Pathologist - forensic scientist.

We had a pathologist, medical examiner, a world peasant, everything in the morgue is digging there, digging ... sometimes corpses, several in the "waiting room" of the mortuary are citizens, but he is digging into our criminal, he wants to find out the cause of death.
How I come to him, and he had a nurse, such a fuckin 'girl ... is good, so, like you take a corpse to the morgue, then you hang around there, until you arrange it, you examine the corpses and then the smell ... hell, they say at home - dead it smells. But sometimes it was necessary to "settle the question" with incomprehensible corpses. Tolley killed toli we write on ...

So, well, our forensic scientist was all good, and he died early, in just 50 he was, well, so it’s clear how you come to him, and he’d give you a glass of medical alcohol for Roma, do not suffer in the morning ... so that us? And ... an accident like you said, and not a violent death ... I say - That's right !!
A man in a puddle couldn’t choke on the cemetery - if he didn’t want such a death ... he didn’t have to go to the cemeteries at night, there was impure there.
Well, the forensic scientist tells me - I believe, and indeed in a puddle he choked himself, fell from a height of growth into a puddle with his face and inhaled the dirty muck choked.
I say - O. Kay! Zi haben reht! With a criminal investigation is due!) I’ll even write off the theft of this clown, I won’t lose the dead, I’m judging the one two times. And he died like a pig.
But as soon as our forensic scientist came to our department to drink, we all hung up ... he drank all the way, until the pig squeal, even our ensign-cynologist, three times a veteran of military operations, could not drink. But as a specialist, he (our forensic scientist) was literate, but now what? Some poor fellows and not forensic scientists, and even a lack of them, no staff.


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