, the manor belonged to the counts and princes.

The basis of the building was erected in the thirties of the 17th century, however, by order of one of the owners changed. In 1820 a spacious hall with a dome appeared, where lush balls and social meetings were held. On the sides appeared small towers, allowing you to view the area from a height.

The territory of the estate was not limited to a magnificent house. There were magnificent gardens, greenhouses. Grow a variety of fruits.

During the years of its existence, the estate has changed not only the owners, but also its own purpose.It housed a psychiatric clinic, a flower growing enterprise, a museum of ethnology, and an institute of physical problems.

This is a place with a special atmosphere and a difficult history, like the whole of Moscow. Sparrow Hills, an observation deck, equipped specifically for the review, allow you to see every detail from a bird's-eye view.

Soviet Russia

In 1935, the mountains were renamed in honor of the famous Russian politician Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov. And they began to wear the name Leninsky. However, in ordinary life is often called the old. Even in the famous work of Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”, actions take place precisely on the Sparrow Hills.

By order of Stalin, eight high-rise buildings are being built in the city. One of them is the chemical, physical and biological faculties of the state university. Prisoners took part in the construction.

In addition to the building itself, the adjacent territory was also transformed. Roads were built and new green spaces appeared.

At the same time, Moscow, Sparrow Hills was changing. The observation deck has become one of the attractions of the city.

Moscow Sparrow Hills Observation Deck

In the middle of the twentieth century, the construction of a springboard for skiers. Special lighting is provided and a lift is installed with seating for passengers, the total length of which is more than three hundred meters.

Thus, all new fans acquires the observation deck, Sparrow Hills. The metro appeared here in 1958, when the Luzhnetsky metro bridge was laid.

Our days

At the very end of the century and millennium (1999), the Sparrow Hills were returned to their former name. Following this, the metro station is renamed.

Beautiful highlands and nature provide an excellent basis for a different sport. Here cyclists and motorists, motorcyclists regularly hold competitions.

In addition, the address of the observation deck on the Sparrow Hills is constantly included in the list of mandatory places to visit by tourists and newlyweds.

Sometimes you can catch a retro car show.

Repair work

2014 gave the mountains a new life, breathed in this place fresh strength and modern energy. The overhaul of the observation deck on the Sparrow Hills lasted only three months, but it did not surprise the residents of the city.

One of the modern innovations is an interactive map of the city, which is built into the granite grounds.

Below was a special recreation area equipped with comfortable benches and beautiful lighting in the dark.

observation platform sparrow mountains subway

All work was carried out in accordance with the peculiarities of this landscape. Special fragility and uniqueness of this natural place were taken into account. The main task that was set before the project creators (a Dutch company) is a constructive and comfortable design, taking into account the presence of a slope. After all, this is one of the most unstable parts of the mountains.

After the reconstruction, the place became even more attractive and unique. Every day it is visited by thousands of citizens and tourists.


It is worth noting that if you visit the Sparrow Hills, the observation deck will be for you not the only place that will attract attention. For example, the embankment stretching along the river is a favorite place for cycling and rollerblading. They can be rented.

Here you can go straight down from the observation deck on a special cable car. It works only in spring and summer.

address viewing platform on the Sparrow Hills

Another attraction of the mountains - the springs.They are found at the foot, and under the observation deck. One of them is specially fenced and bears the status of a monument of nature. You can reach them by walking along equipped paths. Passage of cars on many of them is closed.

Attract attention and the famous three ponds. Here you can see unique eco-benches, which are built from natural tree formations.

Monuments, picturesque alleys, Trinity Church, ski jump - this place combines such different things. Here everyone will find something to their liking.

Opening view

Amazing and breathtaking views open to visitors Sparrow Hills, an observation deck. How to get to this place, you will learn from the article. And now let's talk about what can be seen rising to a height of eighty meters above the city.

Directly beyond the river is the huge Luzhniki Stadium. Do not notice it is simply impossible. Here he spent one of his last concerts, Viktor Tsoi. This place remembers the opening of the famous 1980 Olympics.

If you look to the left, you can see the high-rise business complex Moscow-City. Particularly interesting, everything looks at night, when not hundreds but thousands of lights are lit all over the city, enlivening it.

how to get to the observation deck Sparrow Hills

On the right hand, there are buildings forty floors high, although compared with the City they look slightly.

Also on the right side, visitors have a view of the building of the Academy of Sciences, the TV tower and the nearest metro station, which is located on the two-tier bridge.

It is simply impossible to describe all the sensations from what he saw; it is best to visit the Sparrow Hills on your own. The observation deck will give you an incredible sight.


At the moment there are several options for how to get to the site. This can be done on foot or by car.

If you are interested in how to get to the observation deck (Sparrow Hills), then it’s enough to take the subway and get off at the station of the same name. To make it easier to navigate, the closest stops to it are “Frunzenskaya” and “University”.

There is another way that suits the owners of their own of the observation deck on the Sparrow Hills

A special car parking is equipped with an observation deck on the Sparrow Hills. How to get to this place highway? It is necessary to turn to Vorobyevskaya Embankment. It is worth noting that at the entrance is installed "brick", so the car can be parked on the other side of the road.

After a tiring walk, you can relax and have a snack in one of the cafes. The first is near the observation deck, the other - on the waterfront.

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