Museum of Illusions (Kazan). Exposition, reviews, price

Now we will tell you about the amazing Museumillusions (Kazan). Museums of this format are in great demand today, similar expositions exist in Moscow, and in St. Petersburg, and in many other large cities of Russia. And everywhere they are very popular, they visit, as they say, both old and young. Judging by the reviews, such a place of rest, located in Kazan, is not inferior to the capital.

Museum of Illusions (Kazan): exposition

Do you know what the word "illusion" means?Dictionaries treat it as something seeming, unreal, a deception of feelings. When you get to the museum exposition, you seem to plunge into some fantasies, then all the usual notions about space are collapsing. Of course, this world was created by the hands of the best props and artists!

museum of illusions Kazan

The Museum of Illusions (Kazan) is aA meandering labyrinth consisting of a collection of large and small 3D picture-installations in 3D format. And visitors are invited to become direct participants in what is happening, an organic part of this or that picture.

The main thing is that there should be someone with a camera next to it,To capture you walking on a tightrope over a terrible abyss or sitting on the throne from the movie "The Game of Thrones." Here you can try to take away the chair from Ostap Bender (suddenly it's the same one with diamonds), to fly in a balloon or to take the place of the goddess Aurora on the famous canvas of Botticelli.

A feature of these three-dimensional paintings is that,that it is difficult to assess the illusions created by them with a simple, naked eye. They are fully manifested only in photographs, and for this you must try to choose the desired angle and determine the correct shooting point. But this is easy to do, because the pictures have markings showing where to get up, and next there are small pictures in the frame suggesting what to do.

Reviews and impressions of visiting the museum

Every day a lot of people visit the Museum of Illusions(Kazan). Reviews, which they then share with friends and acquaintances, otherwise as enthusiastic you will not name. Particularly happy are those who were in the museum with children. They say that they can not be taken away from there, so the children like to quickly move from one phantasmagoric composition to another, get into pictures, take pictures, and then admire with delight the resulting miraculous photos.

museum of illusions Kazan address

People speak well of a friendly andfriendly staff of the museum and its convenient location in the heart of the city. I like the general cheerful relaxed atmosphere. Some companies walk around the museum for half a day. To each visitor at the exit, employees offer to purchase a photomagnetic camera with its photo, which is also very positive.

If we talk about negative reviews, they often relate to the fact that weak cameras do not always have enough light to get high-quality images.

Useful tips for visitors

These tips are part of the reviews about the museum, theywillingly share the people who have already been there. So, if you want to stay in the world of illusions brought maximum positive emotions, then trust the following recommendations:

  • Without a camera there is nothing to do. Be sure to take a digital camera with you.
  • To make pictures taken in the museum, reallypleasing the eye, it is better not to use the flash built into the camera, but to apply for shooting a high-speed lens (in the museum rooms a little dark).
  • The Museum of Illusions (Kazan) is ideal for recreation with children from 4 years and older, younger ones will find it difficult to assess the scale and originality of the illusory reality that reigns in the museum.
  • When there are a lot of people in the museum, the human crowd interferes with photography and outsiders constantly get into the frame. Therefore, the best time to visit the world of illusions is weekdays before noon.
  • It is best to go to a museum by a company that does notless than 3 people. The fact is that some popular installations are designed for shooting 2 people, but if you shoot two, then there must be a third one, who will photograph them.

museum of illusions Kazan ticket cost

Museum of Illusions (Kazan): ticket price and time of work

The country of illusions receives guests seven days inweek and opens its doors in front of them at exactly 10.00, and closes them at 23.00. There are no days off in the museum. The ticket costs 350 rubles. for one person. The time of stay in the museum is unlimited.

museum of illusions kazan reviews

Address of the museum

Museum of illusions (Kazan) has the address: st. Bauman, No. 17. This is the central street of the city, which is a pedestrian zone. Distinctive sign of the museum - in front of the building is a huge and colorful figure of a fairy-tale giant.

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