Performance for children - a luxury or a necessity?

Theater and theatrical productions predicted death more than once. With the development of the film industry, television and the Internet, people now have the opportunity, without leaving home, to familiarize themselves with almost any screened piece of literature ever.

play for children

But, contrary to all forecasts, the theater is alive and continues to live, engaging in its ranks all the new spectators, making a significant contribution to the development of spiritual and cultural values ​​of man.

Opportunity to plunge into childhood, or a joint trip to the play for children

It’s better to put a love for the theater in the child, as well as for everything beautiful, as early as possible. The children's psyche, like a sponge, absorbs new knowledge and impressions. The performance for children will help to direct the perception of a little man in the right direction. In a playful way, on a subconscious level, he will receive answers to questions about "what is good and what is bad."

musical performances for children

A visit to the theater makes an indelible impression on the child.And if at the same time his parents brought him to the theater, then the benefit of this visit will be double - the theater brings together an adult and a child, allows them to better understand each other, gives reason for communication when discussing what they saw.

Music upbringing

There is no doubt that the musical taste is laid in the child long before birth, even when he is in the womb. Therefore, the formation in children of the basics of musical culture should be started at an early age.

Musical performances for children as well as possible contribute to the full development of children, thanks to multidirectional and emotionally rich melodies, supported by visual perception and actions of the cast. So, Ivanushka the Fool appears on the stage to the accompaniment of a balalaika, the swan princess to the sound of a violin, and the hero-soldier does the sound of drum sticks, beating the rhythm of the march. Pay attention to the details of the child, come up with the music for positive and negative characters. Such activities contribute to the development of creative abilities, give the child the opportunity to self-actualize.Especially beneficial such activities affect children who have any difficulties and features of development.

Dolls and puppeteers

Remember how Pinocchio sold his ABC, trying to get to the performance of the Carabas-Barabas theater by all means? Today, to visit the "temple of art", such sacrifices from a child are not required. Puppet shows for children have become more or less accessible, and going to the theater is more a matter of time than of finances. However, no finances can subsequently compensate for callousness and spiritual emptiness, if the ability to empathize and empathize was not instilled in childhood.

puppet shows for children

Actors-puppets make the performance more diverse, more clearly convey to young viewers where the deception lies and where the truth is hidden. The ideas and thoughts laid down by the author in the script, in the mouths of puppet heroes, find a greater response in the child’s soul than moral conversations with adults on the same topic.

It is necessary to use this "golden key", which opens the way to the children's heart.

Modern theater for children

Life does not stand still. Undergoing changes and theater for children. The performances become more vivid and spectacular, often they use the latest technical developments.And the production itself can take place not only on the stage, but also with the transfer of the action into the auditorium. Those who come to the play turn from the spectators into the participants of the events, entering into direct contact with the actor's troupe.

Such ideas create an atmosphere of warmth and unity, allow the child to overcome shyness and stiffness, acquiring in exchange the skills of public speaking. The performance for children becomes a school of life.

Home performances, or "The whole world is a theater, and the people in it are actors"

Unfortunately, rarely in which park was the site preserved, which once served as a place for amateur theatrical performances and performances, theatrical circles and rooms at the Palaces of Pioneers disappeared.

However, if desired, a mini-play for children and with the participation of young actors can be organized in their backyard. No special details are required for this. Theater costumes can be made from paper, as a spectator to invite neighbors or classmates, and the desired script to pick up on the Internet. This, in fact, is the beauty of a home theater - it exists without a stage, and the performance itself is somewhat akin to a carnival.

mini play for children

The director and actors need to be prepared for the fact that, at first, not everything will go smoothly and, apart from applause and praise, they will have to listen to critical remarks. But the main goal - to inspire children with hypocrisy, to make them feel the creator and actor in themselves, to provide an opportunity to relax - will be achieved at any outcome of the performance.

Epilogue, or Rules of visiting the theater with children

To play for children remained a holiday and did not turn into a nightmare for them and others, you need to take into account a few tips.

  1. The ticket for the performance is purchased for both adults and children.
  2. Before purchasing a ticket to make the action truly exciting, you need to check for which age category this performance is intended.
  3. You can not be late for the presentation. It is customary to come to the theater in advance so that there is time to donate outerwear to the cloakroom, and also to calmly find and take the place indicated in the ticket.
  4. At the time of submission, you need to turn off or transfer to silent mode mobile phone.
  5. In the theater is not accepted to bring drinks or food.Packages, balloons or other bulky items will need to be left in the wardrobe.

theater for children performances

And last but not least: if you see that the performance does not make the child happy, do not insist on seeing the whole thing to the end - leave the show before. A visit to the theater should leave a feeling of contact with the beautiful, become a real celebration of art!

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