No trees on Mars found

In the news they are discussing another discovery of ufologists in pictures from Mars. The Paranormal Crucible video blogger drew attention to the 1647 sol Curiosity rover snapshot, which shows something resembling a rotten woody stump
Such a find on Mars would be a sensation, because until today, scientists have not come across so conclusive evidence of the existence of Mars on multicellular organisms. And then immediately a tree!
Of course, before declaring forest plantations on another planet, it is worth examining the find more carefully from different sides. Ufologists prefer to examine earthly stumps in order to convince themselves and the spectators that the same was found on Mars.
Fortunately, the rover has a large set of black and white engineering cameras and scientific color cameras. Navigation cameras used to control the rover, taken in black and white, so that the pictures weigh less and they were able to quickly send to Earth.
Navigation cameras are paired and filmed in stereo, so we can always inspect the terrain from slightly different angles.

But the “stump” that interests us is located quite far from the rover, and such a double review is not enough to understand its shape. It is better to look at this place from a completely different angle.
The next Martian day after the shooting, the Curiosity rover advanced another few meters and began to study the sand under the wheels. And the cameras conducted a familiar survey around a robotic explorer. Moreover, the navigation camera made a serial shooting while the rover was moving, and in this shooting we can find the necessary “stump”.

As it turned out, this object has a completely non-cylindrical shape, which I would like to see in order to recognize it as a remnant of a tree. We see an ordinary layer of sedimentary rock, which reared due to ground movements.

The rover Curiosity is now working in an area that scientists believe was once the bottom of a Martian lake. Such conditions are characterized by the deposition of plate layers, which were formed during the annual weather cycles. Later, the ground experienced other processes that led to the fragmentation of the rock and reared some blocks. One of these blocks we saw in profile.
Such items with a claim to a sensation often fall into the news with the filing of various ufological channels and blogs: they found a pyramid, found an alien soldier, found a cat's corpse ... As a rule, such news comes out with a comment "officially scientists have not yet commented on the discovery" or "NASA experts said that this is just a play of light and shadow, ”which should add to the mystery of the discovery of lovers. Journalists thus try to diversify the dry scientific news, and NASA treats such sensation condescendingly, because it adds to the popularity of their research mission.
Unfortunately, such finds are just a game of human imagination. Although some discoveries, like this “stump”, really allow you to see Mars in an unusual perspective.

Prepared for the popular science portal "Attic Science".
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