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This cute girl name is Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge, the legitimate wife of Prince William, heir to the throne of Great Britain:

By English standards, Kate is a beauty. Not the same as Princess Diana was once, but, apparently, the same unenviable fate awaits her.
Daughters often repeat the fate of mothers. The same goes for boys - they copy their fathers.
Prince William's heredity is dangerous. His father, Prince Charles, loved Camilla Parker-Bowles all his life, and thus he broke the fate of his legitimate wife, Princess Diana.

Prince William, like his father, married because it was so. As Pugacheva sang, kings can not marry for love. The princess must approve the political council - the current queen, parliament, public opinion.
Poor Kate approved. She has a good origin and in general she is very pretty. It is worthy to bear, give birth and continue the Windsor dynasty. But it is not worthy that the prince, at least, took her hand for a walk.

Before the feelings of the spouses, of course, nobody cares. Not only to the feelings of Kate, but also to William. The prince, meanwhile, loves another. Apparently, it is.
Meet this is jessica craig.

She tried to meet with William in 2001, but she was quickly isolated and merged. Merge something merged, even married William, but he did not cease to meet with her.
For his engagement to Kate, William chose Jessica's house in Kenya. The prince meets the ex-girlfriend regularly, gives her attention and looks happy next to her.
If William is standing next to his wife with a lean official grimace, then he and Jessica laugh and see how happy he is. For any reason and without him, the prince flies to Kenya, even began to protect local animals in order to have an excuse to go to Africa.
Jessica meets him at home, and at airports, and for any reason ready to be there.
It is clear that no one will remove the rubbish from the palace, but sooner or later, the marriage of William and Kate will disintegrate, as happened with his parents. Diana was unhappy, offended, began to change and eventually filed for divorce.
And this is the fault of the family model, which Prince William follows.

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