"Patriot" (Screwdriver): user reviews

The segment of a hand power tool regularlyImproved, offering the consumer all the new technological solutions. Large manufacturers expand the option of drills and screwdrivers, add auxiliary accessories and optimize their power fill. Accordingly, the price of similar offers is also increasing. And the more valuable is the product from the company "Patriot" - a screwdriver, reviews about which positively reflect both performance characteristics and ergonomics. The firm does not strive to conquer the heights of technological progress, but at the same time it guarantees users a basic reserve of the quality of the element base. And that also matters - attractive prices.

General information about screwdrivers "Patriot"

patriot screwdriver reviews

The manufacturer produces screwdrivers in differentvariations. At the moment, preference is given to battery models, the power of which varies from 12 to 18 V. Of course, this is a budget segment focused on household use, but the quality of materials and the ability to solve standard problems with fasteners this tool shows itself worthy. Also available are classic network modifications, which are beneficial to use in a permanent location with access to the outlet. By the way, shock modifications are also presented in this category.

This product of the firm "Patriot" - screwdriver, reviewswhich is emphasized by the high efficiency of mechanical impact on the material. The fact is that belonging to the initial class often does not allow the power tool to go beyond certain limits of its main tasks. In this case, with a small resource developers managed to implement the impact function in the initially low-power tool.

It is important to take into account that the companyproduces screwdrivers as such. Today it is a combined tool, including the ability to drill. Therefore, if the device is selected for one of these modes, it will be superfluous to evaluate the characteristics of the second format of the Patriot tool operation. Screwdriver, reviews of which are noted for high strength of the same impact, may well not arrange for functionality and the availability of auxiliary options. The same rule also applies to a drill, the option of which can fully correspond to the screwdriver mode.

Comments about the model BR 114 Li

screwdriver patriot network reviews

One of the basic level models in whichoptimally combines the qualities of a light, compact and reliable instrument. Although power does not belong to the strengths of such models, many owners of this version emphasize its confident work even with old rusty hardware. Improves the efficiency and the ability to switch speeds - this option not only increases the force impact when necessary, but also makes the process of screwing in work with brittle fasteners soft. To this, many add a wide range, in which the screwdriver "Patriot" BR 114 Li is supplied. Reviews positively evaluate the complete case and an extra battery. Thanks to the second battery, by the way, the user gets the possibility of continuous operation, as in the case of network devices.

Reviews about screwdriver BR 241 Li-H

screwdriver patriot br 114 li reviews

Another version of the battery screwdriver, butin this case with a higher power potential. Thanks to the torque of 1350 rpm, the operator can work with problematic fasteners, as well as form 10 mm in drilling mode. Experienced masters also recommend this model because of the presence of a reverse stroke. This means that when the nozzle is jammed, the user can easily remove it by running a reverse stroke. However, the expediency of using the reverse depends on the conditions under which the Patriot drill-screwdriver is used. Reviews, for example, do not recommend abusing this mode in working with small-sized drills.

Comments about the FS 3006

This is already a representative of the network classscrewdrivers, which embodied all the best features of "rosette" versions. The owners themselves emphasize such qualities of the device as high power, physical reliability, ease of use and wide possibilities for customization. By the way, for work in hard-to-reach areas a flashlight is provided, and the firm rubber lining ExtraGrip contributes to the strong fixation of the instrument in the hands. Attention and security systems, which provided screwdriver "Patriot" network. The feedback points to the effective operation of the cooling system, and to the multi-level protection of the electrical filling from dust.

drill screwdriver patriot reviews

How to make the right choice?

For the most part, the company implements models thatby definition, belong to the home tool. Further, the choice can be based on a specific purpose. It is necessary to take into account both the operating conditions of the tool, and, of course, the capacity potential. If we are talking about a wider field of use of the device, then it is worth to apply modifications like BR 241. It embodied all the most profitable user properties that Patriot company now invests in its products. Screwdriver, reviews about which stand out one or two working qualities, is unlikely to fit the role of a versatile person. In this case, the model receives worthy responses on a wide range of technical properties. Therefore, it can be used both in everyday life and in the professional sphere when solving simple tasks.


screwdriver patriot reviews

Tools of the company "Patriot" are not included in the listleaders in sales in the domestic market. This is not the most famous brand, but it has several features. First, it's cost. A good model is available for only 3-4 thousand rubles. Secondly, this balance of functionality, reliability of construction and relatively high power - all these qualities are optimally combined in a screwdriver "Patriot".

Reviews, however, emphasize the general shortcomingsof this product. So, many point to the flicker of switches that translate the instrument from one mode of operation to another. There are also censures with regard to the quality of execution of cartridges and holders of baits, but they are not so numerous. At least, the advantages of a typical screwdriver of this brand are much greater.

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