N.V.Gogol. Nevsky Prospect. Summary

The title of this work suggests that the main image and a kind of main participant in the events that Gogol created is Nevsky Prospect. Summary, of course, can not so vividly tell about this street that it “smells like a walk”. So, we will try to remember what this book is about.

Description of Nevsky Prospect

Let us turn to how N.V. begins. Gogol Nevsky Prospect. The summary of this work is to begin with the description of this street. The rich language of the writer very vividly gives us the atmosphere of St. Petersburg at that time. We see people walking along the main street of this city. In the morning on the Nevsky can meet beggars, working people, officials. At noon there appear governess with children, and this avenue can be safely called "pedagogical." From two to three hours on the avenue you can see a real "parade of ranks." This is a real exhibition of ladies' hats, shoes, shoes, dresses, men's whiskers and mustaches.After four hours, the avenue is empty and comes to life again at dusk, Gogol writes. The story "Nevsky Prospect", a brief content of which we are considering, further introduces us to the two actors.Gogol Nevsky Prospect summary

Meeting Pirogov and Piskarev

In the evening on the avenue there are two comrades. So continues Gogol "Nevsky Prospect". Summary of the book is impossible without a description of these two characters. Pirogov is a narcissistic lieutenant, confident in his success with women. Piskarev, on the contrary, is a shy and timid artist, who does not dare to hope for mutual attention from young persons. On Nevsky, the lieutenant drew attention to the charming blonde, and the artist liked a brunette. Next, the young people missed each other.

A beautiful stranger

It should be noted that the central work in the cycle “Petersburg Stories” by Gogol is “Nevsky Prospect”. The summary of this work makes us follow along with Piskarev for a beautiful young girl. He just wanted to know where she lived - he never dreamed of anything else. However, the smile with which the stranger turned on the young man inspired him.And what happened to him when, going up to the house, the young lady motioned him to go after her!n in Gogol Nevsky Prospect summary


Piskarev followed the stranger, feeding the most tender and sublime feelings. The door was opened to them by a woman. The apartment into which they entered struck Piskarev: he realized that he had gone to a shelter of debauchery. Shocked young man escaped.

Dreams and dreams

Once at home, Piskarev fell asleep. He had a dream. It is with this episode that Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol "Nevsky Prospect" continues. A summary of this story further tells us what a young man dreamed.Gogol story Nevsky Prospect summary

So, Piskarev saw that a footman had come for him, and, saying that the same lady had sent him, ordered him to follow him. He was at a ball in a magnificent mansion. All the ladies were beautiful, but of course she was more brilliant than all. The girl tried to say something to Piskarev, but they were constantly disturbed. He woke up. Life has lost its meaning for a young man. To sleep better, he bought opium. His existence only made sense in dreams.

Piskarev imagined that he was marrying this girl, and she would come down from the terrible path that she had taken. Once he decided to make her an offer.Having gone to that house, he saw her again and spoke about his plan. The answer to his words was contempt. Piskarev ran again and did not leave his room for several days. When the door was broken, they found a young man with his throat slit.St. Petersburg novels Gogol Nevsky Prospect

About Pirogov

The story about the friend of the unfortunate Piskarev is continued by Gogol "Nevsky Prospect". A summary of this story sends us in the footsteps of a blonde and Pirogov to the house of Schiller’s tinsmith, whose wife was a blonde girl. In addition to Schiller, there was a shoemaker Hoffman in the room. Together they put out Pirogov, but he decided not to give up and, coming the next day, began to flirt with a young woman. She threatened to complain to her husband. Pirogov ordered spurs from Schiller to have a reason to appear in this house again. Pirogov's insolent behavior deduced the tinsmith from himself. He, in agreement with his wife and friends, decided to teach him a lesson. The blonde invited him to her room, where after a while Schiller burst in with friends and, beating the young man, put him out.

However, Pirogov was not annoyed for long. Fortified by pies, the lieutenant again began to enjoy life.

The author finishes his story with a description of Nevsky Prospect and with a hint of disappointment tells how deceptive the light of lanterns on this beautiful street.

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