Biography of Alexey Nemov

Alexey Nemov was born on May 28, 1976 in the Mordovian village of Barashevo. Alexei’s childhood cannot be called easy - the mother raised her son alone, and therefore often faced various difficulties. Soon the family moved to Tolyatti. Alexey was not even five years old when his mother first brought him to a sports school; but Lyosha was not taken there - did not fit in age.

Sports childhood Alexey Nemov

After a year and a half, the gymnastics group of the famous coach Irina Shestakova was recruited in the sports school. Visiting kindergartens and asking teachers about their wards, Irina independently selected children for her group. One day she looked into the kindergarten in which Alex was raised. Seating the children for dinner, the teacher noticed that Nemova was not enough, then the children told her that he stayed in the playroom. It turned out that Lesha hid here when the others went to wash their hands, and then, left alone, he persistently tried to light a cigarette.But, despite such a scandalous situation, the boy was not punished - it was decided to give him to the gymnastics group Shestakova for "re-education." So Nemov was in the group in gymnastics. Now, from kindergarten, his mother did not take him home, but to practice.
Gymnast Alexey Nemov won all sorts of awardsGymnast Alexey Nemov won all sorts of awards
Slightly more than half a year, Alexey remained in the Shestakova group, which, going on maternity leave, transferred him to the group of another coach, Pavel Denisov, where the future champion worked for about a year. According to the coaching records, Alexey studied satisfactorily, had a high coordination, but did not have sufficient physical data, was cocky and impudent. Despite this, even then he was considered a promising athlete. But still, Denisov, the leader of the two groups at that time, decided to distribute Nemov and other weak guys into groups of other masters. So, in 1983, Alexey's master of sports in gymnastics, honored coach of Russia Yevgeny G. Nikolko, with whom the athlete is still working, became Alexey’s coach. It was Nikolko who began to study intensively with Nemov, conducting two or three workouts a day.
Alexey changed several schools, as he spent more time in the gym than in the classroom, and in the end he was expelled "because of the sport." Nemov received higher education in the specialty “trainer” in the Tolyatti branch of the Samara Pedagogical University, which he graduated in 1999.

Alexey Nemov's sporting career

1989 brought Aleksey the first victory at the USSR Youth Championship. Since then, almost every year he has conquered all the new heights. In 1990, Nemov won in several types of all-around at the Youth Games. From 1990 to 1993, Aleksey Nemov constantly participated in international competitions and repeatedly became the first prize winner in his programs, and even the absolute winner of the competitions.
Alexei Nemov (RUS) - FX 2000 Sydney Olympics
In 1993, Alexey got the RSFSR Cup in the all-around, and the international meeting "World Stars 94" brought Nemov bronze in the all-around program. A year later, Alexey became the first winner of the Russian Championship, and also received the title of four-time champion of the Goodwill Games (St. Petersburg). The European Championship, held in Italy in the same year, brought Alexei three gold and one silver.
Participation in the XXVI Olympic Games,held in Atlanta, was crowned with overwhelming success: Alexey was awarded the title of two-time Olympic champion and awarded two gold, one silver and three bronze medals.
The World Championship (Switzerland, 1997) ended with a gold medal for Alexei.
In 2000, Nemov received the World Cup, and also became the winner of the World and European Championships. He again takes part in the Olympic Games, which took place this time in Sydney. And again - a terrific success: Nemov was awarded the title of absolute champion. He was also awarded three bronze medals, one silver and two gold medals.
Speech by Alexei Nemov at the XXVIII Olympic Games (Athens), unfortunately, was overshadowed by a serious scandal. Then, in 2004, Alexey arrived at the games with the rank of the leader of the Russian team. Having been injured before the competition, but remaining at the same time a completely obvious favorite, Nemov demonstrated a high level of performance and complexity of the program. The gymnast's performance on the crossbar included difficult elements, including one Ginger's approach (backward flip back flips with turns) and a bunch of three Tkachev flights (forward backward counter-move backwards without somersaults).But, despite the incredible complexity of the performance of Alexei, the judges' ratings were clearly underestimated (9.725 on average).
Alexey Nemov. Athens. 2004, triumph, finest hour
The public, outraged by this behavior of the refereeing, standing, supported by applause. At the same time, expressing disagreement with the decision of the judges with incessant whistles, shouts and roars, the audience for 15 minutes did not let the next gymnast perform his program. For the first time in the history of gymnastics, scores were changed (up to an average of 9,762), which still deprived Alexei of the medal. The audience stopped protesting only after Nemov’s personal request to calm down. After this conflict, the composition of judges was partially changed, and the gymnast received a formal apology. Also, the rules were corrected: in addition to the evaluation of technology, complexity assessment was introduced, which takes into account bundles between complex elements and each element separately. This conflict is an unprecedented event in the history of sports.

Other awards and social activities of Alexey Nemov

In addition to sports awards, Nemov was also awarded the "sports Oscar" - "World Sports Awards" (2000).In addition, he was awarded a special prize of the International Committee “Fair Play” (2004) and received the award “Russian of the Year” (nomination “Triumphant”, 2004). For outstanding achievements the name of the gymnast is entered in the Guinness Book of Records. Alexey Nemov since 2000 - Major of the Russian Army.
Since 2013, Alexey has been the editor-in-chief of the magazine Big Sport In addition, he is the leader of the program “Young Talents of Big Sport”, launched on the initiative of the magazine “Big Sport”.
Gymnast Alexey Nemov with his wife Galina and childrenGymnast Alexey Nemov with his wife Galina and children

Personal life of Alexey Nemov

Alexey Galina met his future spouse in Moscow, at the Ozero Krugloe sports training base. For two years, young people considered their relationship to be friendly. Moreover, Galina was married at that time and had already raised her son. After his first victory at the Olympics, Alexey offered Galina to move in with him in Tolyatti, and she agreed. In 2000, during the Olympic Games in Sydney, Galina gave birth to a son, Alexei Nemov Jr., to Alexey.

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