Mushroom sauce from champignons

Mushrooms are often called meat substitutes, sincethey are very useful and tasty product. Often they are used in many recipes, served as a main course, added to soups, salads, sauces, baking stuffs, etc. The fact that they are perfectly combined with many products - meat, fish, vegetables, with dairy products, various side dishes, etc.

Mushroom sauce from champignonsMushroom sauce from champignons - the mostcommon, which is very simple to cook. And while it is perfectly in harmony with many dishes. Especially often it is served with pasta. There are many delicious recipes for this sauce. In addition, the whole process takes a minimum of time, which means that you can enjoy a delicious treat even for unexpected guests.

To make a mushroom sauce from champignons,you will need quite a few products - the mushrooms themselves (200 g), milk (glass), salt, any seasoning, flour (3 tablespoons), vegetable oil. Mushrooms must be washed well, cut into small pieces and fried in oil until golden. Then add flour, stir and gradually pour in the milk, constantly stirring (fire make minimum). Add salt and seasoning, mix and cook until a thick consistency is obtained.

Many people prepare mushroom sauce from champignons withthe addition of cream. For this recipe, you will need the same products as in the first case, only milk should be replaced with fat cream (about 2-3 tablespoons). You will also need a broth (one and a half glasses) and parsley greens. Mushrooms must be crushed (you can pass through a meat grinder), then fry and add flour, then top up the cream. Even during the last stage we pour broth into the dish and mix it. Salt and seasonings we put to taste, we prepare before formation of a dense mass. In the end, add finely chopped parsley and turn off the fire. To give a more intense flavor of greenery, you can cover the cooked dish with a lid for 5-7 minutes.

In mushroom sauce from champignons, you can alsoadd onions, carrots, lemon juice, other greens, various herbs and spices, wine and much more. The main thing is that the sauce is the right consistency - not very thick and not too liquid.

Cream of soup with champignonsThe recipe for mushroom sauce is very similar to the recipe for cream soup made of champignons. Ingredients are almost the same - champignons, cream, salt, onion, flour, butter, broth, fresh greens.

To make a cream soup with champignons,it is necessary to chop mushrooms and onions finely, and then fry them until golden brown. Melt butter and mix with flour, warm and pour broth. When the mass boils, add mushrooms with onion and mix, bring again to a boil, then grind with a blender. Again, put the soup on a slow fire, add salt, pour in the cream and bring to a boil. The soup is ready. Pour over plates and sprinkle with chopped greens.

Soup with champignons and meatMany people do not understand the taste of cream soup and give awaypreference for ordinary soups. However, the admirers of this delicate dish does not become less. From mushrooms you can make a wonderful mushroom soup. There are plenty of recipes - soup with champignons and meat, mushroom soup with millet, soup with mushrooms and beans, etc.

Mushrooms - a universal product used for cooking various dishes. In addition, to date, such mushrooms as champignons, are sold everywhere and are relatively inexpensive.

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