"Pavlovsk", a museum-reserve: description, mode of operation, how to get

The status of the cultural capital of Russia for St. Petersburg has been fixed for a long time. All sorts of historical attractions here there is just a huge amount. In fact, St. Petersburg is a real open-air museum. There are, of course, very interesting, worthy of visiting places in and around this city. One of these attractions, enjoying great popularity among both Russian and foreign tourists, is certainly the Pavlovsk Museum-Reserve.

How to get there by train

Locatedabout institution"Pavlovsk State Museum-Reserveon the Slavyanka River, about 25 km south of St. Petersburg. Excursions here sell many travel agencies of the city on the Neva. However, if you want to get to the village of Pavlovsk, you can, of course, independently.Go here as a taxi, and low-cost public transport.

Pavlovsk Museum Reserve

The easiest way for guests of St. Petersburg to get to the museumon the train. To do this, tourists need to first get to the metro station "Kupchino", and then go through the underpass to the railway platform.Sailing traintowards Pavlovsky from here toeach 15-20 minutes. For the ticket you will need to pay about 40 rubles. The total travel time to the museum-reserve will be about 20 minutes.

Tourists are in fact a very popular place -Pavlovsk (Museum-Reserve). How to get therehere by train, of course. However inWeekend in Pavlovskoye from St. Petersburg is best to leavenot from the platform at the Kupchino metro station, butfrom Vitebsk station. The fact is that trains on Saturday and Sunday,going through Pavlovsk, usuallytoo crowded. Ticket upon departure from the station will cost about 52 rubles.

Another way

Of course, "Pavlovsk "- Museum-Reserve, Dcome to thatif desiredcan andon the shuttle bus. Mini-buses to this town depart from Moscow Square. Tourists wishing to explore this interesting museum should take the K299 or K545 minibus. Pay for a trip on a mini-bus will need about 50 rubles.Actually the way to Pavlovsky on the shuttle bus, as well as on the train, takes not too long - about 30 minutes. But you can quickly get to your destination only if there is no traffic jam somewhere along the way. Unfortunately, such problems happen quite often in St. Petersburg. And so the most convenient way to get to the complex tourists still consider the train.

Pavlovsk Palace

What is a complex

"Pavlovsk" - a museum-reserve,where you can see many interesting sights. Conventionally, this old complex is dividedinto two main parts - a magnificent grand palace and a landscape park with varioushistoricalbuildings.Once this beautiful ensemble was the summer residence of the Russian emperor Paul I.The village was received by the Grand Duke and his wife Maria Feodorovna as a gift from Catherine II. Currently, this complex is one of the objects listed by UNESCO.

Historical reference

Pavlovsk Palace, whose history began at the end of the 18th century, still holds the atmosphere of that time.Initially, on the site of a beautiful building, which is now the center of the reserve, there were wooden mansions Paulusts. Later, this small building was dismantled. The construction of the Pavlovsky Palace itself began in 1782. The work was supervised by the famous architect of that time, Charles Cameron. The construction of the complex was moving forward very quickly. The main building of the palace and side galleries were built in the autumn of the same year.

Pavlovsk Palace and Park Ensemble

After the death of Catherine, Paul I ascended the throne and ordered a significant expansion of the complex, which has since become the residence of the royal family. In 1804, in the palace,Unfortunately,there was a fire. The Emperor entrusted the architect Voronikhin to restore the damaged building.

In its premises, in addition to the actual waiting room, there were also rooms designed for the entertainment of the nobility.

Brief description of the main building

Looks likePavlovsky Palace,since 1918, being a museum, truly magnificent. No wonder thousands of lovers of antiquity come to see its luxurious interiors every year. The center of the composition of the complex is the Grand Palace, built on the model of a Russian noble estate. This almost square building has three floors, topped with a flat dome in the middle part.Eight columns and three medallions with scenes from ancient life were once chosen by Cameron as the decoration for the facade of the Grand Palace.

Initially, on both sides of the main building were built two small outbuildings for official purposes. Semicircular galleries connected them with the palace.Immediately after construction, the complex had in the upper planview open to the side of the horseshoe park. Later, the wings and galleries were built on, resulting inpalaceacquired a much more solemn appearance.Today"Pavlovsk" - palace and park ensemble,accepting tourists from all over the worldis a complex, closed from almost all sides. It is possible to get on its territory only along the big linden avenue.

Pavlovsk Museum Reserve mode of operation

Description of the park

Of course, not only the palace of the royal family is of interest to tourists in the villagePavlovsk. Museum Reserve inIt also includes a huge park broken next to this historical building. The total area of ​​the latter is600 hectares Today it is one of the largest landscape parks in Europe. Conventionally, the territory of the Pavlovsk reserve is divided into seven main areas:

  • a courtier with a linden alley, a labyrinth of sheared bushes and tuff terraces;
  • the valleys of the Slavyanka river planted with silvery willows, oaks and dwarf trees;
  • White Birch, designed in the style of a Russian park;
  • Old Sylvia, featuring a regular layout;
  • New Sylvia, which is a region of dense deciduous forest;
  • Red Valley with ancient oaks and artificial antique ruins;
  • Valleys of ponds with ponds surrounded by old trees.

Pavlovsk Museum Reserve how to get

In the park, tourists can visit a huge number of different thematic pavilions,cathedralstemplesThere is also a mausoleum with a fake tomb.Large bronze and marble sculptures, which are of great artistic value, are installed along the avenue of the park. Across the park crossing the Slavyanka river, bridges of original architecture were built.

Permanent exposure

Pavlovsk - a museum-reserve, nand the territory of which work, including all sorts of interesting exhibitions.So, in the central building of the palace on the 3rd floor there is a thematic exhibition “The World of a Woman and Her Hobbies”.Also in the main building of the complex there are exhibitions of Florentine mosaics, costumes and church clothes, and a Russian porcelain fund.

State Museum Reserve Pavlovsk

Pavlovsk, Museum-Reserve: the operating mode of the complex

The park is open for visitors from 6:00 to 21:00. After 6 pm, tourists can walk on it for free. In the morning and until 18:00 the entrance to the territory costs about 60 rubles.

Pavlovsky Palaceopen from 10:00 to 18:00. In order to get inside the building, tourists must purchase a ticket separately. It costs about 250 p. Citizens wishing to inspect the interiors of the palace should bear in mind that its ticket office is only open until 17:00.

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