One-eyed and toothless capture territory

After a sharp decline in the population of lions, thanks to the incredible efforts of the staff of the reserve Masai Mara managed to achieve a small increase. Today it can be said that in Kenya nothing threatens lions.
Even some 10 years ago, lions had to be searched, but today, even the laziest tourist will surely meet the king of beasts. On the one hand, this is a huge success, on the other hand, the territory of reserves is not unlimited. Masai Mara with adjacent security zones is about 2000 square kilometers, which is a huge territory by human standards. But big cats are not human. They can not live four together on 54 square meters. Already, the concentration of lions and other wild cats has reached its limit, which means that the increase in the number of animals will soon stop and, most likely, will begin to decline again. At this time, no longer the fault of the person, they just begin to kill each other.
The struggle for territory is an endless process, but if earlier it helped to strengthen the species (the strongest survives), today it is another risk to lose sight.
In the eastern part of the Masai Mara Reserve for the last 10-15 years, the largest in these places was the Pride, the Sand River. Until today, it was one of the most numerous in East Africa. In total, about 50 lions - 4 adult males, about 30 mature females and babies. Believe me, this is a huge power! In fact, this pride had no competitors. And his dominant male - a huge overgrown lion. One-eyed Ben was considered the invincible king of the savanna.
But in recent years two more large prides have appeared in this part of the reserve - “Lucuat” and “Night”. The first was formed many years ago, but was not large. He was gradually squeezed out by competitors from the west and forced to move to more or less free territories. The second was formed by four brothers. It seemed that this four was fully capable of fighting for the right to be considered the strongest, but it was not there. Two young males from "Lookout" were able to get rid of their father's pride, gaining complete control over their family, and later managed to oust the powerful "Night".What is surprising, Fang, one of the two brothers "Lookout" of the pride and in fact the dominant male, lost his fang in childhood, which is a serious loss for a predator. However, this did not prevent him from becoming not only the main male in his pride, but also to be considered one of the two strongest lions in Masai Mara.

Both pride pretty quickly grow. Their territories border. Alas, but probably soon we can witness a deadly fight between them. Why "Unfortunately? The fact is that the genetic material is already rather poor, and if we lose such lions as Ben or Fang, we will lose very good genes. Unfortunately, people cannot interfere in this process, and we can only wait when the One-eyed Ben and Fang meet in their last fight ...

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