Named the most dangerous underwear

24-10-2017, 13:02
Underwear fits snugly to the genitals throughout the day, so you need to be as responsible as possible when choosing such things. Incorrectly chosen underwear can cause significant harm to health.
Synthetic lace lingerie
When buying beautiful products with translucent inserts, women hardly think about their harm. In the foreground are the design, color scheme. In addition, these models of underwear are often made of artificial fabrics, which are several times cheaper than natural options. The benefits end there.
The most dangerous products made of polyamide, nylon and polyester.
The low level of hygroscopicity of fabrics does not allow them to absorb moisture well. Warm and humid environment provokes the multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. As a result, there is a high risk of developing vaginosis or thrush. In addition, hard inserts on synthetic linen strongly rub thin and sensitive skin, causing an allergic rash and irritation.
The presence of poor quality bones and a lot of stitches cause discomfort. After using such products, traces remain on the skin that can lead to skin diseases and disorders in the functioning of the vascular bundles. In this case, it is recommended to give preference to frameless models. But this is irrelevant for the owners of large breasts - they should choose products with wide straps and bones that do not stick to the body.
Caution: Thong!
In the ranking of the most dangerous underwear, compiled by gynecologists, thongs occupy the penultimate place. A narrow band of underpants that runs along the perineum connects the anus to the urethra. Forms of a bridge for intestinal bacteria, through which infections and fungal diseases develop. In addition, the ribbon accumulates sweat, discharge. The mucous membrane is irritated, which can lead to its atrophy.
Slimming underwear
The most dangerous is considered slimming underwear. It attracts the attention of the opposite sex due to the snug fit and the emphasis on bends. This property is appreciated by women.Most of them do not even think that such things squeeze and pinch blood vessels and lymph nodes. As a result, blood stagnates in the small pelvis, which is often the cause of infertility and inflammation of the appendages. Also, there is a high risk of malignant neoplasms and the development of varicose veins.
Correction of the figure should be carried out by things that distribute fat folds, and do not tighten them. But even the correctly chosen slimming underwear doctors do not recommend wearing on a regular basis - only in special cases and not more than six hours.
What is safe underwear?
Women are encouraged to choose models of bras with closed cups, repeating the shape of the breast. Of all the varieties of underwear, slipa covering the buttocks are considered the safest. The top and bottom of the set should be perfect in size: fit to the body, support the bust.
It is recommended to choose underwear made from natural fabrics - cotton, silk. It is allowed to use a small amount of synthetics, which makes things durable and elastic. Also it is necessary to monitor the purity of underwear.
Dangerous underwear even looks nice, but it gives a woman a lot of inconvenience. The consequences can be very different, starting with severe irritation and ending with serious diseases of the genitourinary system. It is important that the attractiveness of undergarment is combined with its safety.

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