Pension certificate: what it is and how to get a document

A pension certificate is an important document for all citizens who have reached retirement age. But how to get it? What does he give? What does it look like? And in general, what information about pension certificates is required for all citizens of the Russian Federation? All this further. In fact, important and relevant information is not as much as it seems. Remember and learn it easily.pensioner's ID


What is a pension certificate? This document, as already mentioned, is extremely important for people of retirement age. The thing is that such a certificate indicates that the citizen is a pensioner.

What does it mean? By submitting this document, you can get the benefits set by status. Without it, it is difficult to confirm the retirement age. More precisely, it will be impossible to get pension benefits. A certificate is issued to women over 55, men over 60.

What it looks like

What does a pension certificate look like? A sample of the document is presented in our material. You may notice that he is a small book that contains information about the owner. There is also a photograph of a retired citizen.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the pension certificate lists all the benefits and benefits granted to a person for attaining retirement age. As already mentioned, in order to receive certain bonuses, it is required to present a pensioner certificate.

How to get

Many are interested in how to get the specified document. There is nothing difficult or special about it. Previously, a pension certificate was drawn up in pension funds. With the advent of multifunctional centers, another body has emerged that facilitates the issuance of certificates of attaining retirement age.cancellation of pension certificates

It is necessary to collect a certain list of documents and submit them either to the FIU, or to the MFC at the place of registration or temporary registration. If a citizen has reached retirement age, then after a while he will be given a pension certificate.

And what documents will be required? Among them are:

  • application form;
  • identity card (civil passport);
  • SNILS;
  • TIN (if available);
  • marriage / divorce certificate;
  • birth certificates of all children (optional, but often requested);
  • certificates of employment;
  • educational documents;
  • employment history;
  • bank account details for pension contributions.

If you need to obtain a pension certificate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, then in addition to the previously listed papers, you must attach a military ID and other documents indicating the service.pension certificate sample

System changes

Nevertheless, in 2015, some changes in legislation came to Russia. They directly affected the document under study. The thing is that in 2015, the country is canceling pension certificates. That is, it is already impossible to issue the specified document. Together it will be issued to the citizen certificate of the established sample.

Recently, it was recognized that a pension certificate does not allow to fully identify a person’s identity. So, it does not carry any essential value for the citizen. It simply does not make sense. Instead of this document, as has already been said, a pensioner certificate is issued. It is necessary for the appointment of benefits and benefits.For some bonuses from the state it is enough to present a passport. For example, to get the right to free travel by public transport.

Old documents

Many are interested in, and what will happen to the certificates, which were issued until 2015. The answer is simple: nothing. Cancellation of pension certificates is valid only for newly-pensioners. Previously issued documents are considered to be analogous to the reference form.

That is, if there is a pension certificate, it will be valid. In the case of its loss will have to settle for help. On the rights of people of retirement age, the lack of a certificate will not affect in any way. All these rules must be remembered.pension certificate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

A pensioner's certificate is issued on the same principle as a certificate. It is required to apply with a package of documents to the FIU, write a statement and after some time pick up the relevant paper.

An important nuance is that you do not have to pay for the production of a pension certificate, or for its replacement, or for receiving a pensioner's certificate. This is a free operation, not involving the payment of state duty.

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