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Natalya Vadimovna Rudova is a Russian actress who gained fame thanks to the TV series “Tatiana's Day”, the star of the Instagram social network, where, thanks to the bright external data of the girl, her subscribers have long since gone to millions.
TV Series Star and Instagram Natalya RudovaTV Series Star and Instagram Natalya Rudova


Natalya Rudova was born in Pakhtakor, Uzbekistan, where her mother, a design engineer, came to give birth with her eldest daughter, Oksana. Natalya’s grandmother, a native Leningradka, who evacuated Central Asia during the blockade, lived in Pakhtakor.
Children's photos of Natalia RudovaChildren's photos of Natalia Rudova
Up to 12 years old, Natasha and her family lived in the resort town of Aktau (Kazakhstan). She was a real daredevil: she climbed trees and walked with peeled knees, and her friends called her "Partisan." After her parents divorced, Natasha and her mother moved to Ivanovo.
Little Natasha Rudova with her sister and motherLittle Natasha Rudova with her sister and mother
The creative makings of the girl were discovered early: the schoolgirl was engaged in dancing, embroidering, and in the 7th grade she understood that her element was play-act.Natasha constantly organized school balls and contests, took part in skits and concerts, and later began to attend a theater group. The teachers and friends unanimously said to her: “Everything, Rudova! You need to go to the theater! ”
Big interview with Natalia Rudova (“My Story”)
This was supported by the fact that the girl had almost no inclination for the exact sciences, but the humanitarian ones were given effortlessly. However, the girl was forbidden to engage in serious mental stress. As a child, Natasha Rudova fell off a swing and suffered a severe concussion, she spent a long time in the hospital, was under a drip with a temperature of under 42 degrees. Doctors were surprised that she was able to survive.
Natalya Rudova in her youthNatalya Rudova in her youth
Natasha nevertheless had to recall the exact sciences at the Ivanovo College of Culture (the family had no money to storm the Moscow universities). In the last year, the program unexpectedly introduced higher mathematics. “Well, then I met a boy who studied physics and mathematics! He solved all the problems for me, ”Natasha recalled.

Actor career

In 2003, after college, the girl went to Moscow, where her older sister had already settled. But she did not want to sit on Oksana’s neck.The first days Natalya spent searching for a rented room and work, got a job as a consultant in a sports shop and started going to all sorts of castings. Excellent external data allowed the girl to get into the environment of photo models. Snapshots of the girl adored in several glossy magazines, she later starred social advertising with Nikolai Fomenko.
Natalia Rudova starred in the TV series "Who's the Boss"Natalia Rudova starred in the TV series "Who's the Boss"
One day, luck turned to face her. The girl was given a small role in the series “Primadonna” by director Olga Sidorova. Career start was given. Natalya began a tumultuous romance with cinema, the beginning of which was marked by episodic roles in the TV series “Who is the master of the house?”, “In the world of criminal passions”, “Memoirs of Stalin” and “Conductor.
In the series "Contract Terms" Natalya Rudova was a brunetteIn the series "Contract Terms" Natalya Rudova was a brunette
In 2006, the girl received one of the main roles in the series “Tatiana's Day”, which instantly glorified her and other actors of the project - Anna Snatkina and Kirill Safonov. The series covered the three most common themes: the struggle of blondes and brunettes, rich and poor, provincials and Muscovites.Natalya Rudova, who also once conquered Moscow, played the rich metropolitan girl Tatiana Barinova. With the role of the actress coped brilliantly.
Natalya Rudova, Kirill Safonov and Anna SnatkinaNatalya Rudova, Kirill Safonov and Anna Snatkina
Yet, according to the audience, Tatiana Barinova turned out to be a negative character. But the actress herself called her heroine unhappy. She does not justify the actions of Barinova, but notes that the sources of “evil” should be sought in childhood - what can we expect from a girl who was left to herself: grew up without a mother, and her father was passionate only about work? In real life, Natalia and the heroine are united only by purposefulness. Unlike Tatiana Barinova, the actress will not go over the heads for the sake of her goal or the attention of a beloved man.
Shot from the series “Tatiana's Day”Shot from the series “Tatiana's Day”
In 2010, Natalia was again talked about after the role of a runt in the 20-part melodrama “Breathe with me”. Her heroine Karina, a self-confident beauty, took the mathematician Igor out of the family, and his wife Lana (Natalia Antonova) was forced to learn to “live again.” A traitor wants to marry Karina, but her heart belongs to handsome Peter (Anton Makarsky), who, in turn, falls in love with Lana - the circle is closed. The series received high marks from the audience, and in 2012 the world saw a sequel, also warmly received.
“Breathe with me”: Natalia Rudova and Anton Makarsky“Breathe with me”: Natalia Rudova and Anton Makarsky
You could also see Natalia Rudova in the sensational comedy series Univer. A new hostel, where she appeared as the head of the department of Xenia Andreyevna, a strict and demanding workaholic.

Natalia Rudova's personal life

The names of their elected actress prefers not to advertise. A lot of assumptions are being made on the web about this, there were even rumors that for some time she had met MBAND singer Artem Pindyura (the reason for this was a humorous video in which Rudova strokes the singer's clothes).

onSep 18, 2016 at 9:22 am PDT

Therefore, Natalia's fans were surprised when in April 2017 on her social network a photo appeared with a caption: “I have a handsome one, right?”. In the photo the girl is captured with actor Michael Aramyan.
Natalia Rudova and Mikael AramyanNatalia Rudova and Mikael Aramyan
However, fans doubted whether Natalia Rudova and Mikael really had a romance. Shortly before the actress posted on Instagram photo with a clearly rounded tummy. But congratulations to Rudov on pregnancy turned out to be premature: it turned out that this was a skillful work of make-up artists, and the actress was just preparing to shoot in a new film (“Love in the city of angels”).
"Pregnant" Natalia Rudova"Pregnant" Natalia Rudova
After looking at the list of actors involved in the project, they realized that it was Mikael Aramyan, who played the father of her screen child, who became Natalya’s project partner. But, who knows, maybe a spark of passion really flared up on the set between them?
Natalia Rudova without makeupNatalia Rudova without makeup
It is worth noting that the beautiful and folding figure of Natalia Rudova, whom many girls admire, is by nature, although sometimes she still sharpens her forms in the gym. Not very whimsical, however, Natasha in food. She loves mashed potatoes, and every morning begins with a cup of coffee. From Uzbekistan, she took out the attachment to the sharp and Uzbek bread. By the way, in eating a girl does not limit herself and can eat everything, she just does not allow her to fill her stomach after six in the evening.
The figure of Natalia Rudova causes sincere admirationThe figure of Natalia Rudova causes sincere admiration

Natalia Rudova now

The release of the comedy “Love in the City of Angels” with Natalia Rudova and Mikael Aramyan is scheduled for the end of September 2017. In the story, their heroes met in Los Angeles and went on the most unromantic date in the world.

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