Parks in St. Petersburg: where to walk in the summer?

St. Petersburg is a city with a lot of parks. And to relax in the park in the summer, you need to choose the most suitable from this large number. Some like to rest among the trees up to the sky and hand squirrels, others give entertainment - rollers, skateboard or rope park. There are parks in St. Petersburg, where you can take a walk with your children, riding a roller coaster and carousel.

The most attractive, most likely for young people, will be Primorsky Victory Park with a man-made amusement park called “Divo-Island”. There are a number of parks in which you can walk like a museum. They have historical buildings and palaces.

Summer garden

The park, which was reconstructed, will attract the attention of lovers to take a walk among the historically restored appearance of landscape art of the XVIII - XIX centuries. Previously, before the reconstruction carried out in 2009 - 2011, it was an extremely neglected place. The park was founded in 1704. The project involved personally Peter the Great.In 1706, the construction of the first Russian fountains began in the Summer Garden. Before the flood of 1777, there were 50 of them in the garden.

parks St. Petersburg where to walk

Now it has fountains, the layout of the inner zone of the park has been changed. He was given a strict geometrical scheme of the alleys. In the park of St. Petersburg, where the king's courtiers loved to take a walk, and the court life of the city was held, exotic trees and flowers were planted at that time, a palace was built, which has survived to the present day. And in the pond swans are swimming, as before the reconstruction. Walking in this historic place is a pleasure.

Mikhailovsky Garden

Mikhailovsky Garden appeared after the redevelopment of the Summer. For a long time, Mikhailovsky was a simple park in which there were hunting grounds and a nursery. Empress Elizaveta Petrovna during her reign gave part of the land for horseback riding. In the XIX century, began construction of the Mikhailovsky Castle.

Mikhailovsky refers to the parks of St. Petersburg, where you can walk and meet friends in the fresh air. Wander around the numerous footpaths, relax at the backwaters, admire the landscape design with a rare combination of two styles in the park - landscape English and French layouts.

parks St. Petersburg where to walk with children

Central Park of Culture and Rest. Kirov

The park is located on the Yelaginsky island.The island’s history dates back to the 17th century, when it is mentioned on Swedish maps, like Mistulansaari, which means “Mishin Island”. Most likely, because it is so named that bears lived in the forest on this site. This is the park of St. Petersburg, where a walk in the summer is a pleasure.

The island had many owners before Elagin, after which the island was named. They owned them Yaguzhinsky, Melgunov, Prince Potemkin, Count Orlov. When Elagin island turned into a real park. It was broken English garden with canals and ponds. Elaginoostrovsky palace complex was erected. Currently, the palace has a Museum of Applied Arts and Interior.

The modern view of the park is complemented by tennis courts, a volleyball court, and a cafe. There is a boat station. The park holds all sorts of interesting sporting events. There is a zoo. It is inhabited by reindeer, Cameroon goats, foxen, and ass. Animals brought by servants of the park or picked up by visitors in the park are brought here. Monkeys live on one of the inland islands in the summer.

parks St. Petersburg where to take a walk in summer

Parks "Alexandria" and "Ekateringof"

If you still have not decided where to go for a walk in St. Petersburg today, the parks "Alexandria" and "Ekaterinhof" are good places to meet friends.

Let's start with "Alexandria". This is one of the parks, which St. Petersburgers with love are called "Romantic Peterhof". The park has an alley that leads to the Gulf of Finland. The second alley, on which the palace and park ensemble "Alexandria" is located, is a picturesque place of the park, where citizens and tourists like to come.

Park "Ekaterinofo" named Peter the Great in honor of Catherine. Translated into Russian sounds like "the court of Catherine". If you want to visit a mystical place, you are in this park. When you walk along the alleys of the park, there is a sense of the tart smell of epochs gone by, and some mystical gloom is present in nature.

where to walk in St. Petersburg today parks

Victory Park in St. Petersburg

Victory Park was laid in honor of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War in October 1945. Before the war, there was a brick factory here, and during the siege of Leningrad, it served as a crematorium, where they burned dead people. Ash poured into the career. The territory of the park is practically a mass grave at the cremation site.

Currently, several memorial buildings have been erected in memory of the victims.The park commemorates the alleys and monuments of the heroes of the sad page of history - the blockade of Leningrad.

Now it is a famous holiday destination in St. Petersburg. There are rides, boat rental at the boat station. The park was reconstructed, as a result of which cafes appeared, live music plays on summer platforms. A large number of trees were planted.

Parks on Krestovsky Island

On the territory of Krestovsky Island there are several parks where you can have a great time in any season of the year. For example, the park, founded in 1995 in honor of 300 years since the founding of St. Petersburg. In the center of the park is a swimming pool and fountains. It is stylized as a lighthouse column with a height of 22 meters. The park is literally buried in the trees. Here, all kinds of holidays are usually held and sports events take place.

Victory Park St. Petersburg

Another wonderful amusement park is Divo-Ostrov, where families love to go. In the park, swings are designed for both kids and adults. Their prices bite a little, but each family can allow a couple of times a month to bring children to this park in St. Petersburg, where you can take a walk, and go on a roller coaster ride, and participate in various attractions.

"Dinopark" and "Quiet rest"

Attracts attention "Dinopark" on Krestovsky, reminiscent of the scenery of the cartoon "Jurassic Park". A wonderful holiday would be a walk in this park with the children. Here, in the fantasy world of dynamic dinosaur figures, boys will feel like heroes. The park is often held free holidays with attractions. But any walk is an amateur. Girls may not be very interesting in the society of dinosaurs. There is a lot of rest places, you can find more where to walk in the parks of St. Petersburg.

Krestovsky Park St. Petersburg

To do this, go to the park "Quiet rest", located on Krestovsky island. It is divided into lands owned by the family of the emperor. For noble people and close to the royal family were built cottages. In the XX century, everything in the park was rescheduled. Currently, this resort area, where you can not only come for a walk, but also relax in a sanatorium. By the way, the duel of A.S. Pushkin and Dantes took place in these places.

For visitors their services offers a wonderful hotel "Park Krestovsky" in St. Petersburg. Families with children who have come to the Northern capital for a weekend can live here.The location of the hotel allows you to take a walk in the parks of the island of Krestovsky and enjoy the air, saturated with the smell of the sea from the Gulf of Finland.

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