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Kelly Clarkson is an ordinary American girl who, thanks to her talent, has managed to become a truly world star. Today, her songs are played on all radio stations of the planet, her concerts are held in different parts of the Earth. Currently, our heroine today is the number one star in her native America, as well as in many other countries of the world.
Her photos adorn the best tabloids of the Old and New Worlds. She is constantly in sight. But is it worth saying that we know everything about this wonderful artist? Of course not. Indeed, in the life of Kelly Clarkson a lot of surprises.

The Early Years, Childhood, and Kelly Clarkson Family

Kelly was born in the small town of Fort Worth (Texas), but grew up a few kilometers from this place - in the city of Burleson - another small village. She was the third and youngest child in the family. However, after the divorce of the parents was left with her mother alone.
Kelly Clarkson recovered wellKelly Clarkson recovered well
As for her parents, they were classic members of the American middle class. Father - Michael Clarkson - most of his life worked as an engineer. And mom - Jeanne Ann Rose - was a simple teacher. By origin, Kelly Clarkson is an American, but Canadian, Welsh and Irish blood also flows in her veins.
As noted above, the parents of our heroine today broke up when she was still a child. “Dividing” the children, they traveled to different states and afterwards practically did not communicate. From this point in the life of Kelly Clarkson began a long series of moves. Leaving all the points of this long “tour” in parentheses, we note that the town of Burleson mentioned above, where Kelly's mother married for the second time, became her hometown for the future singer.
Kelly Clarkson - Behind These Hazel Eyes
In Burleson, our heroine of today began to attend high school. At the very beginning, her cherished dream was the profession of a marine biologist. However, over time, she began to get involved in singing. Passion for music became an important part of the life of a young girl after her teacher, hearing Kelly singing, invited her to audition for the local choir.The girl agreed and pretty soon became the lead soloist of the school ensemble. From this point on, Clarkson could no longer imagine her life without music.
After graduating from school, our today's heroine continued to make music. Enrolling in one of the colleges of the city of Burleson, the girl began to frequently participate in student productions, as well as play musicals. From this point on, the dream of her own solo album became the main one in her life.

Kelly Clarkson's first songs

In parallel with her studies, she worked on several jobs, gradually saving money to rent a recording studio. In the end, it was possible to save up only for a de-recording, however, even this was quite enough for Kelly. However, after the recording was recorded and sent out, the girl realized that she was in a hurry with the conclusions. Having received just a couple of disappointing responses from US record labels, Kelly Clarkson decided to act differently.
Kelly Clarkson - Dark Side
With the remaining money, she rented an apartment in Hollywood and moved to Los Angeles. Here the girl began to act in bars and very soon, thus, she managed to make many important acquaintances.So, in particular, Dery Goffin, a famous American composer, became Kelly's real patron. With his help, the girl managed to get some lucrative contracts. Her performances were held in the best clubs in Los Angeles, and very soon Kelly Clarkson became quite popular.
Musical success brought our today's heroine into the world of Hollywood cinema. She played a small role in the film "Issues 101", and also starred in several episodes of the TV series "The Show of the 80s" and "Sabrina - the little witch." However, another failure followed. Her producer Deri Goffina became seriously ill, the apartment where Kelly lived in was burned out due to an accidental fire. A series of troubles forced a young girl to leave Los Angeles and move back to Texas. In her hometown, the future celebrity worked as a bartender, a singer in a local amusement park, and also played on the stage of one of Texas theaters.

Star Trek by Kelly Clarkson

The year 2002 was a real breakthrough for Kelly Clarkson. During this period, she auditioned for the popular American Idol show, which ultimately brought her great success. Kelly's strong voiceas well as her penetrating manner of performance allowed our today's heroine to reach the final of the TV project, where she subsequently won the main prize, leaving Justin Guarini behind. Subsequently, her ballad A Moment Like This, performed by her, was released as a single and instantly became a national hit in America.
For several weeks, she held the first place in the Billboard Hot 100, and also occupied the highest spot in the Canadian national hit parade. Subsequently, the debut single of the singer was sold out in the amount of 236,000 copies. Such an impressive success instantly made the singer a major star in the USA and Canada. In December 2003, the singer presented the United States at the prestigious World Idol competition, in which she took second place, passing ahead only the competitor from Norway.

Kelly clarkson now

After that, the popularity of the singer began to slowly fall. And perhaps, over time, it would have been forgotten even in Texas, but at some point producers Reth Lawrence and Clif Magnes, who had previously worked with Hilary Duff and Enrique Iglesias, took over. With their help, the singer's debut album “Thankful” was released, which brought the artist a new success and several new prestigious awards.
Kelly Clarkson married Brandn BlackstockKelly Clarkson married Brandn Blackstock
This success made the singer a real star. In the following years, she recorded four more successful albums, sang a duet with the American star Jason Aldin, and also traveled half the world with her concerts. Today, as an established star, Kelly successfully tours America and is also preparing to release her sixth studio album, which should appear on the shelves very soon. Over the past few years, the singer has met with her producer Brand Blackstock. In October 2013, the couple officially tied the knot.

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