On the effect of Dunning-Kruger and self-satisfied losers

- Why do I need the opinion of some Lea? As if I don’t know how these dissertations are defended! What could she even know? - one of the commentators wrote to me when I advised him, during our dispute about neuro-linguistic programming and psycho-types, to seek advice from a person with a degree in psychology and leading research work at the university.

Once I had to make a decision that runs counter to my own opinion. I feel more comfortable in the interiors where there are tapestries, carpets on the floors, wallpaper in crimson roses and starched tablecloths. I will endure the English classics and the French Provence, but I will suffer if I find myself in a room where a gloomy Swedish minimalist and open-brick walls scream in every corner. When a repair was made in one of the rooms, the hired woman said: “Lately, it is considered to be a good form to use plain beige wallpapers like these ...” And she unrolled the roll, which seemed to me boring and ugly.However, as a person who knows much more about repair than I was, she was allowed to do it in her own way. When it was all over, it struck me how right it was. And how fortunate that I try to hear the opinion of anyone, especially if he is a specialist.
If a stranger says: “I would not go to Morocco this month if I were you!” I will think about it. But if I hear the same thing from someone who has lived there for many years, or from a tour operator, I will try to find out if this is not about the wind season or the local revolution.
I’ll be happy to hear a friend’s forecast that “the dollar will collapse in the near future,” but I’d hardly give it any importance unless the narrator has a degree in economics and does not work in a large investment and financial company.
The loser often gives confidence in his own right and categorical, as well as the inability to discern the personal opinion expressed by friends and relatives, and a specialist. Moreover, having learned that the counselor has a profile education, he rears up and tries to convince himself and those around him of his complete incompetence:
- You say that you have been a nutritionist for 30 years? Not! Vegan to be completely harmless. You have an old school, Soviet. Read progressive authors! My wife and child, we have been raw foodists for three years now and we feel great.
- Just think, not a single accident ... He’s the personal driver of the president of the bank, I suppose I agreed with the police for money.
- Studied at the journalism department of Moscow State University? And what, there is no tongue-tied fools? He criticized my article with envy. See how he runs a blog - he does not know the difference between a dash and a hyphen, literacy!
It always surprises me sincerely how certain people are categorical if they have already made a decision: you can't get over them with anything. This is also indicated by metacognitive distortion - the Dunning-Kruger effect, which is that people with a low level of qualification make erroneous conclusions and are not able to realize their mistakes due to the low level of their qualifications, which inevitably leads to They overestimated ideas about their own abilities.

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On the effect of Dunning-Kruger and self-satisfied losers 51

On the effect of Dunning-Kruger and self-satisfied losers 27

On the effect of Dunning-Kruger and self-satisfied losers 98

On the effect of Dunning-Kruger and self-satisfied losers 31

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