New prints for children from a child “Prolisok” - zvіt

Site action UAUA.INFO "Give children a fairy tale in the New Year." Sheets Dіd в Morozu dіt children dіtyt child Budinka "Prolіsok"

DB "Prolisok"
Kiev region,
Polish area, with. Vovchkiv,
st. Zhovtneva

Volunteer site UAUA.INFO, Tetyana (tetyanka):
From the end of the year, we were consecrated to promote our good tradition to newborns for children from the Prolisok village from the village of Vovchkiv to the Politsky district.

Doykhali mi not without usefulness, ale smut, so still dohah :). Through zapіznennya zavіduyucha virishila scho holy will not, and the children spent their small program without us. Ale tse is not so important, because we brought our head a little present — our miraculous clown :).

Clown tsogo rock on my look just by reversing himself. Having thought out a new program, privatized the Svіtlomuzyk, Dimov Zavіsu. I haven't been reading this for a long time :). Stribal vs - inclusive of two senior drivers and looking :).Starish danced, young people wore dovkola, they acted postoyno namagalisya sfotografuvatysya, and especially Irochka Ovsієnko, yaka asked znovu і znovu її photofufuti і nіyak could not zrozumiti, yak mozhlivo, scho vona izrazu bachit his own photografy :). The truth is not all the girls are active - in the girls Skorishchenko, Andrushchenko Tolі, Rosokhinoi Vіki, Ribitsky Alosh yakraz Bula vrytryanka, temperature. At the dtbudinku at the beginning of the quarantine, children were perebuvali in the "digestion", even if the control of the ulcer, sho niyaka vitryanka us is not terrible, one time in a row brought a green banquet to the audience. Same through the quai quarantine for 17 days on health improvement in Євпаторію :(, замість цього всі відправляються по домах., Accurate on the houses of his own parents (in Mayže u all the children є batiks, abo hocha b htos one z Batkiv, sirіt - tse Bogdan Ruslana i Savchuk Pavlo). I won’t stop writing about the history of the skin, damn it, I’m going to start writing - I'll write okremo.

Pislya shaleno ї clown programs пр traditionally viyshov Dіd Moroz і it’sn’t the order of podarkunkіv. Діти одразу посерйознішали (мабуть уявляли, що ж at them there), і цього року вже не соромилися розпаковувати все на місці - handed over подарунків has grown in масове розпаковування.

Potim bіlshіst taki pobіgli приіряряти its new clothes. Well, scho, first glance for the joy and adherence of the gifts unambiguously to keep on Hodakisky Nely - the suknya of Nea Bula deiisno rozkishna, the teenage girl one day dawned out and walked after us in this sukna. Natasha, bless you!
Bogdan Vika frightened her denim suit (she wanted to wore a jacket with a new sheet and decorated Vika, ale Dіd Moroz, after all, did not rotate :).
Bogdan Olya one time threw rozgazaty their cosmetics vіd vugrіv (one day 3 dvchat passed profesiynі cremi / mazi / losyoni for Olі, I think, now Olí has ​​a good stock :)).
The elders of the girls otrimali on par_chobіtkіv, and Mikitenko Larisa already 2 bets! In Vali Pinchuk, the suit was worn out by the trochs of the great, ala good bag rozvіyala її puzzles :). And the great thing is just a neymovir bear for Skorishchenko Katyushi bude for Nega Mabuchi as a helpmate, won’t be won by his own little childish joy :).
Irochka Ovsiєnko Buda was primno-healed, you can get the message from Dide Moroz by passing the UCE, you can get it :).
One lad did not otrimav prearunok - the nasiest, Kononchuk Sasha. Utіz z ditbudinku in an adult life: (.Ale, behind the words of the beginning, stinks, turn to his school, stitching away the test certificate, and our new suit is still useful.

Hlopts_ tozh boules zadovollen_, homo zvaychayno boules more stremimi u virazhennі emotsіy. When I was holy, I rostered with my head - all the costumes, the cross-pieces of the girl (I didn't have a reserve, or a little better than the good - the child). True, the three Raglan boys flickered short at the sleeves, and a little more than three hours later.

At the end of the bookmark solodki stіl. On tiomu my m ditkami, and stinks, we said goodbye.

Dear didi Morozi! I do not know, the photos of the photos convey that atmosphere of the holy, that joy, the yak was worn in childish glasses, ale zi svohogo nehay nevelichkogo, ale already dosvіdu, I can say that our holy you went away !!
Dyakuyu vіm YOU vіd іmenі tsikh de_tey for that part of heat, yak vi transferred їm that day. For those who at once made it possible for them to especially podіyu, for those “not zabuva цmo” (ni words Nelia Mykolaivna, zavіduyucha, told us with a few words by sight.)
Дякую ВАМ від цих дітей!

At one time, they charged 1980 UAH (detailed information with checks). Prepared 32 poradunki i passed pennies- Vika (Indigo_sun), Dar, Lena (elesha), Alya (067 445 ..), Natasha (Ptaha), Julia (050 447 ..), Oksana (ladylawyer), Natalia (Solmira), Olya (granny), Oksana (Yuliya_Gr), Yelia (Destiny06), Ilona (097 941 ..), Julia (Businka), Natasha (Tasha_83), Anya (593 36 ..), Yulia Nastya (050469 ..), Natasha (NataA), Zhenya (067 246 ..), Tanya (050 469 ..), Tanya (tanita), Olya (Malinka), Oksana (Notebook), Christina (050 387 ..) .

We bought all the children, who wanted to wear jeans, speeches to the warehouse "Gloria jeans" for warehouse prices. Vzhe another Rіk Kerіvnitstvo tsієі ірми from the ready, here we are in the tsomu, for such мm tozh vydnyd vіd dіtey.

Bought dermal nab_r solodoshch_v, fruit + pechivo + sіk.
Mayzha all mens children lost on kolka rozfarbovok - at a time they are mostly busy :).
The girls got haircuts / elastics, and the older girls got pantyhose.
Okremo great dyavchatam, yaki passed tsіliy a set of recordings for DVD-mul'tiv - Yulі (Businka), on the cih vihіdnih deti not mozlivo bulo vіdіrvati vіd televisor for the words zavіduyuchoї :). Ruslani (mother) for a package of new information for children. Yuli (050 447 32 ..) for new shkapketki that tights for older girls. To the members of the forum, the yaki passed on a good second hand odeag - Nadya (New_baby), Natasha (deydra). Natasha, Yak handed over 32 lits to Sandora juice. Geroichnii moy pomichnitsy - 70-rychnoy volunteer, z yakim meni pozhastilo poznoyomitisy in the process of collecting podruknkіv - Olzi Yakivnyi ta її druzyam i znoyomim (for the mountain of yakіsnih majzhe novice speeches that vzuttya,the one for 64 packs of solodoshchiv, yakі pіdut in іnshі ditbudinki that you can thank the children. Well і Natalі (Solmira) and Yuli, they couldn’t know the hour and pick up their own transport, and also buy the fruit that they bought.

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