Normal men cannot build relationships with such women.

No one can calculate, for example, the trajectory of the star, if he does not show how it is done. Similarly, in a relationship, a person reproduces only that behavior pattern that is learned in the family of parents. If he grew up in a traumatic environment, then in his family he will create the same situation over and over again only to exit the winner. These are the calculations of psychologists.

If you are a normal man and you need a normal woman, then this article is for you. Listed here are signs of women who are not capable of healthy relationships.


1. Passionately dreaming of getting married. Most often it covers this trivial in its essence desire with beautiful and convincing formulations like: “I must give all of myself to my beloved person”, “I want to completely dissolve in it”, “for me the main thing is mutual understanding”.The line that separates this passionate lover from a normal, full-fledged woman is so thin that it is almost impossible to determine it. For my part, I can offer the following criterion: a normal woman will never talk about marriage first, and will not scatter it with all sorts of expressions on this topic. Most likely, tenderness and trust are really good things, but the solemn intonations with which all this is pronounced can not but alert the sane person.

2. She is a single mother. In many cases it is carefully hidden. The lady I once met was really beautiful and smart, and I liked her as much — but, alas, I can’t do anything about it — I hate it and don’t forgive slyly.

3. It looks like a deliberately independent manner of behavior, a desire to ardently argue for any reason, defending one's point of view, and sometimes even a frank reluctance to listen, perceive, and simply, if necessary, give in, looks very poorly. This means that she had a lot of problems - in life, with men, with work, with health ... And then everything will be even worse, believe me.

four.After the first conversation and even during it, it offers to meet immediately in any place convenient for you. Why is she so hung on the neck? Want to quickly solve their problems? A woman should not offer to meet herself at all - this is unsuccessful. Femininely expect when a man offers. Otherwise, she also has some troubles.

5. Hides the most innocent things. A normal woman is always sincere and sincere addressing is the same. In most cases, they seem to reflect the type of relationship that is being imposed on them, and it should be recognized that in this sense women are perfect charm. And not pathological crap, as in this case. So this is not normal. Complexes there for her or something else.

6. On the contrary, immediately begins to cut the truth of the uterus, and does so with some kind of internal challenge, almost with boldness: “Yes, I am already 27. Yes, height 160, and weight 58”. So what? Complexes. You'll see: her next sentence will be: “Does this say something about me as a person?” Well, of course he does! Send it to the FIG - otherwise you will be exhausted. Proudly primkim to the host of sensible comrades who boldly sent her.

7Too much tells about himself and practically asks nothing. This is also bad. Normal communication is always two-way traffic.

8. In communication, a girl with a disgusting character will constantly oppose you to herself. For example, you tell her that you love skiing. So, a girl with a normal psyche will react positively to a story about your hobbies, in the case of an idiotic nature she will criticize him for everything: “But I don’t like it,” “That's weird! And I ... "," I would never have become ... "," But I ... "," Oh, no ... ", etc. etc. Enough to diagnose such a lady. This criterion looks somewhat sophisticated, but it is the most accurate and the best. Tested many times.

9. He says that now she has someone, but the relationship is almost stalled, they almost never meet and so on. A normal girl does otherwise. She carefully hides the fact that she has someone, meets with another, and quietly throws the first. With this, she saves her new friend from all sorts of not always human-loving experiences. I have always been interested in tactful, understanding women. And you?

ten.Loves to talk about past relationships. This means that as a person, it is shallow. Stuffs his own price, notorious, does not understand that in this way only humiliates the new gentleman. Or understands, but continues to compare intentionally.

11. She is in a terrible depression about breaking up with her great love, her heart is broken. There are, of course, woodpeckers, who, sacrificing themselves, their self-esteem, spiritual strength and time, perform something like a nurse around her. However, their situation is very bad. A girl is healed of her heartache - but the person of the nerd is forever associated with a period of serious illness. The guy will never be taken seriously. People, beware of such situations!

12. He lives with his mother, who has long been divorced. A loving mother spent all her time and energy on her own daughter, sacrificed her own happiness ... And my daughter on an unconscious level is not going to throw this mom at all. This means that your attempts to lead a girl out of her home will lead to the fact that your daughter will begin to feel you as a person who wants her mommy evil (loneliness in old age and all that).

13.Hates his mother, or both parents. At the same time for the set (for women, everything goes in one set) with hatred applies to everything that is usually correlated with the traditionally female field of activity, - housekeeping, cooking, kitchen, home and order in it ... Children too (apparently, at the same time) does not tolerate the spirit. Either she has low self-esteem and the darkness of all sorts of problems and complexes - and you run the risk of getting lost and disappear into this darkness, or she lies (so that you do not suspect that she is going to marry you; that is perhaps worse).

14. Pathologically afraid of losing innocence (this is on condition that she is over 20 years old). Raises this topic in the very first conversation. Most likely, she has an ambivalent attitude to the problem: both wants and does not want to lose at the same time (among women, ambiguity is related to everything, and first of all to men). Innocence for her is almost certainly the guarantor of a successful personal life in the future. There is a purely neurotic dependence on one's virginity; this last became for her what is called a fixation point. That is a kind of spiritual support, something like faith (or feeling good, because in the women's case they are one and the same, but we will talk about poor female religiosity).

Next comes the following.After the loss of innocence, this whole neurotic complex will have to be transferred to something else - do not the good disappear ?! She needs to believe in something, if there is no innocence now. It is guaranteed that the transfer will go to the comrade who had deprived her of innocence. Now she will be (just as panicky) afraid of losing him. One neurotic formation will inevitably be replaced by another. Our beauty will begin to be terribly jealous - even to the lamppost. So in general, low self-esteem is most often manifested - even in such souls like us, men

15. Lost innocence as early as 14; since then leads a very hectic life. Second-hand. Let the people of her circle meet her.

16. Has houses more than two animals. It is difficult to explain. This means that she really needs to take care of someone. But one beast would be enough. In extreme cases - two. Nothing really happens by chance, and if she dragged the third kitten from the street (they say he froze there), then this doesn’t change the essence of the matter at all - she still dragged him. Others somehow passed by. Others also give birth to someone at home for the soul, let's say - a husband. If there are many animals, it meansthat her need to care is hypertrophied, and she gives it all her time and mental strength instead of reading or even twisting the cupids. Based on the fucking psychoanalysis itself, it follows that she herself received less attention from her parents. And now one of two things: either she herself will be just as bad a mother, or will go to the other extreme and completely fixate on her children, and forget about you, that is, turn out to be a bad wife.

She transfers her maternal instinct to this flock of domestic animals, her need for children is too developed and a corresponding male candidate is sought for this need. She will not love you as the only unique person with personal qualities inherent to you, but only to endure as a necessary condition for creating a family. Feel the difference! From the point of view of common sense there is nothing wrong with the fact that the girl has a cat, a dog and a parrot living at home. But imagine how you get lost in the zoo, which she herself created and cannot do anything with him and does not want to ... That is, her psyche has somehow formed somehow wrong.

17. Does not appear at home at all.These people gradually form some kind of strange type of consciousness - blurred, unfocused, or something ... There is terrible laziness and self-admiration in their manners, and even terrible arrogance - apparently, from the consciousness of their belonging to the elite. And for men, it just looks miserable, but such a consciousness spoils women hopelessly. Even among this elite (both men and women) it was customary to boast publicly, with which celebrity son or grandson they slept and what he was like in bed. Almost a sign of aristocracy in such women is considered mat. Well, and so on ... In addition, all the ladies of such a circle quite seriously call themselves * unenimi, stating that one cannot demand loyalty from an unmarried woman, for example. In general, if a woman calls herself o * unena, and even in the very first conversation, then this means one of two things: either she is looking not for a mere mortal, whom she will love, but at least a prince (for status matching, so to speak) or do not know how to adequately assess itself.

18. Intensively engaged in martial arts (teikvondo, karate, etc.) or engaged in them before, and for a very long time.The whole point is that these are not just battle skills - they are also varieties of religion, they form a certain type of consciousness. Strength likes to feel violent. Well, or even tend to swing right over trifles. Of course, this makes it more interesting to communicate at first. But as for living together ...

19. Her conversation concerns only the fashion and rags that she bought, will buy or which were in the new collection. It means that it is empty, and this is how its exaggerated self-esteem manifests itself. However, this also applies to any other thing or area of ​​a woman’s life. If she is obsessed with her - this is bad. In general, bad to be crazy ...

20. Does not pay attention to his clothes and appearance at all; fundamentally does not use cosmetics. Such people usually declare: “I don’t care what to do,” as if the ability to moderately look after oneself is a pernicious prejudice. Almost certainly either understated or insanely high self-esteem. The logic here is this: self-esteem, own attitude to oneself is more important for her than the opinions of others. That is, she lives not in the real world, but in an imaginary world, where she neglects this moment in the attitude of others towards herself.But this is also because she does not know how to track her attitude towards her. In turn, it follows from this that she poorly understands other people, that is, is not very sensitive.

21. Vulgar dressed or made up - just a lack of taste. And this absence will manifest itself in all areas of life. Vulgar laughs - goggles or even laughs like a mare. Some author (I can’t remember who) can say that the person most accurately describes his laughter. The intonation of speech, gait, or facial expression can still be given some sort of alien look. But laughter is almost impossible to fake. In it, the man reveals the whole to the bottom. I will say more. Even those traits that will emerge in a woman only afterwards - even they can be immediately heard in laughter.

22. All her previous novels were with people not from my circle. If she says that her former friend was, for example, a truck driver, a guard, a bodyguard, a waiter, or even a gangster, then she does not suit me - we are guaranteed not to find a common language. The same applies to the financial director, lawyer, owner of his own company ... And also - if he was a Chechen, a German, a Georgian, or an Armenian.

23. Works with real estate (realtor, agent, and so on).It is not suitable because work associated with episodic but very large incomes creates a situation of constant stress for the psyche. Simply put - in this daily gambling pursuit of a successful transaction, she probably moved out of the roof. A kind of dominance arose in the mind ... They are also found among drug addicts. Notice how their face changes when it comes to a bargain. Even mimicry and gesticulation are strange ... All people love to receive money, but in our case we are talking about something pathological. All other types of earnings, provoking monetary excitement, refer to the same item.

24. A teacher at a school (not to be confused with a teacher at a university). Firstly, they are always a little blunt. Do you think we would not be dumbfounded with you, every day from year to year repeating the same bunch of stupid? Secondly, the teachers, again due to the integrity of their female nature, gradually begin to treat their men as students - to command them, educate them in every way, make comments on trifles ... Such moments are characteristic, perhaps, of all women, teachers they are especially tedious.And so much so that even in women's magazines (I plowed Homeliness), they are specifically mentioned, with strict admonitions added - look, they say, do not even think about tiring, forget at home that you are a teacher ... Thirdly, the teacher always needs to be checked in the evenings control - therefore, you can not pull it anywhere.

In addition (and perhaps the most important), the teaching staff at the school is a real gadyushnik. All of them, as a rule, are single or, worse, divorced; forever they have some squabbles and intrigues; forever they gnaw at the attention of the only guy among them (as a rule, teachers in physics or labor). Let us now imagine what kind of character it forms in a young maiden ... It is very significant that a female team is always a gadyushnik, and in this sense the biggest gadyushnik is only a female monastery (you will laugh, but I know from personal experience).

25. She has an unhealthily aggressive attitude towards the world: scandalous everywhere, on the most insignificant occasion, constantly curses with sellers, shakes her rights. As a rule, they have a heavy, irritable temper. In fact, it is impossible to correct the female character, it’s even a sin to try.Only in her feminine purposes does a woman at first seek to hide him. She adapts to the ideal that a man sees in her - and in most cases she does it unconsciously (if purposefully, then she’s generally complete shit). However, it is impossible to keep such a high bar for a long time, and then her genuine face begins to appear.

26. In general, she is unnecessarily, to fanaticism, she is fascinated by collecting stamps, computer, fitness, traveling and especially virtual communication ... Everything that is superfluous in a woman, as a rule, turns into a terrible mess in a relationship. For reference: but in a man - the opposite. It makes him an interesting person. This does not apply to male drug addiction, be it chemical or virtual. In general, the often fanatical attitude of a woman (for example, if she attends every concert of her favorite group, without exception) also indicates some limitations.

27. Not able to keep the simplest of their promises. For example, promises to call and does not call back. Then do not even apologize. The point is clear that the matter is dark - either she has someone else, or problems with understanding human morality - thatin my opinion, it comes down entirely to the roof that slid down ... Oh! I remembered! Jung wrote about this (for which I love him) - in his work “Psychiatric Activity” ... The same friend of mine taught me how to act in this case. If she didn’t call, then never call her again. Wait for herself to appear. If her conscience is clear - then she will call back without fail. If you do not call back - then the light on it did not converge wedge. There will be more decent. The way, by the way, is wonderful and is applicable in communication not only with women. Especially useful for raising self-esteem. This is verified.

28. She is particularly squeamish about alcohol - and she doesn’t drink on principle, and is irritated when others drink. The reason in most cases, for example, is that her father could have been a drunkard, and now she has a neurotic rejection of alcohol. So, and heredity, then it is bad, and the character there too.

29. He loves, he really loves popsatin, he enjoys listening to Kohl Baskov. She loves to watch “House-2” or something like that. Whatever you may say, women's common sense should complement no less common taste ... Most likely, outright ignorance also applies to this point - when she, for example, does not know what “analogy” is, or does not know who Dostoevsky was.Amazingly, these girls are not so few.

30. Too fixated on their friends, anxiously listens to their opinion. If a girl is extremely dependent on their advice, then she will almost certainly have low self-esteem: she does not respect herself and even fears her own inconsistency, so she advises, even on trifles, in order not to make stupid things. Thus, she turns out to be a hostage to the heaps of other women (because it’s about them) - their moods, their disappointments, their envy and hidden complexes ... And for some reason unknown to the male consciousness, she trusts her friends completely.

31. Generally has no girlfriends. She declares that female friendship is complete nonsense, since the inherent envy of the beautiful sex reduces the merits of such friendship to nothing. It will always turn out that the other is more fortunate with men, career, money or appearance.

32. The point is the most obvious - drug addicts, alcoholics, prostitutes, chain smokers - both individually and in any combination of these signs.

33. Pathologically afraid of getting pregnant or getting sick. In the first conversation begins to exaggerate this topic.He meticulously asks if I used to protect myself, if I had many random connections, and what was their contingent. A normal girl should still be a little tactful.

34. She is too categorical: “this is your personal opinion”, “the most unpleasant thing is when they want to remake me,” “I hate being late,” if I simply imitate it often. A woman should never say the phrase: "A man should not come on a date with empty hands." This is already implied, but she simply should not say that. In all the cases mentioned, she turns out to be uncomplicated and tactless, that is, she is a fool.

35. She is overly well read. There is no need to check it at all, such women are often so intoxicated with their intellectual world that they simply cannot hide it. Mere mortals are looked upon solely down, even before the loss of decency.

36. She is obsessed with esoteric ideas, astrology, Christianity, ayuverde. Now she is brainwashed by all these ideas, most of which are either simply sucked from the finger, or based on isolated facts and subjective psychological sensations. All unzipped and sensible are perceived as blind kittens,who need to learn life - even if they themselves do not realize it. Key words: "spiritual" and "astral". The most important word is “the way.” In her entire figure, you will immediately see undisguised pomposity - as it should be for the elect who have been admitted to the super secrets of the universe.

37. Dictionary - translation of the favorite female expressions, pronounced at the beginning of the acquaintance, into a normal, meaningful language:

"I am a romantic girl" - her unbalanced character most likely grew in an incomplete family.
“I don’t know what I’m looking for” is the same.
“I dream of a mature personality” —that is, either wants to be well understood, or — to be well provided. And if possible, both together.
“I want to be understood” - that is, wants to obey.

“I do not like it when they want to remake me” - she has not only internal problems, but also a lack of flexibility.
"I dream of true love" - ​​really wants to get married.
"I want to get married for a long time" - all the friends have already got families. So mom says it's time to go ... She herself does not really want to. Otherwise, it would have come out long ago. For a woman, this is much easier than other, not very far-sighted people believe.
"I do not want to get married" - that is, he wants so much that even this is afraid. (Like: “What if I have this too ?!”, I think with my eyes closed, when a race bike rushes past.) The trick of the whole construction is that a woman usually says one thing and wants something else. And each phrase does not follow from the previous one - they are completely autonomous. But let's go further.
“I only came across some goats” / “My relations with men somehow didn’t develop” - has some serious problems - with character, appearance, children, super-despotic mother, daddy-drunk, ets.
"I am about a * uni woman" - she is a narcissist egoist. To understand almost not capable.
“I love sex” - considers his figure awesome. Slightly slutty. Slightly mercantile. Slightly stupid.
“A man should be able to relax” - that is, to have the means to organize a good rest, first of all for her.
"A man should not relax" - has high self-esteem, and indeed mercantile.
"A man must have a purpose in life" - the same thing, but to everything mercantile and vain.
"A man must be a man" - the same thing, but everything else is boring.
“A man should ...” - if she says anything from this turn, then she is nothing, that is, shit. In varying degrees, of course.
"I dream of a real man" - mercantile and vain. In addition, highly dependent on the opinions of girlfriends.
"I dream of a strong personality" - the same thing. The marriage will almost certainly change. I suspect that she is also despotic.
“The most important thing is loyalty” - has low self-esteem, is afraid that they will change it. It is possible that they have already changed.
“The most important thing is kindness” - she dreams of a henpecked man. Or a generous partner.
“The most important thing is the family” is the same, but everything is extremely boring.
“The most important thing is spiritual development” - that is, it is not only initially notoriously complexed, but also lost its way in a vulgar esoteric. By the way, it is boring in this case too.
"I am very beautiful" - and almost certainly stupid. And, by the way, immoral (Stendal).

“I want to make another person happy” —that is, make him happy with his lovely needs, his presence, his mommy and even his dog ...
"I can appreciate the independence of another person" - just fornication.This also includes playful claims that she is a sinner. But if she declares it with the most serious kind, it means that she is obsessed with Orthodoxy.

“Men need only one thing!” - “He likes me, hurray!”
“All of you, men, are such” (in a playful tone) - “You can, you can, do not be shy!”
“All of you, men, are such” (in an angry tone) - “How ?! He didn't like me ?! ”
“Dear, because sex is not the main thing in love” - “What can you do if you don’t pull me to it? Do not lose money and a roof over your head? ”

“Beauty is not the main thing. The main thing is the soul, or money is not the main thing. The main thing is the soul. ”

To speculate on these topics are not averse to the ladies, who just act on the pretty handsome and rich Buratino. Kohl you hear one of these maxims, you know: apparently, the girl recently threw another Banderas or Bill Gates. As my friend used to say, “a woman who once felt the warmth of the front seat of a car would never ride a trolleybus with you.”

The article is based on the book Kota Behemoth "99 signs of women with whom you should not get acquainted."

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