Neoprene Coat: What is it?

Despite the fact that they paid attention to neoprenefor so long, he is very popular: at the moment he heads the top of the most fashionable materials. It can be seen in fashion collections. The neoprene coat already has a large number of fans.

What is neoprene?

This material is a kind of rubber. Its synthetic structure is similar to a honeycomb. The main advantages of neoprene are:

  • elasticity;
  • water resistance;
  • ease.

The most common costumes for surfing and diving from this material. Often you can find clothes for tourism, made of neoprene, namely:

  • cloaks;
  • sneakers;
  • rubber boots.

The popularity of this material has determined its use by jewelry companies.

Excursion to the history of the material

The product itself was created in 1930 by Americans,but did not get proper distribution because of its unpleasant smell. After changing the composition, neoprene lost its unpleasant odor and was sold to firms that manufactured products for sale from it.

Due to the fact that the wetsuits from thisthe material is protected from hypothermia, does not let moisture pass and is light, neoprene quickly became the leader among the materials used for this purpose.

For those who love active recreation, they make socks out of this material. Their advantage is the prevention of corns and protection from moisture penetration.

Among the things for everyday wear the greatestNeoprene coats, as well as dresses, skirts and sweaters are popular. Special attention is always attracted to shoes from this material. And neoprene bags have already become a real hit of sales.

neoprene coat

Neoprene Coat

The coat of this material is one of the best purchases for the spring or autumn periods. It is quite warm, but very light.

When making a coat of neoprene, use a material that is pre-glued with cotton or polyester. This is done in order to give the skin an opportunity to breathe.

The coat can be any color, since the productsNeoprene is sometimes produced in the most unexpected colors. Very stylish is considered an option when the coat is printed. It should be selected one-color clothing, which will be executed in one of the colors that are found in the figure.

An increasing number of fashionistas believe that it is necessary to have a neoprene coat in your wardrobe. The photo shows the version of the product.

In spring, you can combine the product with coarse shoes, if you are going for a walk.

coat of neoprene photo

How to care for the product

Care of the product is quite simple. Since the material holds the shape well, there is no need for ironing. Wash the product manually, since machine washing, especially the spin-off mode, can damage the structure of the material.

In order to wash the coat, it is necessarypre-soak in water with a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. Powders or air conditioners can not be used, as they have a destructive effect on neoprene. You can add a little soap to the water.

Squeeze the product can not. It must be dried in the forward position on the hanger. In this case, the place should be chosen so that there are no heaters nearby. Direct sunlight is also harmful to the material.

coat of neoprene отзывы

Neoprene Coat: reviews

Reviews of those who own a coat from this material are positive. Consumers like a large number of different models and colors in which products are made.

The most frequently mentioned drawback is that neoprene is a synthetic material. A synthetic, no matter how convenient it was, is always less useful than natural materials.

In any case, neoprene products will well dilute the women's wardrobe, giving them the opportunity to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time.

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