Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo

Today Pavel Pyatnitsky (biography, photo is presented in the article) does not occupy important state posts, but is a media personality, to whose opinion they are listened. What is known about it?

Pavel Pyatnitsky, biography

The beginning of the way

The small homeland of a young man isNovosibirsk region, the village of Dovolnoe. The date of birth - 3.02.1984. Pavel started his work with the regional newspaper "Rural Truth", where he became a local celebrity as an ordinary correspondent. On his account, a victory in the regional contest of young journalists (nomination "Best Interview"). From school years he took an active position, participating in the formation of the Youth Parliament in the region, for which he received thanks from the governor.

What kind of education did Pavel Pyatnitsky get? The biography of a public figure in various sources is presented in different ways. The hero of the article in an interview on the radio "KP" confirmed the official version that he has a higher legal education, graduated from the border guard institute of the Federal Security Service (Moscow). According to the encyclopedia of candidates from the Rodina Party, he graduated from the Private Institution of Higher Education (Tula) in 2016. The beginning of the political career is connected with the entry into the LDPR. What did Pyatnitsky Pavel Igorevich achieve in this field?

Pyatnitsky Pavel Igorevich, biography

Biography: the movement "Civil Law"

Being a member of the party from schoolZhirinovsky, the young man first worked at the regional level, and then, along with a deputy from the LDPR Loginov moved to Moscow. Until July 2011, he was engaged in various areas: he led the youth movement of the party, the public reception of its chairman, and then - the faction of the LDPR in the State Duma. Party members believe that Pavel Pyatnitsky, whose biography is full of contradictions, left the political union without getting to the electoral lists.

Working the last two years (2009-2011) inPublic Council under the Ministry of Internal Affairs, an ambitious leader paid great attention to contacts with the media. His speeches and interviews influenced the formation of public opinion on a number of burning issues: the strengthening of the powers of the FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the free sale of rifled weapons. In 2012, it allowed him to create a social and political movement "Civil Law", whose leader he is. The union joined the international community "MOVE".

Which party is today Pyatnitsky Pavel Igorevich, whose biography is considered in the article?

Present day

In January 2013, the politician returned to the LDPR forThe personal invitation of Zhirinovsky, becoming the coordinator of the regional branch of the party (Moscow region). According to him, the party framework has become narrower, so he again found himself in free swimming. In 2016 he took part in the federal elections. The Novosibirsk cell of the Rodina Party nominated him in the list of other candidates, but failed to become a Duma deputy.

Pavel Pyatnitsky, biography, photo

Today Pavel Pyatnitsky, whose biographyinteresting in connection with his frequent appearances on the television screen, is the vice-chairman of the Moscow City Council. This public load implies the exercise of public control over the observance of human rights in the MLS and the provision of assistance to prisoners.

Many people are interested in what means they live inpublic figure. At one time he was in charge of the entrepreneur Sergei Polonsky. Today there are a lot of scandalous publications around this. Pyatnitsky claims that he owns a small company engaged in internal communications in the conference rooms.

Family man Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography

With his wife Ksenia Timoshchenko public figureI got acquainted under interesting circumstances, which became known through the program "Let them talk". The girl met for five years with the civic spouse of Catherine Kravtsova (the "Strelka" group), having given birth to his son Maxim. As a result of the scandal in February 2015, a man broke his former mistress's nose and threatened with a knife, leaving traces of cuts on his hands and neck.

Pavel Pyatnitsky, biography, with his wife

The hero of the article began to meet withbeautiful brunette shortly before the tragic events. Defending his beloved woman, Pavel Pyatnitsky (the biography is represented in the media), he ensured that the case under special control was taken by the prosecutor, and the criminal was charged not for beatings, but for attempted murder. Kravtsova's husband was sentenced to 7 years, and Timoshenko became the wife of Pyatnitsky. According to him, they had a daughter in their marriage.

A public figure, constantly communicating with subscribers in Periscope, was married three times and brought up three children.

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Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo Pavel Pyatnitsky: biography, photo