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In the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) they suggested that the organizers of the action "Immortal Regiment" stop "endlessly leaving" on the theme of victory in the Great Patriotic War and pay tribute to the heroes and other wars. They also called to focus on the fact that Russian military victories were achieved, including by the power of prayer. Dmitry Roshchin, the head of the department for working with public organizations of the Synodal Department for Church Relations with Society and the Media, told about the promotion of the new format of the largest Russian rally of the Moscow State Oil Company "Moscow".
He said that the current head of the movement "Immortal Regiment" Nikolay Zemtsov agrees with this interpretation. "We offer him to expand the" Immortal Regiment "in a historical perspective, that is, that there began to appear portraits of the heroes of the First World War, the Russian heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812, and so on."
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In fact, of course, correctly - it is impossible to exploit this topic indefinitely, I would say, to parasitize on it.
That is why in any normal person the “St. George ribbon”, which has been hanging out on the antenna of a sob (for many years) (and not only), does not cause anything but irritation. Although initially the action was very good ...
But now, I think, we are not talking about returning to the fold of adequacy, most likely we are waiting for a new round of hellish trash. Then one fool went with a portrait of Nicholas II, now there will be more of these, and they will carry along the streets reproductions of Vasnetsov, Roerich and Bilibin with Russian knights, heroes, portraits of "motolol" and "batmen" ...

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