Multivarka "Mulinex": review

Moulinex is a famous French brand. The history of the company began back in 1932 but, despite this, it was not until 1980 that Moulinex made a huge revolution in the world of household appliances,multicooker mulinexwhen released the first microwave oven. Already at that time, experts guaranteed the company prosperity and greater profits. Products of this brand are distributed in 160 countries of the world! The main reason for this popularity was a wide range of goods. Mulinex produces juicers, blenders, food processors and so on. But in this article will be similarly described one type of equipment - Mulineks multicooker. Here you can read a detailed review, view specifications and user reviews.

Multicooker Moulinex CE4000

Let's start with the technical specifications. The slow cooker has a six-liter bowl for about four to five people. This is probably one of the largest multi-cooker bowls in terms of volume. On the front panel, you can configure two different levels of food pressure regulation, use a digital timer, apply multicooker moulinex ce4000Do not turn off the auto power off function or turn on the “keep warm” function.We now turn to the security system that Mulinex has. It is equipped with a hermetically sealed cover, a system that protects against overheating and high pressure inside. There is also a convenient automatic temperature control. What functions does the Mulinex multicooker have? For cooking, you can choose one of six modes: "Frying", "Soups", "Steamer", "Stewing", "Milk" cereals and "Baking". What they say about the Moulinex CE4000 in the reviews? After reading some of the reviews, we see a pleasant thing - only one of the twenty reviews can be neutral or negative, the rest are positive. This picture is good, because we understand that if we pay the specified amount, we will get a really high-quality product that will serve us for a long time.

Multicooker Moulinex MK 7003

This is also a popular model. Such a multivark "Mulinex" will cost you n multicooker moulinex mk 7003Much cheaper. Let's see if it is inferior in quality? Let's start with the technical specifications. The slow cooker has a capacity of 630 W and a 4.5 liter bowl. There are automatic programs for cooking. There is also a nice "keep warm" feature.This means that your chosen temperature is maintained for a long time. There is a delayed start to cook rice or cereals (up to nine hours). The body is made of high quality brushed stainless steel. An electronic display is placed on the case, which adds convenience to the user. By the way, the bowl in Mulineks multicooker is removable, with non-stick coating. The kit includes a basket for steaming, measuring container and a large spoon. Reviews about her a bit. There are both sharply negative and very positive. Probably, it all depends on the user himself, his wishes about the functionality and preferences in food. But, paying attention to the fact that Moulinex is a world famous brand, you can safely buy the products manufactured by the company. Which of the two models presented in the article to purchase is up to you!

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