Olympic Park (Ufa) ski resort: description, prices and reviews

In Ufa there is a wonderful resort for skiersand snowboarders - "Olympic Park". It is located within the city limits and occupies a picturesque forest park. The complex is popular among those who like active winter holidays. Skiing is exactly what attracts crowds of fans of this sport. Four tracks of different complexity are specially equipped here, that's why both beginners skiers and real professionals can skate in the park.


Of course, you will definitely like "OlympicA park". Ufa is famous for its numerous resorts, but this one is considered one of the best. It is a modern complex, which is attended by athletes of different ages. They also like to come here to relax with the whole family. Due to the fact that there is a children's lift, the child can also learn skiing, even if before that he has never been involved in this sport. In order to teach beginners to conquer mountain peaks, experienced instructors work here specially.

Olympic Park UfaAthletes can safely ride and not worryfor its safety, since the surface of the descents in the park is always in perfect condition. Snow-packing equipment is working in the center. If necessary, personnel can include cannons that produce artificial snow. On the territory of the park there are rental offices, where vacationers take in rent everything that is necessary for full-fledged skiing. If suddenly the guests of the resort get hungry, you can go to a delicious meal in a restaurant or cafe, working in the center.


As already mentioned above, "Olympic Park" (Ufa)has four descents of varying complexity, having excellent equipment. To the guests of the resort could better be guided by them, it is worth to tell more about each route:

  • Green descent. It is suitable for beginners, since there is a minimum difference in heights. On the whole length of the route there are no sharp turns, so it can be driven off without unnecessary emotions.
  • Blue descents. They are ideal for skiers who have minimal skiing experience. There are two such roads. On them the difference in altitude is approximately ninety meters, and the length of each of them is no more than half a kilometer. On these descents there are already sharp turns, therefore the athlete will receive a dose of adrenaline guaranteed.
  • Red line - for real professionals. It is considered the most difficult in the resort. In addition to sharp turns, it is endowed with straight sections, due to which it is possible to develop a high speed during descent. Another beauty of this route is that it passes in the middle of the picturesque forests. Therefore, skating seems even more extreme and exciting.

Thousand six hundred meters is the total length of allDescents located on the territory of the resort "Olympic Park". Ufa invites everyone to visit this wonderful resort. In the near future in the plans of the administration of the center to organize several more tracks for skiers with an average level of training.


How long does the season last?

The staff of this ski resort tries toyou can earlier prepare all your descents, so that visitors of the park could already in the middle of November enjoy extreme skiing and snowboarding. For this purpose, at this time of the year ideal conditions are being formed, since the air temperature in Ufa in the last autumn month does not drop below -5 degrees Celsius. In December, here the mercury columns fall to -12 frost. And this temperature is maintained throughout the winter months. Therefore, at this time of year there are no problems with snow in the resort.

In the beginning of spring, the air starts to warm up. For example, in April the temperature is about -2 degrees. That's when the season ends in the ski center "Olympic Park" (Ufa). During the summer period the resort does not stop its main work and temporarily re-qualifies to an ordinary recreation center.

Olympic Park in Ufa Prices

Cost of visit

Having such wonderful tracks and excellentlevel of service, it is quite accessible to different layers of the population "Olympic Park" in Ufa. Prices at the resort are quite acceptable. Thus, one lift will cost the athlete 65 rubles, but, of course, it is much more profitable to purchase a subscription. For example, on weekdays, three hours of riding will cost 560 rubles, and on weekends and holidays - 660 rubles. There is an opportunity to purchase a subscription for the whole week by paying 3400 rubles or for the whole season for 16 500 rubles.

Those guests who came to the resort withoutown equipment, can rent ski equipment for 300 rubles per hour for adults or for 200 rubles. for children. Beginners who need instruction can order an individual lesson with the coach. It is estimated at 800 rubles.

Olympic Park Ufa address

Reviews of holidaymakers

Everyone who has been to this center, say,that this is a wonderful place for active leisure. People like that there are trails for skiers with any experience of skiing. In addition, there is a cafe on the territory of the park, where very tasty food is prepared, and also very friendly staff. Therefore, after active skiing it is very pleasant to sit and relax in such a wonderful atmosphere.

Contact details

It is quite easy to find the "Olympic Park" (Ufa). Its address is as follows: Sovetskiy district, Mendeleyev street, house 201 B, near the stop "Tramplin". Therefore, it can be reached by any public transport. Also, before the visit, you can call to "Olympic Park" (Ufa). The phone for customers is: 8-909-353-80-93.

olympic park ufa phoneThanks to this convenient location of the complex, it is possible to visit thousands of fans of ski holidays during the whole season.

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