Biography of John Cryer

The Childhood of John Cryer

John was born in New York. He is from an acting family. His mom is the famous actress Gretchen Cryer. She also performed as a playwright, and was the author and performer of songs. John's father is also an actor - this is Donald David Cryer. The family had three children - John and his two sisters.
Despite the fact that the parents are actors, the mother was not at all happy when the son at the age of twelve announced that he had decided to become an actor. She did not want the children to choose the acting profession. However, his mother did not dissuade him, only made it clear that he may well choose a different profession, even the profession of a plumber.
To go to his goal, a boy from twelve years old began to spend every summer on acting classes, he visited the Training Center for Performing Arts.
John Cryer and Charlie SheenJohn Cryer and Charlie Sheen
After scientific school, John, much to his mother’s regret, decided not to go to college. He went to London and became a student at the Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Beginning of the career of actor John Cryer

1984 was the year of the debut of John in the movie. He appeared in the comedy "Serious Love", and immediately in the lead role. His hero's name was Charles Cummings. After this work, the actor played many small roles in multi-genre films and on television.
Important for the career of a novice actor was the role played by the Cryer in the movie "Girl in Pink". It was from this picture that began the popularity of John. His mother later in an interview said that the girls "cut off" her phone, trying to find out something about her son, and explain to him with love. In this film, the actor played the role of Phil. It was 1986th year.
The following roles of the already known actor were roles in the films: “Hide and Seek”, “Hipsters” and “Superman 4: Fight for Peace”. In the 1989th, John again starred in the title role. This time he got a role in a comedy series. Critics rated the work of the young actor as rather weak, in connection with which the series was broadcast only one season, and then it was closed.
Superman 4: Fight for Peace - Movie Trailer with John Cryer
Then there was the work in “Hotheads”, “Waiter” and in the television movie “Head”. It should be noted that in the movie "Hotheads" John worked on a film set.with Charlie Sheen.
"The Fires of Saint Elmo" is a film where Cryer was tried, but did not audition, was not taken. Also, the actor wanted to appear in the TV project “Friends” and claimed the role of Chandler Bing. Agent Cryer helped him record his samples on video. The video was delayed somewhere, and when it got to the project management, it was late, the actor was already chosen.
In the 1995th, John again took part in the filming of the TV show "Partners", and again the same situation as with the previous show. After the first season, the project was covered.
Two and a half people (Two and a Half Men), a fragment of the film with John Cryer
In 1995, the actor was invited to the TV program “Beyond the Possible”, where he played himself. In 1998, John first appeared at the Los Angeles Film Festival, where he received critical acclaim. He was even called "a breath of fresh air." So Leonard Maltin spoke about him in Playboy magazine.

John Cryer's worst roles and return

“Normal Problems” is a regular comedy series in which Cryer appeared and which was closed after the release of the first season. It was in the 2000th year. The media began to write that almost any project where Cryer participates becomes a failure. At first, he himself lost heart and made the decision to completely stop filming on television.
Not all the roles of John Chreier were successful.Not all the roles of John Chreier were successful.
So, for three years, he really did not take part in the filming on television, but soon followed by an invitation to the new comedy series "Two and a half people." John was offered the role of Alan Harper there. I must say that this role went to Cryer quite by accident. It so happened that she was offered the actor, without notifying the leadership of CBS. They knew about the failure of John on television and, most likely, would be against his participation in their new show. However, the role was played by Cryer, and played very talentedly. Critics and viewers and the television series, and the role played by the actor really liked. For the fact that John played Harper's loser, he was nominated for an Emmy four times and once even received an Emmy Award.
After such a success, John began to receive an invitation to star in a big movie. So, in the 2008th year, he worked in the television film "The Illusion of Interrogation." A year later, three pictures with Krayer appeared on the screens at once - these are “Only Calmness”, the comedy “The Stone of Desires” and the film “The Girl from the Weather Forecast”. As a guest star, Cryer appeared in several television series that were popular with the audience, among them: "Hannah Montana", "American Dad" and "Family Guy."Being already recognized as a comedian, John in the 2010th was invited to the role in the comedy "Butt".

Personal life of John Cryer

The actor had two marriages. He first married in the 1999th. His chosen was the British actress by the name of Sarah Trigger. A year later, they had a son, Charlie Austin. The marriage lasted only five years. Spouses divorced. The second time John married in the 2007th year. The wife of the actor was a journalist Lisa Joyner. Two years later, Lisa and John adopted the girl Daisy.

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