Nozzle for tap to save water: types, choices, reviews. Water saving tap nozzle

In order to reduce water consumption and save on a device was invented, which is called an aerator. It allows you to saturate it with air, making the flow more pleasant and soft. Among other things, this design contributes to the weathering of chlorine from the water. Before you buy a nozzle, you need to make sure whether it really performs its task. To do this, you should deal with the device economist, reading the reviews, the main varieties and features of choice.

The main types of nozzles on the crane

nozzle for tap to save water

If you are interested in a nozzle for a tap to save water, you should understand the main varieties of such devices, which are usually installed on the sink taps in the kitchen or in the bathroom.Nozzles are fixed, they are also called fixed. Such devices today are installed on all modern mixers. They work in a certain mode. As a distinctive feature of such devices is their low cost, which varies from 250 to 350 rubles.

Features adjustable aerator

water saving tap nozzle

Nozzle for tap to save water can be more adjustable or movable. Such devices allow you to choose the method of supply and water pressure. It is possible to purchase such a regulated economy at a price from 350 to 500 rubles. You can adjust the water pressure using the device using the shift lever, which works by means of a spring or sealing ring. Nozzle to reduce the volume of water flow uses a ring that deforms and blocks the flow of fluid.

In a mobile aerator, water is supplied in a single stream or as a shower. Depending on the model in front of you, the method of feeding can be changed by turning the device, a special switch when moving it back and forth.

additional characteristics

nozzle aerator for water saving

Sometimes the nozzle for the tap to save water is supplied with a temperature sensor and LEDs. The latter make it possible to achieve an external effect: when cold water is supplied, the color changes to blue, when hot water enters the faucet, the hue of the LEDs turns red. In order to save even more, you can purchase an aerator with an automatic shutdown function. Such devices are usually purchased in country houses, where water is supplied from a well or a well.

The choice of nozzles on the material

sensor tap for water saving

If you decide to purchase an aerator to save water, then you should pay attention to the material in its base, it can be:

  • plastic;
  • metal;
  • ceramics.

The first option is not so long life, because the material is exposed to the negative effects of impurities that are contained in the water. But such economists are quite cheap. Metal nozzles are made of alloys of bronze, steel or other metals. They are subject to corrosion and are also not designed for a long period of service. If you want to purchase a more stable device, then you should choose the one made of bronze or brass.

The best decision

tap for water saving reviews

Nozzle for tap to save water can be made of ceramics.However, in most cases, this material is used only for internal components, while the body is made of plastic or other material. The most durable economists will be made of bronze and brass, in which the internal filling is made of ceramics.

Performance Reviews

tap for water saving

On the modern market, the described devices appeared relatively recently, but during their existence they managed to gain popularity with consumers. Some buyers are quite skeptical of such devices. However, 60% confirms that the aerator allows saving after its installation. Those consumers who use aerators for a long time, note that the nozzles on the faucet usually have high quality and excellent plastic molding.

Using such devices, according to consumers, it is possible to adjust the angle of inclination of the water supply. This is especially convenient if you use the appliance in the kitchen. The cost of the economy, according to some consumers, justifies itself in a few months. In addition, it is possible to save on filters.The device is practical, it can be used in the kitchen or in the bathroom.

You can install this device yourself. Water-saving nozzle on the crane, according to some consumers, allows you to eliminate the formation of scale and water stone. Some manufacturers give a long warranty on their products, which attracts the consumer. At the outlet it is possible to obtain clean and safe water, which is devoid of small inclusions. The mixer after installing the aerator acquires the original appearance. The hostess especially emphasizes that the economist for water allows you to avoid splashing jet. The design is convenient in operation. The devices have a certificate of compliance with the requirements of the international standardization system.

Feedback on installation features

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Water-saving nozzle on the crane, according to home craftsmen, can be installed without help. Infrared attachments structurally do not have any special differences from traditional analogues, which means that they are installed using the same technology. For work it is necessary to remove the mesh from the mixer by screwing a water-saving device into it.Consumers like that in the delivery set there are already adapters.

If we are talking about a touch device, then at the time of purchase, you should ask if the appropriate keys are present for installation. Infrared nozzle aerator on the tap to save water is installed in a certain sequence. At the first stage it is necessary to unscrew the old mesh from the tap. Included with the device should be a mounting ring, which in the next step is put on the crane. In the crane, according to the house masters, it is necessary to screw in the adapter, which must also be supplied in the kit. Next, the nozzle is wound on the mounting ring. If we are talking about a traditional economy, the installation process will be much easier. On the metal body of the nozzle you will see an external thread; you just need to screw it into the tap.

Reviews about the features of operation

Nozzle on the kitchen faucet to save water has a fairly simple device, but it can fail if used improperly. In order to avoid this, you must follow a few rules.Housewives are not advised to wash the device with the help of special chemicals. Household chemicals can not positively affect the state of rubber and plastic elements. From such an impact, rubber gaskets lose elasticity and become covered with cracks, which significantly reduces the lifetime of the device.

If you notice that the pressure has decreased, then you need to check the output from the nozzle. The holes could simply be clogged, but the water-saving device almost never clogged, this is especially true when compared to conventional counterparts. The nozzle on the water tap to save water of the sensor type should not be completely immersed in water, as this may cause damage to the electronics, because the device has a control unit. Home masters say that infrared devices are much more capricious compared to conventional ones.

If you notice that the sensor stopped working when hands were brought to it, you need to wipe it, and then press the restart button to make the device work. If this does not help, then you can remove the batteries from the compartment, and then put them in place again.Infrared nozzle on the crane to save water, the reviews about which are often the most positive, can work in manual mode. To activate it, you must turn off the water supply. Automation at the same time turn off the device yourself. In order to translate the device into an automatic mode of operation, it is necessary to open the valve to the desired pressure, and then turn it on. After 60 seconds, the device will start to work in automatic mode.


The touch tap on the water-saving tap reduces consumption even further. However, it is necessary to use such a device according to the rules. They say that the maximum pressure should not be used, since it increases the load on the device and reduces its service life. If the faucet is old, it is better to replace it and install the device on a new device.

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