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In Moscow, an experiment began with resident parking. That is, now in some places of the paid parking zone only local residents can leave the car. If a motorist suddenly came in from Marino and dared to leave his clunker on this parking lot, he would be fined 2,500 rubles.
I do not really understand this flirting of the Department with residents of the Central Administrative District. First, they made resident permits for them - they can park almost for free (3,000 rubles per year). Then they made a simplified procedure for installing barriers, so that they closed their yards, even if the yards do not belong to them. Now they generally allocate some parking spaces. In fact, the city gives them expensive land.
It turns out that a person who has bought an apartment in the center automatically receives privileges to a person who lives on the outskirts of Moscow. I understand when benefits are given, for example, to the poor or disabled, but why should this city reserve places for those who live in the center? The mere fact that you have a property in the paid parking zone should not give automatic benefits.
Why should a Muscovite, who comes to work from Shchukino, have to pay for parking in the center, and a Muscovite who lives in the center, should not just because he lives in the center? What kind of weird benefits?
If the residents in the paid parking area do not have enough places, then there should be an understandable procedure for obtaining them. For example, they could rent these places from the city. The lack of the possibility of renting parking spaces from the city generally gives rise to many conflicts. Restaurants, embassies, various institutions simply seize parking lots, place their posts and cones there. Let them pay money to the city budget and put a sign "parking only for their own."
So, starting today, 95 parking spaces are allocated for residents of paid parking in Moscow - 24 parking spaces distributed across 22 streets. The experiment is conducted in the areas of Tver, Presnensky, Meshchansky and Arbat.
Parking spaces for residents will be indicated by a sign 8.9.1 "Parking only for owners of parking permits", traffic sign 6.4 "Parking" and an information board. Here is a pilot project map:

But the full list of addresses of such parking:
Arbat district:
Bolshaya Devyatinsky Lane, 3 (4 places)
Bolshaya Molchanovka, 14с1 (5 places), 24 (5 places)
Povarskaya street, 29/36 page 1 (8 places)
Novy Arbat 25 (2 places)
Bolshoy Nikolopeskovsky Pereulok, 6 (3 places)
Spasopeskovsky Pereulok, 3/1 (3 places)
Starokonyushenny lane, 37 (2 places)
Meshchansky district:
The last lane d. 15 (3 places)
Color Boulevard d. 26s1 (3 places)
Troitskaya street d. 2s2 (7 seats)
Presnensky district:
Bryusov lane d. 7 (5 places)
Bolshoi Kozikhinsky Pereulok, 14с2 (7 places)
Spiridonevsky lane, 17 (4 places)
Small Kozikhinsky D. 10с1 (4 seats)
Vspolny lane d. 10 (3 places), d. 16s1 (3 places)
Bogoslovsky lane, 7 (3 places)
Great Patriarchal Lane d. 27/14 (4 places)
Spiridonovka street, 30/1 (3 places)
Tverskoy district:
12/1 Tverskoy Boulevard (2 places)
Bolshoy Karetny pereulok, d. 1p1 (5 places)
1st Kolobovsky lane d. 17/1 (3 places)
Veskovsky Pereulok, 2 (4 places)
Those Muscovites who try to park in the residential area, waiting for a fine of 2500 rubles. Monitor the implementation of parking rules will be traffic police. Residents are allowed to occupy only veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the Heroes of the Soviet Union (they don’t say anything about the Heroes of Russia) and members of large families.
The pilot project will be valid until the end of 2016, then resident parking can become permanent "according to the results of analysis and surveys of local residents." I hope the experiment will be recognized as unsuccessful, but instead they will make clear and transparent rental procedures for the city’s own parking spaces.

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