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Pathogenesis- a set of processes that determine the occurrence, course and outcome of diseases. The term "pathogenesis" also refers to the study of the mechanisms of the development of diseases and pathological processes. In this teaching, there is a distinction between general and particular pathogenesis. The subject of the general pathogenesis is the general patterns, which are characteristic in general of any disease process or certain categories of diseases (hereditary, infectious, endocrine, etc.).

Private pathogenesis explores the mechanisms of development of specific nosological forms. Representations of general pathogenesis are formed on the basis of studying and summarizing data on the mechanisms of development of individual diseases, as well as on the basis of theoretical development of philosophical and methodological problems of general pathology and medicine in general. At the same time, the study of general pathogenesis is used in the study and interpretation of the mechanisms of development of certain specific diseases and the characteristics of their course.

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