Pancakes: a classic recipe with photos, ingredients, cooking tips

Tasty pancakes are a treat for both adults and children. They can become a dessert, if you pour them with condensed milk, and a pleasant dinner, if you make the filling of cottage cheese or minced meat. The classic pancake recipe suggests the presence of milk. However, many housewives know that lacy and thin pancakes are also excellent in kefir. There are a huge number of recipes, and each can find its own version.

Pancakes original

How to make pancakes with milk? According to this recipe, this dessert is obtained by everyone. To make it you need to take the following ingredients:

  • one and a half cup of flour;
  • a couple of chicken eggs;
  • a glass of milk of any fat content;
  • glass of water;
  • tablespoon of sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt;
  • fifty ml of any odorless vegetable oil.

If you have a good frying pan, you can fry the pancakes without oil, as it already exists as part of this recipe for delicious pancakes with milk.

classic thin pancakes with milk

Cooking delicious pancakes

How to make pancakes with milk? First you need to separate the whites and yolks. The latter, together with sugar carefully beat. Add salt, mix. Pour in milk, water, vegetable oil.

Separately, beat the proteins, gently add to the remaining ingredients and mix thoroughly, but carefully. Then they fry classic pancakes, the recipe of which is described above, on both sides. Served with sweet fillings, and with meat.

Pancakes with butter

The recipe for delicious pancakes in milk with added butter includes the following ingredients:

  • a cup of wheat or whole grain flour;
  • three chicken eggs;
  • 300 ml of milk;
  • one and a half to two tablespoons of sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt;
  • forty grams of butter.

You can also prepare a little more oil to grease the pan, as well as to coat the pancakes.

pancakes sweet classic

Cooking recipe

How to make pancakes with milk? To begin with, chicken eggs are broken into a bowl, sugar and salt are added. Using a whisk, beat the mixture. Add milk in a thin stream, stirring, so that the mixture was homogeneous.

Now it's the turn of flour.It is poured in parts, still mixing with the same whisk so that there are no lumps. Now the dough for sweet classic pancakes is left for at least twenty minutes to “breathe”. The butter is melted, then allowed to cool, poured into the dough. Hot this can not be done!

Pour the dough on a heated and lightly oiled frying pan, it is better to do a ladle. When one side is reddened, the pancake is turned over. Hot pancakes smeared with butter and put on each other.

Lenten version of pancakes: fast and tasty

How to bake lean pancakes? Many housewives think that it is difficult, that such a product will be less tasty, but it is not. To prepare you need to take the following ingredients:

  • 420 ml of water;
  • tablespoon with a slide of granulated sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt;
  • vegetable oil - a couple of tablespoons;
  • tablespoon of apple cider vinegar;
  • eight tablespoons of wheat flour;
  • half a teaspoon of soda.

How to bake lean pancakes? Everything is very simple! Mix all the liquid ingredients, making sure that the mass was homogeneous. It is best to add flour at the very end, in portions. Then put the soda.Pancake pan greased with butter and baked pancakes on it. They are then rolled and sprinkled with powdered sugar.

how to bake lean pancakes

A lean recipe with soda water

Another option for making pancakes on water involves the following ingredients:

  • 300 ml of carbonated water;
  • three tablespoons of any oil;
  • a couple of tablespoons of vanilla, if desired;
  • a quarter of a teaspoon of salt;
  • a tablespoon of sugar;
  • a glass of flour;
  • some cooking oil for frying.

It is noteworthy that before frying, the dough must be steeped for two hours.

Cooking pancakes with sparkling water

It is difficult to call this classic pancake recipe, but it's definitely worth a try. Pour water into a deep bowl, add sugar, vanilla, and salt. Whisk with a whisk. Gradually add flour, continuing to stir. Then the dough is covered with a lid and clean in the cold for a couple of hours.

Heat vegetable oil in a pan, then put a couple of tablespoons of dough. When it is fried, turn over. How to make pancakes on the water? It turns out very easy!

how to make pancakes on the water

Delicate pancakes with boiling water

Many people know that the use of boiling water in the dough makes pancakes really tender and thin.Classic pancakes with milk can also be prepared in this way. For this you need to take:

  • one and a half cup of flour;
  • two eggs;
  • two teaspoons of sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt;
  • two glasses of milk;
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • a teaspoon of soda;
  • half a glass of boiling water.

This recipe for classic pancakes is obtained at all. Many people like to cook it for breakfast, as it really is a great start to the day.

Cooking recipe: description

To start breaking eggs. Beat them together with sugar and salt. Add half the milk, stir thoroughly. Pour flour over these ingredients, better in parts, try to avoid lumps. Pour in the remainder of the milk and the entire portion of vegetable oil.

Soda is quenched with boiling water. Add to the dough, mix vigorously, so that the eggs do not have time to curl.

At the preheated speed pour a little oil and fry each pancake on both sides. You can also grease each hot piece with butter and put them in a stack. Tastier hot.

Russian pancakes

Tasty and simple pancakes

For this simple recipe, on which thin pancakes come out, you need to take:

  • 500 ml of milk;
  • three chicken eggs;
  • two hundred grams of flour;
  • thirty grams of butter;
  • two tablespoons of granulated sugar;
  • half a teaspoon of salt.

All ingredients should be the same temperature, preferably room temperature. That is, milk and eggs must be removed in advance from the fridge, let them warm.

Eggs break, add salt and sugar, beat with a whisk. Add about one hundred milliliters of milk, mixed with eggs. Sift flour parts, mix thoroughly. It should be thick, but without lumps. Pour in the remaining milk. The butter is melted and allowed to cool. Add to the finished dough, mix again. Fry in a frying pan with a small amount of oil on both sides.

Delicious pancakes with holes in kefir: a list of ingredients

You can make delicious pancakes not only with milk, but also with a fermented milk product such as kefir. For this recipe you need to take the following simple products:

  • two glasses of flour;
  • same kefir;
  • two chicken eggs;
  • a glass of boiling water;
  • one hundred grams of granulated sugar;
  • three tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • soda - at the tip of the knife;
  • a pinch of vanillin optional.

These pancakes are made with butter, they can also be coated with butter or wrapped in cottage cheese.

delicious pancakes on kefir with holes

Cooking Prescription: Step by Step

To start, eggs, together with sugar are whipped. Then pour kefir gently and thoroughly mix the resulting mixture of ingredients.

Put all the flour, but it is better to do it in portions, so that there are fewer lumps. Stir thoroughly. In a glass of boiling water put soda, stir and quickly sent to the dough. Mix all the ingredients. Test need to brew about five minutes. Now put the vegetable oil and mix everything again. Pancakes are fried in kefir on both sides in a pre-heated pan, greased with butter.

Openwork pancakes: kefir again

For this option pancakes need to take the following products:

  • five hundred ml of kefir (can be replaced by sour milk);
  • a glass of wheat flour;
  • two eggs;
  • two tablespoons of sugar;
  • salt - half a teaspoon;
  • the same amount of soda;
  • vinegar to repay soda;
  • two tablespoons of vegetable oil;
  • butter or vegetable oil for the pan.

For this recipe, whites and yolks are separated from each other.The first immediately cleaned in the refrigerator. The yolks are whipped with sugar. Add kefir and mix thoroughly. By the way, this ingredient should be at room temperature. Add flour in small portions, stir to avoid lumps. Soda is quenched with vinegar and added to the dough. Put the vegetable oil.

Proteins, along with a pinch of salt, are whipped to form a foam. Put it in the dough. Stir gently so that the structure of the foam is not destroyed. The pan is oiled, fried pancakes on both sides.

pancakes classic recipe

Pancakes are traditional for our country. What variations just does not happen! And sweet, with fruit and condensed milk, meat stuffed with poultry or beef, vegetable with fresh herbs and tomatoes. And who does not know about the classic recipe for pancakes stuffed with red caviar? In any case, the basis is the dough, fried on both sides in a hot frying pan. Many people prefer to do it with milk and chicken eggs, however, there are those who achieve greater openness of the product by adding kefir. There are also special recipes of dishes that can be eaten in the post.

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