Biography of Paulo Coelho

Paulo Coelho is a Brazilian writer, winner of many international literary awards, including the French Legion of Honor, the Crystal Award of the Swiss World Economic Forum (WEF) and Italy’s Grinzane Cavour.
Writer Paulo CoelhoWriter Paulo Coelho
His most famous novel, The Alchemist, was translated into 80 foreign languages ​​and entered into the Guinness Book of Records as the most translated work in the world by the author. Having published about 300 million copies of thirty books in different languages, the novelist also became the leader in sales of works written in Portuguese in the entire history of the development of this language.
The Russian reader recognized the writer after the publication of "The Alchemist"The Russian reader recognized the writer after the publication of "The Alchemist"
Coelho's plays, which contain wisdom and depth, irony and kindness, are in the repertoire of the best theaters in the world, and the novels are filmed.
The number of published book editions of the author in Russian last year reached 15 million copies.

Childhood and youth Paulo Coelho

The future best-selling author was born on August 24, 1947 in Rio de Janeiro in the wealthy engineer family. He studied at the school of the Catholic Order of the Jesuits, where the main principle of pedagogy was considered to be the development of the individual abilities of children, the cultivation of ambition and the spirit of rivalry.
Paulo Kaelho in childhoodPaulo Kaelho in childhood
There, for the first time, the teenager manifested artistic aspirations, a desire to write books, introversion and rejection of the traditional way of life, which his relatives negatively perceived, placing him in a mental hospital. He was treated for schizophrenia for three years, during which he escaped three times, and he was returned to a medical facility.
Family of Paulo CoelhoFamily of Paulo Coelho
Later, at the insistence of his parents, he entered law school, leaving the dream of becoming a writer. However, a year later, in the 1960s, Paulo dropped out of school, joined the hippies and went to travel around the countries of Latin America, North Africa and Europe, used drugs.
Coelho returned to his country a few years later, began to write lyrics, collaborating with well-known artists, including rock stars Ellis Regina, Rita Lee, Raoul Seihas.Together they wrote about a hundred musical compositions, including, extremely social. In addition, Paulo became interested in occultism, mysticism, ideas of the British black magician and Satanist Aleister Crowley. He was also a Brazilian anarchist cell, worked in the theater troupe as an actor and director, collaborated with publishing houses as a journalist.
Young Paulo CoelhoYoung Paulo Coelho
In 1974, the ruling military authorities in the country accused the poet of anti-government activities and imprisoned him. The writer was saved by the circumstance of his stay in the mental hospital - he was recognized insane, unjust and released.

Early career Paulo Coelho

In 1982, an event occurred that became a turning point in Coelho’s life. In the cafe of Amsterdam, he met a representative of the Catholic monastic order of the RAM, exploring the word of God, his sacraments, translating the Gospel into everyday life, changing it. He became the spiritual mentor of Paulo.
Paulo Coelho - HippiePaulo Coelho - Hippie
Under his influence in 1986, the poet made a pilgrimage - he traveled 500 miles, or about 800 kilometers, to the city of Spain Santiago de Compostela to the tomb of the holy martyr Roman Catholic Church of Jacob and experienced an epiphany.
After that, he decided to leave the lucrative career of a songwriter, to follow his dream - to write books, each of which will later receive recognition from the readership.
Inspired by the trip to the holy places, Coelho described the Path of Santiago (the third center of Christianity after Rome and Jerusalem) and the amazing events taking place on it with ordinary people in the novel “The Magician's Diary” or “Pilgrimage”. The first publication in 1987 of the book did not have such success as The Alchemist, but caused a multiple increase in the number of pilgrims on this Path.
Pilgrimage changed Paulo CoelhoPilgrimage changed Paulo Coelho
In 1988, the writer published his most successful, phenomenal work on the search for meaning and depth - The Alchemist. Originally, only 900 copies of the book were sold. The re-publication of the novel in 1994 in the United States made him the world's first best-selling Brazilian novelist and marked the beginning of his worldwide recognition.
The next well-accepted work of Coelho is Brida. Then, as a rule, Paulo wrote one novel every 2 years. Among his works are “I sat down on the shores of Rio Piedra and I cried”, “The Fifth Mountain”, “Veronica decides to die”, “Eleven minutes”, “The winner is left alone”. In total, about 175 million books of the novelist have been sold in more than 170 countries.Three of them - "Pilgrimage", "Valkyrie" and "Aleph" - are autobiographical.
Truth from Paulo Coelho
Almost all the books of one of the most significant authors on the planet became an important event and caused emotional discussions in the literary community. However, it should be said that some critics have low or low opinion of Coelho’s work. Among them - Russian TV presenter Avdotya Smirnova, writer Bayan Shiryanov, Dmitry Bykov. Iranian authorities in 2011 banned the publication and sale of works of Brazilian novelist in the country.

Activity Paulo Coelho

The writer is a staunch human rights advocate. In 1996, he founded the Institute in his own name, which supports the Brazilians in violation of their legitimate interests.
The novelist, once recognized as a prisoner of conscience by Amnesty International, has been a member of its Governing Council since 2013, as well as the Schwab Foundation for the Promotion of Social Entrepreneurship.
Interview with Paulo Coelho (with Russian subtitles)
At 54, Coelho was elected a member of the Brazilian Literary Academy ABL (Academia Brasileira de Letras), and in 2007, the UN Peace Ambassador.

Personal life of Paulo Coelho

The writer has always been popular with women, starting at a young age.His first wife was Vera Richteron, a Yugoslav from Belgrade. She was older than him by 11 years. But the marriage was not long-lived, like many of the author’s relations at that time.
At the age of 25, he met a girl named Adalzhiz Eliana Rios de Magalhaez (abbreviated as Jiza). She graduated from the Faculty of Architecture. Soon they began to live together and then got married. This relationship came at the time of the hippie and legal use of soft drugs. But they soon exhausted themselves.
Soon he married 19-year-old Cecile MacDowell, who was the daughter of the owner of a tuberculosis clinic. But this marriage collapsed after three years.
Paulo Coelho with his wife CristinaPaulo Coelho with his wife Cristina
Coelho is now married for the fourth time. In the early 80s, he met the artist Christina Oytisika. It was she who was able to make the writer believe in herself and organized a trip for him, during which he met Jean. Now Paulo lives with his wife between Europe and Brazil.
Favorite work of art writer called the picture of Jan van Eyck "Portrait of Arnolfini couple" (noting that "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci, in his opinion, clearly overestimated), the best book considers "Tropic of Cancer" by Henry Miller.

Paulo Coelho today

According to news agencies, in 2016, filming of the novel "The Alchemist" is planned. The film will be directed by Lawrence Fishburne, the main role of the shepherd Santiago will be performed by Idris Elba.
Paulo Coelho always wanted to write books and be a writerPaulo Coelho always wanted to write books and be a writer
Coelho's works are read in almost all countries of the world. Many celebrities call the "Alchemist" a favorite novel. Among the admirers of his work - Bill Clinton, Will Smith, Farrell Williams, Madonna and many others.
Paulo Coelho "11 minutes" (excerpt)
The writer and thinker are sometimes called the “Renaissance man” who gave the world a relaxed, intelligent, challenging the established traditions and orders of the individual. In his opinion of the prose writer, his merit lies in the fact that in the pages of his parable stories, the complex seems simple.

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