Name Gregory: meaning, origin, character and fate

Male names Gregory and George become very popular. These beautiful and sonorous names parents are now increasingly called boys. Gregory has many diminutive options, but George has several options for the name itself. I wonder what the name St. Gregory matters, and which one - George?

The origin of the name Gregory

At the heart of the name of Gregory is the ancient Greek word "gregori", which means "not to sleep", "to be awake". It was believed that this name gives a person strength, speed, courage and at the same time anger. In Christianity, the name of St. Gregory is rather spiritual. This is a man, strong in spirit, capable of courageous deeds. At the beginning of the last century, the boy was given this name if his parents wanted a real Christian to grow out of it. In addition, the Russian language allows little Grisha to be called diminutive, for example, Grinya, Grishan, Grishutka. Today, carriers of this name can be found in different countries. Its sound is different for different nations:

  • in Greece it is Grigoros;
  • in England - Gregory;
  • in Spain, Reijo;
  • in Italy - Gregorio.

The representatives of the stronger sex with this name have many patron saints. One of the most significant can be considered Gregory the Theologian, who was famous for his exalted sermons on God and the Holy Trinity.

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The name is Gregory. The meaning of the name and fate for boys

Of course, on how the child was called, in many respects depends on what his character will be, how his future fate will be. Little Grisha is very active and inquisitive. They are big fans of outdoor games. In his quest to learn more, Grishutka may put himself in danger. To avoid such situations, parents should familiarize their restless child with elementary safety rules (do not light matches, do not play with electrical appliances). The name Gregory (his meaning) makes the boy intolerant of mocking with friends. He can stand up for himself even with his fists, so parents should explain to the boy that you can protect yourself with a word. Curiosity little Gregory will take on the craving for knowledge. This is especially evident when in the upper grades a student is determined for the purpose of his life and gives a lot of time to specialized subjects, becoming a leader in the class.Being from childhood irreconcilable to criticism, Grisha tries to follow her appearance. In addition, he is a pleasant companion.

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Characteristics of the name of St. Gregory, depending on the season

The meaning of the name St. Gregory and destiny for boys is closely related to the season:

  1. Spring Grisha is purposeful, persistent and ambitious by nature. At adult carriers of this name such feature as hot temper is brightly shown. It is better not to argue with him, since Gregory will be able to prove that he is right (even if this is not so). This is a man of principle who will not commit acts that run counter to his conscience.
  2. Summer Grisha is more indecisive and even a little shy. He does not become a leader, but he is a kind and honest person. Gregory, who was born in the summer, will not betray, deceive, let alone use someone's weakness.
  3. Carriers of this name, born in the fall, can be closed and not very sociable. In the future, he may become a selfish person, it will be difficult to cope with him, to find a common language. But autumn Grisha will be a faithful and reliable husband and a good father.
  4. The meaning of the name Gregory for a child born in winter suggests that he will be sociable and cheerful, an optimist with whom any person will get along.He easily makes new acquaintances, loves adventures, can keep the conversation going and will always come to the rescue.
Grigorii and George name value origin

Gregory in the family: compatibility with female names

For the creation of a family, the bearer of this name may be the closest in spirit to women, so named: Catherine, Larisa, Elizaveta, Tamara, Raisa, Alexandra The meaning of the name Gregory as an energetic and purposeful person suggests that it is better for him not to hurry with the creation of a family. The strongest marriage will be with the woman who is ready to share his interests. Being a faithful spouse, he will not tolerate a jealous wife nearby. With children, Gregory is kind and gentle, always ready to play with them or read them fairy tales. Seeks to educate them in accordance with their worldview. Such a husband likes to have comfort in the house, and a good table was set for the arrival of the guests. Grisha likes to talk with guests, but it’s better not to argue about anything. Manages the budget of the family independently, he will have an ideal marriage with a calm and obedient wife in everything.

Career choice and career

Characteristics of the name of St. Gregory and its value affect both the choice of future profession and career growth carrier.Thanks to a keen mind and diverse interests, he is able to get a good education and correctly decide on the choice of profession. Being persistent, Grisha can quickly climb the career ladder and even become a leader. Only in this position he should feel his responsibility as much as possible and analyze every decision made. At work, Gregory is able to fully devote himself to the task in order to achieve the best result. But it can not be called a workaholic. Grisha believes that everything in life has its time and besides work there is also family, friends, hobbies.

name of Gregory meaning the name and fate for the boys

The origin of the name George

It often happens that people confuse the names of Gregory and George. The name, meaning and origin of it have nothing to do with Gregory. Although they are really similar in pronunciation. The Greek "Georgios" characterizes a calmer person and means a farmer, a farmer. Unlike other names, George has several different forms. This is Yuri, and Yegor, and Gosh, and Zhora. And although the carrier of this name can be considered a reasonable and balanced person, the most revered of his saints is St. George the Victorious.The name George (meaning the name in the church) is associated with a legend. After dying for the faith, already being canonized, George returned to earth to kill a snake harming Christians. This picture we see on the icons with his image.

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Name George: the meaning of the name and fate for a boy on numerology

It is no secret that the date of birth of a person can also affect his fate. Therefore (before giving the name to the child) it is desirable to turn to numerology. For a name like George, the number 6 is favorable. It will endow the wearer with such qualities:

  • romanticism, dreaminess, charm;
  • the ability to empathize, willingness to help;
  • clear mind, prudence;
  • reliability, responsibility, decency;
  • straightness, lack of cunning;
  • awareness of their responsibility for the family and parenting.

But with all its positive qualities, the “sixs” are prone to irrational expenses, and are also able to harbor evil and even resort to revenge.

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Name feature

Although it is quite rare, one of the most beautiful can be considered the name George. The meaning of the name and character are closely related.As a child, Gosh is a quiet and obedient child, he is a very sensible boy, demanding that adults treat him as an equal. He knows what he wants, and, being not childishly serious, little George can be arrogant about his peers. Education is easy for him, although he does not have a special desire for sciences. But physical education at Gosha is always in the first place. As an adult, George remains reserved and serious. In relations with others it is a very decent person. Friends and colleagues appreciate this quality in him and often come for advice. True, in his comrades Gosh appreciates the factor in how they can be useful to him. But at the same time trying so that no one noticed. Work carrier of this name likes. The work that he chose should bring him not only money, but also pleasure. Marriage of George, as a rule, is successful. In family relationships, such a person does not claim leadership, relying on his soul mate in everything. But in society, Gosh will definitely show that it is he who is the main thing in the family.

Grigorii Characteristic Name and Meaning

Great people named Gregory and George

In history and modern times there are quite a few representatives of the stronger sex who glorified these remarkable names:

  1. Grigory Orlov is a friend, admirer and favorite of Catherine the Great. He loved physics and natural sciences, and also patronized such people as Lomonosov and Fonvizin.
  2. Grigory Kotovsky - the hero of the civil war, the commander, trooper, whose name went down in history as a symbol of courage and irreconcilability towards the enemy.
  3. Grigory Chukhrai - the film “The Ballad of a Soldier” of this great filmmaker has become one of the favorites of many generations.
  4. Grigory Rasputin, who was close to the family of Nicholas II, can be considered ambiguous and mysterious in history.
  5. Well, who does not like singer Grigory Leps with his open and sincere songs!
  6. One of the most beloved representatives of cinema, of course, are the actors Georgy Vitsin, Georgy Milyar, Georgy Burkov.
  7. Such films by the talented director George Danelia as “Gentlemen of Fortune”, “Mimino” and “Afonya” can be revised endlessly.
  8. A lot of beautiful music was presented to the audience by composer Georgy Sviridov. Musical illustrations for the story of A.S. Pushkin “The Snowstorm” in symphonic groups are among the most performed ones.
  9. The most significant victories in the Great Patriotic War are inextricably linked with the name of the great commander Georgy Zhukov.

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