Oak leaves: properties, benefits

Among all existing trees, oak stands out for its power. He has always been, thanks to the hardness of his wood and impressive volumes, a symbol of strength and immortality. And oak leaves have many beneficial properties.

About oak trees from ancient history. Relationship with the gods

In ancient times, the oak among many nations was dedicated to the great gods: Jupiter from the Romans, the Greeks Zeus, etc. It is known that Jupiter informed about his will through the oracle of Dodon using the whisper of leaves of an oak grove.

Oak leavesOne of the forest kings of ancient Rome dedicated a grove with oaks to Jupiter on the bank of Nemi (lake).

Oak wreaths from the leaves of this amazing tree were the hallmark of the rulers of ancient Italy.

And the oak leaf itself was also a symbol. He was even credited with the ability to tame the kings of all animals - the lions.

And the most ancient Germans for the national assembly often picked up a place just under the sprawling oak. There they also worshiped the god of thunder (Torah), the highest deity, as well as the Lithuanians to their god Perkunas.Even in ancient Japan, there was a god of the oak, Casciano Kami.

The people of ancient times believed that oaks were the dwellings of living creatures, forest elves (dryads).

Oak leaf: photo. Some useful properties

The leaves contain useful tannins (as in the bark) - quercetin and pentosans. Leaves collected precisely before May 15, can be used for medicinal purposes.

What do I need to do? Young fresh twigs with leaves are strewn with small whisks in a shaded place in a suspended state. Thus dried leaves are stored for about 1 year.

Oak LeafOak leaf is used both externally and internally. It is well helps the rapid healing of various wounds and cuts, scarring ulcers.

Infusion of leaves (1 teaspoon of leaves is filled with two cups of boiling water and infused in a warm place for 2 days) is good for bedwetting.

What are galls?

Sometimes at the end of summer, spherical outgrowths that are not very pleasant-looking appear on oak leaves. These unsightly external formations appear due to insects (walnut poppies) and are called galls. How does this happen? These insects lay eggs inside the leaf tissue itself, where their larvae subsequently develop. As a result, the pathologically overgrown tissue turns into a gall ("nutlet").

Oak leaf (photo below) usually has green rounded galls, usually adhered to the bottom of the leaf.

Oak leaf (photo)

Strangely enough, but they (leaves with galls) are collected for brewing and are drunk instead of tea with sugar or honey. Also, the broth is used in the form of lotions (1 cup of raw material is brewed with 1 liter of boiling water, then boiled for 5 minutes, infused and filtered).

The most useful are fresh green and unripe galls.

Therapeutic effects of the Gauls

Here are some of the many beneficial properties of oak leaves and their galls:

1. They have a very good astringent property (a mixture with vinegar helps with pains in the teeth and ears).

2. Greatly promote hair growth.

3. A good cure for pulmonary tuberculosis.

4. Promote the healing of wounds caused by burns.

5. Well help with gynecological diseases.

6. An excellent cure for various skin diseases: lichen, eczema, erysipelas, cracks in the legs and arms, ulcers.

7. Well help with bleeding.

8. Cure even eye ulcers.

9. Stop diarrhea.

Oak leaves in life and in life

The leaves of all trees (except evergreens) with the onset of the autumn period begin to turn yellow and, withering away, fall down.

Oak leaf, maple leafBeautiful shiny oak leaves with carved edges have the property of synthesizing the energy of the sun, which the tree needs for its growth and life. Everyone knows that a plant that does not receive ultraviolet rays, dies.

By the fall all the processes of life near the tree slow down. Oak leaves, which worked for two seasons (spring and summer), are no longer needed. Wood sheds them to save moisture.

But whatever the leaf (dry golden or fresh green), the beauty of its shape always attracts and fascinates people.

Very often designers use the image of an oak leaf in the works. Even in stores and shopping centers, the labels and price tags are shaped like an oak leaf. Also in the design of various premises are often used elements such as oak leaf, maple leaf: on wallpaper, ornaments on curtains, upholstery, furniture, etc.

OakPerhaps all this is due to the fact that the oak tree itself is a symbol of strength, power, durability and stability, and people believe in it.

Oak and energy

Oak can be said to be one of the most energetically strong plants in Russia.

This tree in Russia has always been considered holy.It helps people to bring to our world the necessary energy of the planet Jupiter. This energy allows people to control their own destiny. It is able to give a person the strength that allows him not only to prolong his own life, but also to have a beneficial effect on the fate of children and grandchildren, and not only.

Oak has always been a symbol of power that is not conquered by anything.

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