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This season opened three new lifts and 17 km of tracks, of which 14 km on the southern slope. The main advantage of this zone is low avalanche danger, respectively, they will be opened significantly more in time. On the southern slope are tracks of different levels of complexity. We climbed Rosa Peak in a new way, ride on all three cable cars and inspected the ski slopes.

Two cableways lead up to the top: Dryad and Tundra. The lower station is in the Rosa Stadium. During the Olympics, three routes converged at this place: men's downhill, women's downhill and extreme. There were stands, and the audience had the opportunity to watch everything at once. Never before has there ever been anything like it at any Olympiad.

It is said that the women's track was harder than the men’s. The weather was excellent, the mountains are just incredible.

About the snowmaking system I wrotehere. It includes two artificial lakes, 404 stationary guns and 27 mobile. Due to this, the duration of the ski season is up to 140 days a year.Picture taken through the glass cabins cableway. We are going upstairs.

The upper station of the cable car Dryad and transfer to the Tundra

We go there even higher

Manufacturer of lifts - company Doppelmayr, one of the world leaders in this industry

Views from the booth. Somewhere down there is Rose Plateau. The length of the cable car Dryad - 2145 meters, the Tundra - 1533 meters.

It is all small. Houses like toy.

All arrived. Upstairs significantly colder. If Rosa Plateau was minus 5, then clearly below 10.

Beauty. Space. The air is already ringing. In that side is Abkhazia.

Next on the ratrak!

The truth is not on this, but on the passenger. But still cool.


If you lean out of the window, you can see the cable car station and skiers, eager to become the first on the slope. We arrived on the earliest flight.

All tracks are marked and signed.

But some are not satisfied even with black tracks. Periodically ekstremaly climb and descend over the net in the most unexpected places. Sometimes it seems unreal and I want to screw up his eyes to watch the descent. Such people bring a lot of problems to rescuers.

Rose Peak. I was here a few months ago, in May. Then we went up another way, the ropeways forest reserve and Caucasian express. They are laid directly from Rosa Plateau.Here is a post, you can see how it looks. New lifts will unload already available. In addition, the southern slope expected by many is open.

Cableway "Edelweiss". About her there was so much talk, and finally I had the opportunity to ride in person. Pay attention, the guy is not fastened at all! And it is not afraid.

The chairlift Edelweiss is designed for 6 people. Seats have protective caps, before I had not seen this. In times of strong wind or snow, this is an invaluable convenience. Edelweiss is the longest of the chair lifts in the resort Rosa Khutor, its length is 2658 meters.

You can only close the barrier and not close the cap, then the review is better. We are going down.

The boy is a good boy, he does not lose time in vain, he sips seagulls :)

Then I understood why people in oncoming booths look at us so strangely. We were the only ones driving down! All climb the mountain :)

There is nothing interesting below. Stood, looked around and went back.

Patterns. They say that after a snowfall it is a pleasure to ride on fluffy snow.

Finally, I understood what an avalanche dam looks like. The structure changes the direction of the avalanche and leads it away from the object.

In the next two years it is planned to continue the active development and increase of the ski resort area. Another cable car and about 10 km of tracks will be built. The total length of more than 100 km. By the way, in February 2017, Rosa Khutor will host the III World Winter War Games.

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