Pearl barley everyone needs for health!

What is barley

Pearl barley is made from barley, which belongs to the family of cereals. Translated from French, "perle" means "pearl". There are three types of barley seeds:

  1. Barley is the main whole grains that have passed the primary processing of bran removal. Of them cook porridge, soups, make all kinds of fillings.

  2. A Dutchwoman is a grain the size of a rolled ball, during processing they are completely freed from the spine. Dishes made from it are distinguished by their soft and delicate texture.

  3. Barley grain is a completely crushed variety. From it viscous slurries cook well.

A bit of history

pearl barleySince ancient times, pearl barley was considered a common dish of Russian national cuisine. However, earlier it was used only by persons of the royal title. For cooking, porridges were prepared very carefully: first, the soaps were soaked and kept in water for at least 12 hours; after which it was boiled only in fresh milk and tomili for some time.To make the dish aromatic and appetizing, only fresh cream and whipped butter were added to it. And much later, the barley became an integral attribute of the catering department of military cuisine. But the soldiers did not appreciate it, but simply called it “shrapnel”.

Useful properties of pearl barley

Scientific studies have shown that pearl barley is one of the most valuable sources of vitamins and minerals that a person needs for a healthy full life. For example, the content of lysine in it, which is involved in the production of collagen, keeps us young, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles. Perlovka includes a huge range of useful substances: calcium, iron, manganese, cobalt, zinc, nickel, chromium, phosphorus and many others, and even this whole set is supplemented with vitamins B, A, PP, E.

Successful treatment for many diseases

It is noted that pearl barley contains more fiber than the same wheat, and the protein in it has a higher value than wheat. It is also known that regular consumption of this cereal relieves allergies. By boiling pearl barley, you can get a diuretic, as well as anti-inflammatory decoction with enveloping and softening effect. Also, barley treats diseases of the breast, constipation, the common cold, obesity.The lysine contained in grains has an antiviral effect, helping to get rid of herpes and catarrhal infections. It is recommended to eat barley porridge in order to normalize the functioning of the heart.

pearl barley preparation method

Cooking method

To make the pearl barley boil well, the cooking method should take a fair amount of time. In the end, you get a deliciously delicious aromatic porridge. Before you start cooking, you need to carefully sort out and then rinse in a colander several times. This is done to get rid of gray plaque. After this procedure, the grains need to be soaked in water to give them the opportunity to absorb the liquid in themselves - this way they will prepare faster. And if you soak the barley in yogurt, then boil an unusually fresh porridge. Then warm the milk in the pan to 40 ° and pour the cereal. After boiling it, build a water bath, put a container on it and leave to stew for 6 hours. In the finished dish, place the butter and serve.

pearl barley recipes

Barley porridge with pork

The famous pearl barley (recipes for its preparation are very diverse) can be part of many dishes.There are several dozen types of porridges alone. But perhaps the most common dish, in addition to milk porridge, is barley with meat, in our case with pork. Grains need to sort, wash and soak overnight. In the morning put them to cook. While the porridge is cooked, cut the pork flesh into small pieces. Greens, carrots and garlic finely chopped and put in a hot pan with sunflower oil. A little overcook and put the sliced ​​meat, which must be salted and pepper to your liking. If you want, you can add your favorite seasonings. Fill up with a little boiled water and simmer over medium heat. When the meat is cooked, we put it in a saucepan with barley, mix everything thoroughly and turn off the fire. Let a little later. Before serving, decorate the dish with greens.

Storage of pearl barley

Pearl barley should be stored in a cool, dry and dark place. It is best if it is packed in a plastic container. Its shelf life in crushed form does not exceed three months, and in grains it can maintain its freshness up to two years.

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