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Reputation today is of great importance as inpersonal, and in the professional life of each of us. The specificity of our time is such that an important part of the opinion that develops about a person is the impression of his appearance. This is one of the reasons why the overwhelming majority of people pay so much attention to the creation of their individual unique image, which would make the desired impression on other people, and also accurately reflect your internal state and the characteristics of your inner world. Fortunately, this is not so difficult as it was before. Now it is possible to use convenient Internet resources, which allow you to choose the appropriate in style, price and other features of the product without leaving home and without spending too much time searching, selecting and purchasing the desired products. In addition, such resources, as a rule, provide an opportunity to receive goods at a much lower cost compared to that put by a variety of retail stores. However, it is important to choose a reliable online store with a good reputation and a large number of effective counterparties. In this choice, a great service is provided by reviews of real customers of certain stores. It is these comments that make it possible to form a realistic idea of ​​the specifics of servicing a particular resource. Today, in the field of accessories, the online shop "Alltime" is very popular, namely its online version. Is it reliable and convenient to use? What products does the store offer? What do customers say? All this has become the subject of discussion in this article.

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About Store

A unique representative of more than one hundred and fiftythe best brands in the market of watches, jewelry and accessories. More than fifty thousand luxury products, presented on the website of the online store, can not help attracting the attention of the buyer, regardless of his age, sex and tastes. A rich, yet simple to understand and use the functionality of the site makes visiting a given resource pleasant and not causing unnecessary doubt. This encourages visitors to again and again return to the online store "Alltime", to be interested in new products and current stocks. All these features allow customers to make the most profitable purchases.

This online store also hasa large number of retail stores throughout the Russian Federation, which help to maintain the goods purchased on this resource.


Considered online store has already earnedgood reputation with their customers. And this is clearly reflected in their feedback on this resource. Buyers appreciate the tremendous system of discounts and a variety of ways of delivery and payment. It is convenient that the store offers not only premium products, but also more affordable products of the economy class. The colossal range of products presented on the site, provides everyone with the opportunity to pick up a product to their taste, which would correspond to his needs and desires. Buyers like the service of fitting the product before purchase, as well as the opportunity to return the goods at a certain time, without explaining the reasons for their actions to the store. And the guarantee for the purchased products is truly unique, because for some products it lasts up to twenty-five years! All these features are discussed in more detail later in this article.

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The number and variety of goods thatoffers a store AllTime, reviews are rightly called the main advantage of the site. Quality products of the best brands are presented here conveniently and visually. The site offers to buy interior watches, jewelry, various precious and leather accessories, as well as wristwatches from Russia, Germany, Japan and Switzerland. AllTime allows you to find out all the necessary information about the product in the selection process. Filter out unnecessary goods in a certain category and find the right model for you by a number of criteria. You can choose materials from all parts of the watch, color, style and decor elements. Men's watches and women's watches are also selected in separate categories. AllTime tries to do its best to make it easy for a potential buyer to find a suitable model for himself in all the variety of goods presented on the site.

Products presented on the resource helpcreate your own unique style (jewelry, wristwatches, as well as personal accessories such as cufflinks, pens, tie clips, lighters, purses, bags, belts, clutches, cases, beauticians, folders for documents and so on) and unique style of our housing (interior watches and other accessories).

If you need to view the products more clearly, you can visit the retail store AllTime (St. Petersburg, Moscow, etc.).

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How to place an order

You can buy your favorite goods not onlythrough retail stores, but also through the online store AllTime. Reviews confirm that it's incredibly easy to do. You just need to add the product to the basket and fill out the order form, specifying your name, email address, phone number, the most convenient option of delivery and payment, address. You can also leave any additional instructions that you consider important.

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The delivery, which is carried out by the AllTime store,reviews are called incredibly fast. And this is the truth. In most cases, delivery to Moscow takes place the next day (sometimes, depending on the specifics of the order, it takes up to three days). Through the territory of the Russian Federation, purchases are delivered within a period of two to five days.

Delivery of goods in Moscow and orders costfrom ten thousand rubles on the territory of the whole of the Russian Federation is carried out by the shop for free. In most cases, it is possible to try on the goods before making a final decision and paying for the order.


As a rule, you can pay for the purchase after the purchase,as the order has already been delivered, and the buyer is satisfied with its bundling and condition. In general, you can pay in any convenient way for the buyer. This should be clarified with the store manager when confirming the order.

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There is an opportunity to return the goods asproper, and inadequate quality to the AllTime store. The reviews confirm that in practice this procedure is very simple. In order to return the goods of proper quality, it is necessary to make sure that the period of fourteen days has not expired, all the original properties of the purchased goods have been preserved, as well as its packaging, presentation and all accompanying documentation. It is important to remember that according to the rules set by the online store, gold, jewelry, jewelry are not refundable under any circumstances. Also, you can not return the product if it already has any external defects, whether it is scratches, scrapes and so on. You can implement the return mechanism at the nearest retail store AllTime (store addresses can be found directly on the site of this store). However, if this is not possible, you should send the goods by mail to the address indicated on the official website of the store.


Guarantee conditions are also unique,which provides the store AllTime. Reviews show that they are an additional advantage of the resource. For example, the store guarantees that all copies of the watch are original, and by making a purchase, you receive all the necessary documents. In the event of a breakdown, it is possible to obtain the necessary repairs in specialized service centers. If in your city there are no such centers, the company at its own expense will transport the goods to the main center of AllTime (store, Moscow), where all necessary services will be provided.

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Discounts and promotions

Buyers speak warmly of the colossalthe number of discounts that AllTime provides (an online store, for example), for example, it is possible to buy a product ten percent cheaper within two weeks before or after the date of your birth. Also can provide a discount for a particular product, if the customer has found a lower price for it in another store. In this resource seeks to adhere to the strategy of low prices and always takes the side of the buyer. If you used the services of the resource on the recommendation of your acquaintances, then, having informed about this at the purchase, you will have the opportunity to implement it for five percent cheaper. The same discount gets everyone who subscribes to the group "AllTime (online store)" in social networks.

Many other promotional offers appear regularly on the official website of the store. In the event that the buyer closely follows them, he can make a lot of profitable acquisitions.

The advantages of an online store

Buyers identify a number of important positivenuances, which are different store AllTime. The reviews report the following benefits of the resource in question. These include an incredibly rich assortment of goods (the store offers a choice of more than twenty-five thousand models of watches) and a guarantee of purchasing original models (all suppliers are reliable and verified counterparties). Also, new clients attracts with the help of a unique system of regular shares and constant discounts, the organization of a number of different methods of payment for purchases, which makes the acquisition process incredibly convenient. For loyal customers, individual offers and special discounts are available. A pleasant surprise is the possibility of express delivery throughout the Russian Federation.

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Make pleasant purchases on the Internet, notwasting neither time nor money, perhaps. It is only necessary to choose the right Internet resource for this purpose, which would be reliable, convenient and would offer a wide range of products. This is exactly the shop "Alltime". Having visited it once, it is extremely difficult to resist the temptation to make purchases again and again. Amazing watches, jewelry and other representative accessories offered at "Alltime" will become an integral part of your new image. You should not save on reputation.

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