November Summer: “The Golden Season with BipCar” travels in time

The annoyance of the recent match between Spartak and Maribor has not yet subsided. How could it be so easy to give a much-needed victory ... But let's not sprinkle ashes on our heads, better talk about the good. A good was an away game with Krasnodar last weekend, which we went to as part of the Golden Season with BipCar project. The report on the journey, as always, was taken over by Sergey Baryshnikov.

For an ordinary fan who supports his favorite club not only on the couch or home stadium, Krasnodar is the best place on the football map of our country. And that's why.


If the match takes place from mid-October to mid-April, then the trip to the Kuban becomes a journey from winter to summer. This is especially noticeable when driving. With every hundred kilometers the thermometer adds a couple of degrees. Starting from the Rostov region, green grass appears in the fields instead of snow,the sun begins to warm for real, and the jacket and hat with a flick of the wrist are sent to the trunk. It should be noted that for such sharp climatic changes, an all-wheel drive car, like our Subaru, which is not confused on ice, and swallowed all the irregularities of Rostov asphalt, is best suited.


I have already told about the M4 highway more than once, it’s really getting steeper and steeper every month. New gas stations are opening with full-fledged food points, and not just hot dogs and donuts. Actively built and almost ready to launch new paid sites. It remains only to think of something with roads in the Rostov region, and this will be the best highway in Russia.

From Moscow to Krasnodar a little less than 1,400 kilometers. If you wish, you can keep within one day. Leave at five or six in the morning and arrive before midnight, if you stop for lunch somewhere in the Kamensk-Shakhtinsky area. There, by the way, practically on the highway there is a delightful museum of Soviet cars. I have little idea how they all got there, but I highly recommend visiting it.

If you are not interested in cars, then literally a hundred kilometers away there is a town called Millerovo - the birthplace of our captain Denis Glushakov.It is worth to call at least in order to try Millerov's magic drink, renowned for Denis.

Fellow travelers

We got the teacher again. Let me remind you that we drove to the match with “Tosno” with teachers of English and computer science, and this time Denis, a physical education teacher from Krasnogorsk near Moscow, went with us. Under the story of how he is now playing against Roman Shirokov in one amateur league, half the road passed unnoticed.

By the way, advice: fill in as much as possible your personal profile when searching for BeepCar travel companions, so you will be more likely to get confirmation from the driver.


The city is full of hotels and hostels for every budget. You can even stay in the same hotel with the team. Spartak stops at the Hilton (the one on Red Street). Check in there, and maybe you will have a chance to chat with Leonid Fedorovich Trakhtenberg in the lobby in the evening or cross over with Promes at breakfast.

Food and Drink

The city is full of delicious establishments: from one of the best restaurants in the south of Russia, Skotina, to a placer of pubs and craft bars. Something that is hard to stay hungry and sober in Krasnodar.

The atmosphere in the city is very friendly.You walk in the center late at night alone, "on the flowers," and you do not feel is not something that any aggression (as, for example, in St. Petersburg) or indifference (Ufa and Perm), but quite the contrary: the locals rather smile or something joke. Some bright and unusual sensations.

Park and Stadium

This is some kind of fantasy that does not fit in my head. Muscovites or St. Petersburg residents would have long forgotten a residential complex and a couple of shopping centers on that square next to the stadium where Galitsky had built just a plague park for his money. The park is full of greenery, water and an unusual landscape. It looks very cool!

As for the stadium, I, of course, love the Discovery Arena with all the fibers of my soul, but I will be frank. Krasnodar Stadium is better. Yes, you can grumble about ill-conceived navigation, but this is nothing more than a cavil. About which you completely forget one minute before the start of the match, when the presentation of the team begins on the screens. This is a world level!

More from the observations. There are a lot of children and women in the stands. More than anywhere else in our country. Partly because of this, the support of Krasnodar during the match, despite the completely hammered stadium, is rather weak.Three times during the match they all shouted “Kras-no-dar”, and that’s all. “Spartak” really played like at home, and for this huge respect to all who rode. Although we were at least twice less than in the spring.

As for the sore theme of entry / exit from the stands, then in this parameter the stadium is one of the best. 20 minutes after the final whistle in the stands, there was no one. The only fly in the ointment is the impossibility of buying a ticket for a match via the Internet. This is something that I will never understand. How can you not learn how to sell tickets online in 2017, giving rise to the secondary market and local isolds?

Until the New Year, only Tula remained, to which we invite everyone.

* BeepCar is a service by which drivers offer free seats in the car, and passengers are looking for those who are on the way. The cost of gasoline companions share among themselves.

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