Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there

The district of St. Petersburg arose on the site of the summer cottage settlement that was once located here and the picturesque forest zone adjacent to it. After the Great Patriotic War, various enterprises began to be built here, as well as housing for workers. Today, the municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana is built up with high-rise buildings, parks and entertainment centers.


Sosnovaya Polyana is a municipal district in the south-west of St. Petersburg, with an area of ​​9.06 square meters. km Its population is 55,374 people. MO is located in the Krasnoselsky district of the city. On its territory there are: a park, several kindergartens (9 units), secondary schools (4 units), a lyceum, a boarding school and an evening school, 2 polyclinics, 2 universities (military institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs). In addition, there are various cultural institutions, as well as social and industrial institutions.The municipal council of Sosnovaya Polyana district (St. Petersburg) is located at the address: ul. The border guard Garkavy, 27/2. The official publication is the newspaper Vesti Sosnovoy Polyana.

Modern quarter.

About borders

In accordance with the Charter of the municipality, the boundaries of the Municipal District of Sosnovaya Polyana are:

  • along the Ivanovka River - from Veteranov Avenue to the Peterhof Highway;
  • to the west - along Veterans Avenue to the railway industrial zone;
  • to the south - along the right of way of the railway industrial zone (east side) to the railway (Baltic direction);
  • in the north - from the railway to the beginning of housing developments;
  • further from housing developments - to the ave. Budyonny;
  • on prosp. Budyonny - to St. Petersburg highway;
  • to the north along the St. Petersburg highway, the territory of the Moscow Sosnovaya Polyana stretches to the monastery of the Trinity-Sergius Desert;
  • along the borders of the monastery, the borders of the district stretch to the shores of the Gulf of Finland, then north to the overpass of the industrial zone;
  • along the railway industrial zone (east side) to the Peterhof highway;
  • further along the highway, the border of the MO of Sosnovaya Polyana stretches to r. Ivanovki.

Coat of arms

In the center of the emblem of the municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana there is an image of a golden carriage, reminiscent of the Peterhof highway that once ran here.Just below is the image of the golden pine branch, symbolizing the name of the MO and the dacha village, located on its territory until the early 1960s. The background consists of red and green flowers arranged in a checkered order. Green symbolizes a rich greenery, well-maintained municipality, red reminds of the blood color of the city’s defenders, symbolizing their courage and dedication.

Coat of arms of Sosnovoy glade.


The municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg) includes eighteen streets. The largest ones are called:

  • Ave. Budyonny (Sergievo);
  • Ave. Veterans;
  • streets: Engels (Sergievo); Zdorotseva; Security officers; Pionerstroy; Pilot Pilutov; Tambasova; 2nd Komsomolskaya; Border guard Garkavy; Peterhof and St. Petersburg highway.


It is known that until the 18th century, this area was occupied by coniferous forest, stretching from the village of Volodarsky to Volkhonskoye Highway. Later, they began to build country estates. Before the revolution and later, on the site of the current military district there was a wooden dacha village, which was almost destroyed during the war. Back in the nineties of the 20th century, this area was “decorated” with private summer cottages with gardens. They were later torn down.Today Krasnoselsky district of St. Petersburg, of which the district is a part, is built up with comfortable houses.

Park & ​​quot; Pine Glade & quot ;.


The main pride of this municipality is the park of Sosnovaya Polyana, founded in the early 19th century. A variety of trees are planted in the park area, it is decorated with elegant canals and original winding paths. The park is divided into two parts by Veterans Avenue. Today, all sorts of sporting events are held here, residents have picnics or just stroll through their families.

In addition, on the street. Pilyutov are parts of the old buildings (dated around 1968), as well as the famous old manor Manihina. It is worth noting that another unique building located in this area of ​​the city is the Gothic house. The building, erected at the beginning of the 19th century, was intended for the storage of books and works of art. As a result of the recent fire, today the building is in a deplorable state. The city authorities are planning after the restoration to arrange a youth recreation center here.

Across the road from this building, you can see another pride of this quarter - the famous Vorontsov cottage, built around the middle of the 18th century.The natural property of the district is also the river Ivanovka, which flows through the entire area.

Gothic manor.

Modern infrastructure

MO infrastructure:

  • 4 secondary schools;
  • 1 lyceum;
  • 1 evening-shift school;
  • 1 boarding school;
  • 1 vocational education institution;
  • 2 universities;
  • 1 children's art school;
  • 1 house of children's creativity;
  • 9 kindergartens;
  • 2 polyclinics;
  • 1 sobering up station;
  • 84 objects of trade and public catering;
  • 42 consumer services, 30 sports facilities;
  • 4 cultural and leisure institutions;
  • 3 police department;
  • 1 branch of registration.
Newly built quarter.

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The following institutions are located in the district:

  • The headquarters of "United Russia" (political party), is located on the address: st. Security officers, 13.
  • Department of bailiffs in Krasnoselsky district (Peterhof highway, 73u).
  • On the street. The border guard Garkavy, 14 is the GSMK (insurance medical company of the city). It was formed in 1992 in order to provide guaranteed state medical insurance for residents of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

The enumeration of infrastructure facilities in the district would be incomplete without mentioning two more important educational facilities.They are the Central District Children's Library "Rainbow" (along Veterans Avenue, 155) and the International School of Herzen University (along Chekistov St., 13c).

Children's cinema.

Culture and art

In the municipality of Sosnovaya Polyana, on the street. Tambasova, 5, located film studio "Lenfilm", providing a full range of services for television and film production. On the territory of 4 hectares, there are four pavilions (operating), as well as workshops for decorative and technical facilities, filming preparation and installation, filming, lighting and sound equipment, storage of props and costumes, plastic makeup studio (10 buildings in total).

For fun and relaxation

In the municipality of Sosnovaya Polyana, you can relax both adults and children. In the Rock-Oko bar (Veteranov Avenue, 147, K.1) the guests are presented with: billiards, a cafe - a banquet hall, as well as 40 shops located under one roof. On the street. Garkavogo border guard, 22 is a children's cinema "Sunrise".

Attention motorists

On the territory of this district there are two tire companies:

  • "Master Shin" (on Peterhof Highway, 96a). The company is equipped with modern equipment that allows you to work with wheels of any type.
  • "Green Tire" (Peterhof Highway, 96v).The main activity of the company is trade (wholesale and retail) of wheel disks and car tires, as well as tire fitting services, etc.

Railway station "Sosnovaya Polyana"

A railway platform is located within the city limits of St. Petersburg (direction: St. Petersburg-Kalishche, Oktyabrskaya railway, Vitebsk branch, third tariff zone). The name - "Pine Glade" - comes from the MO of the same name. The station’s opening date is 1929; it is a passenger type. The number of platforms (refer to the type of side, shape - curved): 2 units., Ways - 3 units. Goes to the avenue of the People's Militia.

At the station & quot; Pine Glade & quot ;.

How to get to "Sosnovoy Polyana"?

It is easy to get to the railway station both from the suburbs of St. Petersburg and from the city center. Not far from the platform there is the same name ground transport stop, through which the bus routes pass:

  • Social: Nos. 130, 163, 229;
  • commercial: №№ К130, К165, К297, К306.

In addition, tram number 52 runs here. Previously, this platform served a suburban route to Krasnoflotsk, closed in 2011.

Development prospects.


Not so long ago, the employees of the Renovation company developed a new development concept providing for the provision of the district with a new comfortable urban environment.It is expected that in the quarter there will be new engineering networks, schools, houses of creativity and kindergartens.

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Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 32

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 46

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 18

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 37

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 18

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 87

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 25

Municipal district of Sosnovaya Polyana (St. Petersburg): description of how to get there 90